Td Bank

Td Bank
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Poor poor poor I don’t know how this bank stay in business

Holds checks for 6 day port jervies manager takes other customer and I’m waiting before him this place sucked stay away from td bank


Terrible "I’m Done"

I’ve been a long-standing customer of TD Bank, prior to their merge and changes. The only reason I’ve ever had a TD account was because I previously worked for a division of TD who encouraged us to get their accounts. I’m talking 17 years plus now . At the time there was no maintenance fee, no stress just a lovely account to have. Ever since the changes, every minute they’re hitting my account with a fee for something. Their real time updates are so screwed up it often causes them to charge an overdraft fee which messes with the checks that I’ve are written for that month. And the hold time when contacted customer service is disgraceful. They told me my hold time today was less than 20 minutes I held on for over an hour, completely absurd. And this is all day, every day, no matter the day of the week. Then you get conflicting information from online/phone customer service and the actual employees at the bank, which often causes an issue. They never want to right their wrongs oh, and I continuously have to pay out extra money here and there because they have either returned checks and are taking out a fee too early or too late which takes my account off balance then I end up owing everyone else, because now they’re Bank charged them for check I’ve written. Between my husband and myself we have three accounts with TD Bank, but as of today that is no more. I’m so frustrated with them it’s ridiculous and they really need to hire some more customer service people because no one should be held in queue for that long.


Most horrible bank

This bank is horrible!!! I would never recommend this bank to anyone I know. They find any reason why to charge the customers fees. I am done with them… I am pulling my account and speaking to my family and friends that have TD bank to have them close the accounts too. The customer service reps are rude and unhelpful when I call. They are so busy arguing with the customer that they forget that the customers come first. I will be writting corporate a letter and close my account!!!


The worst bank ever

I knew people who used TD sand they seemed to love it so I switched over ; first off this bank is just a straight up lie. TD bank steals money from people and I’ve heard it from many besides myself. I’ve heard that’s why they got rid of the coinstairs. They always charge you fees for everything and they’re very sneaky about things. It’s the most frustrating thing and I can’t wait to end my account with TD ; 100% worst bank ever. You can have money in your account ; lets say you have 6 dollars in your savings, you switch it over into your checking ; hey look now you’re negative 8? How the hell am I negative 8 if it just said I had positive 6?! Also customer service people are rude as all hell and I’m not about it. Hope one of these days TD gets shut down.


worst customer service

This is the worst bank for customer service. The hold times are always more than 30 min. I was on the call for 60 min only to be able to talk to the representative for a sec and she didn’t even listen to what I had to say before routing me to the main number. I am now a new caller and had to be on the line for another 60 more mins.


Awful, just awful

I have waited over a month for an answer to questions at the web site. The teller can’t answer them. Phoning puts me on hold for 20+ minutes and then disconnects.

“Legendary service”? It sure is. Legendar AWFUL!


Worst bank ever

Horrible customer service and high fees. My account is set to decline if funds are not available but they let me overdraft on an automatic charge anyway and added a $70 overdraft fee on top of it. Cancelling my account ASAP.


They suck!!!

I can’t keep money in the account it always disappears!!!


Excessive hold for Customer service

I called customer service around 7:30pm to cancel a charge and had to wait over 20 mins to get through to an agent…so much for your most convenient bank as they’re claim to be…saving on customer service is the worse practice! They should focus more on customers and less on cutting expenses at a customer cost.


Frustrating !!!

I really don’t understand TD Bank. I guess it must be hard to get good help. The senior customer service representative didn’t even do what she was supposed to do regarding an ACH Social Security account. Even though I was there personally with my senior citizen father to get things straightened out I still have to go back because the senior customer service rep neglected to add me onto the account properly. Although I made it perfectly clear that I needed to be on that account identified as someone who can check on the account she did not report that too whatever division that it is supposed to be reported it to. And then when I call the bank they make it sound like I was supposed to know what to do and I had to tell them I don’t work for the bank I am supposed to be informed of what to do. They really need to get their act together quickly this is New York not Canada.



TD offered me a remortgage loan at a great rate of just under 3.5% They made us jump through lots of hoops, two valuations on our home long waiting time and submitting lots of proof of income etc… then a few days before we expected to get the loan amount they upped the rate to 4.2% so I turned them down and refused their money. More people should refuse the loan when banks do this.


Insensitive to your personal private financial information and are indirectly yet obviously judgmental.

If you want people judging you regardless of where you stand financially then go to this bank.


Hold times exceeds 20 mins

In November I got an email saying online service is under maintenance. I instantly got locked out of my account. I tried calling for weeks and the wait time was over 20 mins. I wrote an email to correct the situation and got a response a few days later to go into bank to speak to someone about the firms problem. I’m dealing with a medical issue at the the moment and that’s the only help that TD gave! This violates all disabity acts.


Stay Away

First off they don’t care about their customers. To have the right to hold a check for 7-10 days is absolutely ridiculous. Every bank I’ve had I’ve never had that as an issue. No apology, no empathy due to your employees giving out false information. Never will I EVER !


Nothing good to say

This bank uses technology that is from 2014, so in tech years, it’s already dead… Could not sync charges to quickbooks, everytime we called, we were on the phone for hours… and NOONE knew what they were doing! Save yourself money and time and go ANYWHERE else!!



Worst bank to deal with when getting a mortgage. Awful experience


awful bank!

This bank is the most difficult bank to work with. I constantly have to wait over 30 mins to speak with a teller each time I go into the bank. When calling in for support I have to hold for over 30 mins then at times they disconnect me and then I have to wait again. Today when I tried to verify my account they said that I had the wrong last name and offered me options of last names that I never heard of. Then asked me to go to a td bank to proof I am who I say I am after spending over 1.5 hours at the bank earlier today and on the phone. I am disgusted by this bank. Lack of care, lack of support and lack of just simple intelligence. I will surely be leaving this bank!


Old systems, basic features

Stuff like requiring to call to verify Apple Pay and the fact that their mobile app has not been updated in 5 months show that they are not investing in future technologies. Phone support is slow, and the only cool feature on their app is (slow) mobile deposit- but everyone has that. Not only that, but the interest rates and fees are ridiculous. It should be higher than 0.05%, and they charge $1 for a monthly paper statement? What?



Just opened an account here online - because they had a promotion to open an account - the promotion is only valid if you open online. So I did. Now I am COMPLETELY LOCKED OUT until I physically go to a branch to verify stuff. NO BRANCHES CLOSE TO ME. No way to verify online. Why entice people to open an account online if you FORCE people to go to the branch. Online access: BLOCKED. Debit Card: CANNOT ACTIVATE. Branch: 2 HOURS AWAY.
Hold time on the phone - never less than 20 minutes.
As soon as I can get out of this bank I am going to run far far away.


Absolutely awesome day

Literally, I am a TD Bank reliable customer,first of all Thanks to all the staff members for your great and wonderful services.And today I was pretty much pleased because of kind good service from from ave j TD Bank .Really I highly appreciated.