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Td Bank
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Bad bad bad bank

This bank it’s a joke! Rude customer service!!!


Lies and no help!!

I’m currently disabled from a bad accident at work… accident left me with no use of legs… With that being said I have been out of work for almost 2months I finally received all my back pay from workers compensation… when I received my check I called customer service they told me once I deposit check I will take 2 days to clear… I was fine with that… well it’s now the forth day I called customer service again and they told me to go to branch with my ID to get funds released… I told customer service agent about my disability and he told me that would be the only way to get my check cleared… I get to branch after I inconvenience my friend to get me there and branch manager tells me “ I DONT KNOW WHY THEY TOLD YOU TO COME HERE BECAUSE I CANT HELP YOU”… At this point I’m highly upset… not only do I feel lied to but disrespected…this is not the type of customer service I want to deal with… and this is the first issue I’ve had many others on the past… SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE


Fraud was handled very poorly! Beware!

Thousands of $ were taken from my checking account from three different out-of-state branches. TD froze my account without telling me. The follow up, for the most part, has been lacking. For example, I was told I could not get my money back without an investigator checking things out. The investigator assigned to my account was on vacation and, when she returned, I had to chase her down. I understand fraud is everywhere and it can happen at any bank. But THREE different out-of-state branches handed large sums of money over to imposter(s). There seems to be no system at TD to catch this kind of activity early on and the follow up has been disappointing. Now my SS# and other valuable information is floating around. I have been a long-standing, loyal TD customer but, once this is resolved, I will be moving to Chase.


Customer Service has Deteriorated !!!

We have been customers for several years, checking, savings, mortgage, credit line. Wait times on the phone are ridiculous averaging 20-40 minutes!!! i am on hold now… took 34 min. for someone to answer!! every time i mention to a rep after a long hold which is every time all i get is an apology along with “we are working on it”, i think NOT!!


Don’t Open Account Here !!!

Overall the WORST bank I’ve ever had an account with and will NEVER do business with them again. Customer service is the absolute WORSE. They say that the wait is 20 minutes…but will still be on hold for 45 minutes to an hour. The representatives are useless by the time you even get in contact with them! Plus the fees are entirely too high!!



I have banked with TD for over 8 years and never had an issue until 2017. Yes, I often felt as if my local branches were poorly staffed with one teller during peak periods but it was just of a minor inconvenience to my day. I closed my account today and switched banks. In August, I made a $150 checking deposit and stupidly did not keep my deposit slip because I never had an issue. Three days later and bank has “no record of the deposit” and we’re extremely rude and condescending in the subsequent investigation. The $4 monthly maintenance fee (for what?) and the $35 overdraft fee are criminal. The last straw of me leaving was me calling customer service last week and being yelled at and interrupted by the man when I was trying to explain my problem. I will not miss this bank.


Horrible experience

TD Bank is an absolutely horrible place to do business. I opened an online account in accord with their policy to get a cash incentive, and never got it. First, trying to get anyone online is a huge hassle. Then, when you get someone you have to tell them the date of your last transaction. WTF??? If you’re smart enough to have written it down, or gotten it online or by going into a branch, you still won’t get a straight answer as to why you never got the promised cash incentive. Multiple customer service people didn’t know, put me on hold forever, hung up on me, and transferred me to nowhere. I never got any of their employee ID numbers—they lied about why they couldn’t give that to me. I couldn’t get a supervisor. I couldn’t even get their location and a name of a supervisor to write to. Going into the bank the people at the desks couldn’t help either; they don’t handle that, they said. The same happened with my wife opening ann online checking account and not receiving the promised cash incentive. All in all, it was an absolutely horrendous experience. I’m guessing hundreds, if not thousands, of others have had the same experience!


TD bank sucks!!!

Do not bank here! They find a reason to overcharge you and take money from your account. If you happened to have a conflict with your bill. As in you paid something and it came in late, they will keep on giving you money for endless times and charge you $35 for each time. I was charged 10 times in the same period of time where they allowed me to have a total of $50 transaction and charged me $350. Total ripper!!! Please do yourself a favor and Put your money somewhere else!


Fraudulent and rude

TD Bank will manipulate your transactions to charge you more overdraft fees. Customer service rude.
Do not trust TD Bank


horrible communication

The only thing I will say is, that if someone is saying they clearly do not remember how much they checked out or deposited in their account from the last 30 days, please stop repeating the question over and over again. If you do not have the answer the person is looking for please transfer them to someone who can.


Beware of Fraudulence!

I tried to close my accounts and thought everything was settled. Several weeks later, I received a letter saying I had to pay some banking fees, which is weird because I thought I closed my accounts. I went to the bank and discovered a negative balance of $120, an amount which came out of nowhere, plus +$50 service fee. Unbelievable. The staff said they will resolve the matter, and that never happen. Very disappointed. Their ATMS don’t work properly either; I tried to withdraw some cash, nothing came out, and guess what? Account balance deducted. Again, they said they’ll do an investigation, which didn’t happen and will never happen. Worst experience ever. This bank is a fraud.


Crapy service

Was sitting waiting for customer service for over 45 minutes and no one seemed to care!!!


Bank staffs are rude

calling services are terrible.


America’s "worst bank"

Have unauthorized charges that drained my account and made it negative. So as soon as my direct deposit hit my bank so did the over draft fees. Leaving me -$119. Tried everything but they gave me the run around. Customer service telling me to go to a branch. And the branch telling me to call customer service. Says it takes 7 to 10 days. And I’m on day 9 with no money. They still have offered no help whatsoever. And still waiting for a "provisiononal credit. While I live in the US and the charges are from China. But they have to be “Sure”. So much for being the most “convenient” bank. What a joke!


Do not bank here

I have had nothing but issues for the past year that I have had this account. I am currently on hold with customer service (it has now been 31 minutes) and once they answer I will be closing the account.


Unreasonably Slow Telephone Support - Not a personal bank

The don’t have mobile banking figured out. I’ve be locked out of my account a couple times and the hold time has generally been at least 45 minutes. Also, the local banking thing is no longer there. I live 30 minutes from the bank and they will no longer do transfers over the phone even though they know me.


Those fees they charge for not keeping $100.00 That’s a way to stealing,don’t bank there ,please

If you do not have $100 ,your checking account get charge and poor customer service


Missing deposit and wrong change

As a new customer with TD bank, I thought I hit it big by banking with TD, until my experience in New York City.
After opening an account online, I needed to verify myself at the bank, and get my new card. Trying to do everything at once, I informed the personal banker that the customer service rep on the phone told me that I need to sign some documents before I leave, and he assured me I DIDN’T need to since I already had accounts with my signature on it and it would transfer (HE WAS SO WRONG).
Long story short, after making my deposit on FRIDAY, I couldn’t get my card, because the machine was broken. So I came in on MONDAY for the card. After receiving my card, I decided to make a withdrawal, but to my surprise the account I made a deposit in on FRIDAY said $0.
Yeah, I felt the burn that day.
Tying to find where my money went, they took 2 hours away from my work schedule, because of their mix up. Pondering whether I should still bank with Td, I slept on it and thought, first impression counts and withdrew all my funds from the bank the next day. Thinking I was done with the foolishness, as I double count my money after closing all accounts, I was over paid. SMH!!! Whether it was over paid by a large sum or a small sum, I new right then and there I made the right decision to withdraw my money, because their was too much error. But that wasn’t the best part, the best part was that I told the personal banker she gave me too much and she didn’t even know how much more she gave me, and the person assisting her with the funds said, “it’s not us it’s he scanner”. Like really, the lady wrote out the deposit forms with the wrong funds, entered the wrong funds to pay out in the system and it was paid. TD bank, you need to do better! Customer in disgust.


Clown customer service

Terrible banking


Disloyal to loyal customers

Worst customer service in the business, if you dealing with dibeibevwho can read a script off their computer screen then this is the bank for you. Their fees are outrageous,service is horrible. I’m switching all my business,personal and credit cards. All this is no n fabricated and true based on my recent experience