The address listed for me is wrong

The address listed for me is wrong
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I just logged into my NerdWallet account and the address listed for me is wrong - I haven’t lived at that address in years. How can I update it?


Hi there, thanks for your question!

When you log into your NerdWallet account, connect your TransUnion credit profile, and see the address information displayed, what you’re seeing is the address that’s listed on your credit report. This means that NerdWallet does not manage the information, TransUnion does. This is the address they have on file for you.

If your address is out of date, this probably isn’t a big deal. You can call TransUnion to get it corrected if you’d like to, but you don’t necessarily have to. There can sometimes be a big lag between when you move and when the credit bureaus get notified of your new address.

If your address is wrong (that is, you see an address listed that you’ve never lived at before) you should get in touch with TransUnion right away to get this corrected, and review the rest of the information on your credit report carefully to be sure that it is correct. You can reach TransUnion at 1 (800) 916-8800.

Please feel free to reach out any time if you have other questions!