TIAA prohibits 403b rollover

TIAA prohibits 403b rollover
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I inquired with TIAA-CREF about rolling over my 403b with a former employer to a traditional IRA. They insisted that my former employer’s plan prohibits rollovers or withdrawals until age 59 1/2. I have no right to my funds (even with taxes and fees). Can this be right?


Hi, @strattdc! That certainly seems off to me. From what I know, you should be able to roll that 403(b) over, as long as you’re no longer working at that employer. (This document I found from TIAA says as much, and provides more information that might be useful to you.) I’d try calling back and speaking with a different rep to see if you can get more clarity.


Honestly, that’s the first I’ve ever heard of this. In general, you are able to roll a 403(b) from a former employer into an IRA. Is there a benefits/HR person at your former employer you can talk to? I wonder if you were given inaccurate information or the person at TIAA misunderstood what you asked about.