Transactions are days behind

Transactions are days behind
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The transactions I make seem to be days behind in the NerdWallet app. Is this a bug?


I’m sorry to hear that you’re seeing outdated balance information for your bank accounts when you log into your NerdWallet account. I’m happy to offer some guidance and help get this figured out!

Our tool updates nightly, so some transactions that post during the day will not show up until the following day.
The balance totals you see when you log into your NerdWallet account will also not reflect pending transactions.

If the balances you’re seeing in your NerdWallet account are not reflecting all of your posted transactions, the best course of action is to try unlinking the out-of-date account from your NerdWallet account, then relinking it.

If your bank account balances are still not correct, please shoot an email to with as many helpful details as possible and our team will be able to investigate this further.