Truck Driver looking for rewards credit card

Truck Driver looking for rewards credit card
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My Husband is a truck driver on the road through out the week and spending $700-1,000 a week in fuel. We are looking for the best credit card that has the most rewards for fuel purchases. He doesn’t typically use the card for anything else. Not looking for travel rewards because we both don’t go anywhere that we can’t drive too. We have had Discover which is what we use daily now. The cash back varies on what is promoted for specific months. So as much as we are spending we are not receiving much back. Any info would be appreciated!!


Hi Olivia.Roberts1992!

Thanks for the opportunity to answer! You are right to seek a card that rewards you as much as possible on where you’re spending the most—in your case fuel.

Here’s a link to NerdWallet’s roundup of best gas cards.

And another article that might be helpful on how to choose a gas credit card.

Without knowing the exact details of where your husband fuels up, I’d guess that the Ducks Unlimited card might be your best bet as it pays an unlimited 5% cash back on gas. But, if your husband can stay within a particular brand/company when he’s on the road, it may make sense to also sign up with a loyalty program for whatever that brand is which can also offer additional discounts or rewards.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.