Two-step Authentication

Two-step Authentication
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I am trying to link my bank accounts, but my bank requires a PIN that they send to me via text. How do I get around that to import my bank info?


Hi there, @wgbart! I’d love to help dig a little deeper. Typically, when you link an account that has a secondary authentication, the PIN should text to you just as it would when you log in normally. That said, the account linking process can get a little fiddly, so shoot us an email at and we’ll take a closer look!


Hi, @wgbart! Sorry for the delay in getting you a response. One of our product Nerds probably knows the answer and will weigh in soon. With some financial services companies, I’ve had to go into my account online to enable third-party services like NerdWallet or Mint to be able to access the information without two-factor. It might be worth calling your bank’s tech line and asking.