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United Mileage Plus Explorer
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I have been using this card since last 3 yrs and this is the best reward program in which I have enrolled myself. With every penny I spent on my card I earn miles. I also get sometimes opportunity to earn extra miles. They partner sites as well as erewards.com or emiles.com which also helps you to earn miles. With this card you can have cashback option and other merchandise options which you can buy using miles. But the best part is you can buy a united Airlines air ticket with your miles. I take one round trip every year with this card as It provides me benefits in my hotel stay and car rental. This is simply awesome and very rewarding. This is the only card which I am going to use always.


Good card for travelers

The United MileagePlus Explorer card is a very handy tool for travelers to have. Crucially, the card charges no foreign transaction fees, so you can use this card all over Europe and never be charged for anything but your actual purchases. In addition, the card allows you to get a free checked bag on United flights, and you can get priority boarding on United flights with this card.
But the real benefit of this card is all the United frequent flier miles you can get while using it. I signed up during a promotion, where if I spent $1,000 in the first three months, I got 30,000 free miles. I liked this deal, because I didn’t have to inflate my spending at all to get the points. Also convenient is shopping through the Mileage Plus shopping portal. I can get points for shopping through the website, even if I don’t use my United card, and if I do use the card, I get double points! Sometimes stores also have promotions that give you 2-5x the number of points for your purchases. My only complaint with this card is that I wish it was easier to acquire more points quickly. I was hoping to use my points on a flight to Paris this summer, but that might be out of reach. Still, overall I would definitely recommend this card to those who love to travel.


Easy to Travel, Harder to Earn Rewards

This card has been easy to travel with but slightly harder to earn rewards with.
The United card has been great when I travel inside the US. I never need to notify the company when I am going to travel and my card always works in other cities. Plus, it was very easy to set up a pin number so that if I need to, I can use the card to retrieve cash. Before international travel it has been a little harder. I call the card company before traveling abroad and 75% of the time, they are on point and have my card ready to use internationally. The rest of the time, I end up getting a call from the company while I’m overseas to verify where I normally am. This is not to say that they don’t monitor my card usage. They do. When they find an errant transaction from another state where I have 0 other transactions I get a call promptly to verify my activity. That part of the card has been great!

When trying to earn rewards, it has been harder. Despite signing up for all sorts of double or triple the points and despite making large purchases, it seems to me that I am somehow incapable of earning enough miles for a single domestic flight between nearby hubs when I use the card for all of my gas, groceries, dining, and gifts purchases. If I purchase a few flights on the card per year I can sometimes earn enough for a single flight, but I would think that it should be easier to earn.


Travelling Made Easy

I have been using this card for a year and have found it very useful for earning miles toward trips. I really like to travel and having the option of using miles instead of paying for tickets seemed ideal. Although you only earn a few miles for every purchase, there was a sign-on bonus and you can also get extras like free checked luggage and VIP lounge passes for United Flights Lounge. Since paying for checked luggage is a new rule I really appreciate the fact that I don’t have to spend the extra money or pack lighter to avoid that fee. I think if I continue to use the card I will be able to save up enough miles for my next trip, I already used it once to go to Italy last summer. Since I am not losing anything by using the card I feel that I might as well be saving up miles for trips. Often United has sales on miles so if you don’t have enough you can still buy the additional miles and end up saving money.


Great for frequent fliers on United

I actually really like this card. We get 1 free checked bag per traveler on United Airlines. We are frequent fliers so it is really helpful to get that free checked bag. It saves us between $50-$100 roundtrip. We use the card frequently so we really like that we earn reward miles, which we recently used for a free trip to Hawaii. We are very happy with this card.


Great card for flying United

The United MileagePlus Explorer card is a great way to quickly accumulate miles for flights on United Airlines. If you use the card frequently and spend over $25,000 in a year, the bonus miles help to get to a free flight even quicker. The fee is average compared to other cards. I typically fly 1-2 times per year so having the explorer club passes is helpful if the flights are delayed.

Using the card allows for priority boarding and one free checked bag, so a few perks to save a little money and move quickly through boarding. I like to use the card often because my go to airport has many non-stop United flights as well.


Great Card, Great Bonus

The United MileagePlus Explorer is a great credit card for those that travel on United a lot, offering double bonus miles on all United purchases. It also has 50,000 mile sign-up bonuses occasionally which is a great offer. The $75 annual fee is waived the first year which is also nice.


Great for every day use to build bonus miles

I enjoy that the limit on the credit card is higher than my bank credit card limit. I feel secure in knowing if an unexpected event happens I am secure and can pay for things upfront on the credit card, then slowly afterwards. I also enjoy that the United mileagePlus Explore really works anywhere that I go, that is handy for traveling. I also like that they give you bonus miles upfront for spending 1000 dollars in the first month. The benefits for gaining miles with everyday use is good as well.
Some of the negatives is that it takes awhile to really build up miles to use on flights. The now have changed their policy that they give you 2 miles per every dollar you spend on a flight. That is great for shorter, state hopping flights, where the dollar amount out-ways the miles. It gives you less miles on longer, overseas trips however. They use to measure bonus miles different. For every mile you traveled you got two bonus miles with United. So flying from the Southern USA to say Dublin, Ireland would be around 4200 miles. However a plane ticket cost about 1000. So you lose more bonus miles with this new way of measure for miles with United.


Great card for travelers!

This card has been pretty good for me. Most of my friends have moved out of the state soI have been flying a lot more to visit them. The free baggage is nice and convenient, and I always get my miles. I have only had the card a few months and already have enough miles for a round trip domestic flight. I can’t review on the redeeming the miles yet though as I am waiting to use them for my honeymoon.


Great card for travelers.

I like my credit card. I travel a lot so I like getting the frequent flyer miles. It is an easy to understand contract and they just eliminated international fees (which I get often). At this time, I could not be happier.


This card has great benefits for frequent fliers of United.

The United MileagePlus Explorer card is great. I’m a fairly frequent traveler and I fly United Airlines often. I use the card to buy my flights, which gets me priority boarding and a free checked bag every flight. I also use it for other purchases so I can accumulate miles points that I will use to take a vacation somewhere fun.

I have never had a single problem with my card and it’s been over a year. The annual fee is a little high, but I’ve done the math and it is definitely worth it. I have a flight coming up next week on United and being a card member makes it a better experience.


Great for United perks

I used to be a consultant and had 1K status on United. Losing that over the years has been painful, especially boarding last. I got this card to reclaim some of the perks I had when I had status. It’s great having the early boarding. I wish it had priority security status, but with Global Entry, it’s not a huge issue. Also, I got the 30k signup bonus which is great. There is part of me that wishes that I had gotten a more general travel rewards card like the Capital One Venture or Chase Sapphire Preferred given the annual fee on the United Card., but in the end, the perks are worth it to have this as a secondary card in my wallet.


The worst Credit Card I’ve ever had.

The card does provide good benefits, but the annual fee is just too high. Only few months after I closed down my card, all the miles that I earned have been cancelled and when I called the call center about this issue the call representative was very rude and not helpful. I would NOT recommend United Mileage Plus to anyone. Simply terrible.


Rip off Baggage Charges

This card is terrible unless you are a primary user. Purchased a ticket for my wife whose name is on the account but they charged a baggage fee {$25.00} because she is not a primary user. Her name is on the account along with mine. Called customer service spoke to William . He was no help just spoke from a script .


each spouse must have a separate card

We found out the hard way that the United card only provides benefits to the primary card holder and also to his or her spouse unless they are on the same itinerary. My husband used a United card on which I am the primary card holder to purchase a ticket for a trip he was taking alone. He is an authorized user on what I thought was a joint account and has a card with his own name on it. At the airport he was informed he had to pay the checked baggage fee and was not entitled to early boarding because the card was in my name, not his. When we called United card services about this we were told that we would each have to have our own separate card (and pay an extra annual fee) in order for both of us to get the flight benefits if we travel separately.


Card not good for families or status

Miles provided by this card are no better than the ones provided by any other airline credit card. While they advertise the United club passes, they only provide 2 passes. so if you are traveling with your family you cannot take the kids/toddlers inside the club because you have only 2 passes for the 2 adults. If you buy a ticket for your significant other using the card, the checked bag is not free. If you are doing corporate travel in which case the ticket is paid for by the company, no status is provided to you even though you have the card. All in all my experience has not been that great. The perks are not worth the $95 fee and since United made the change to miles equals dollars spent, the overall United frequent flier program itself has lost its value


Terrible Experience Signing Up. Terrible customer service

I signed up from United.com after seeing the ad. Got instant approval. Clicked pay for my flight. Error. And that’s where the fun starts. Called United’s customer service and wait an hour. They say I can’t pay using the card since I don’t already have it (the ad on United’s website says you can pay and use it right away). They send me to Chase’s card assistance. Which in turn sends me to Chase’s customer service. I finally learn that I’ve been charged for the full value of the flight without actually getting my flight. Now I have to call United back and wait another hour.

Thanks guys.


Good card for United frequent fliers

I used to fly United frequently for work and have found the United card very useful for additional perks now that I no longer hold 1K status - particularly the priority boarding and the free checked bags. Another huge benefit is that when you book an award ticket with miles + this card, you are eligible for upgrades on those flights. I recently flew two round trips to Hawaii for weddings, booked both tickets with miles, and was upgraded into First Class on 3 out of 4 of the legs - which I could not have been eligible for otherwise. (Note, these upgrades would depend on your status - you would still need premier status to qualify). The lounge passes are nice too. I also really like that this card has no foreign transaction fees. Customer service has been very good, and the 50,000 mile signup bonus (targeted offer) got me one of those Hawaii-bound flights! Only thing I’ll say is that if you don’t fly United frequently, there are better cards that can earn you miles or points that can be used towards multiple airlines. But for a United flier, I find this card pretty easily justifies the annual fee.


Hidden catches galore. Frustrating customer service

When you use miles to purchase plane tickets, unless you’ve bought 1st class, you’re automatically seated toward the back of the plane, and these seats are not changeable, even after requests to customer service. Also, calls to the customer service are frequently dropped while on hold. It’s 2015 United! Get with modernizing your phone system