United Mileage Plus Explorer

United Mileage Plus Explorer
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We love to travel

I have had this card for 5 years and I love it. I pay for everything on the credit card and am able to take trips as I need to - Washington DC, Palm Springs. I don’t travel for work only pleasure so this card is great if that is your MO.


Good card

I like United cards because you can actually get an award for the stated lowest miles unlike Delta, which often cost 2 to 3 times more miles for the same route.


Don’t count on the United Club passes. It’s not always possible to used the united club pass as…they refuse us the last two times we traveled…said they had no room for the temporary passes I was turned away every time I tried to use it



Terrible credit card.

First Chase is the absolute worst credit card company. Did not use this card, and they would not refund the annual fee because I called 3 days too late. They told me it was black and white, even when I explained that I am a person and not a robot and we live in a world where there is ALWAYS grey. Do not waste your money on getting NO benefits and treated like a number.


United is the worst

This card is absolutely worthless. You will use up all of your points on rebooking fees if you ever need to change your flight, or when they change your flight and refuse to cover costs for accommodation.


We only received 30K miles due to Chase Mistake

We signed up for the MileagePlus card for the 50K miles. United connected us to Chase who took our information. After getting the card, we did spend the necessary amount for the miles…only 30K were posted. I called and they said that I signed up for the 30K program. to make a long story short:
- I escalated multiple times on the point that they made the mistake, but they did not care and said it was too late.
- I called United about this and they stated it was out of their hands, it was a Chase program.

FYI, the SouthWest card was a breeze


Just ok

This card sounds good until you want to purchase a ticket with points. you will find so many blackouts for 12.5k the only choice you get is 25k for a domestic round-trip ticket that will make it worth about $450 and also the $95 annual fee is not waived the first year. good luck


CHASE Will take your miles away

I’ve had this car for over 10 years now. I didn’t use the miles for 2016 and CHASE “expired” them. I used to have about 20,000 miles, now 400 miles. I’ve stopped using this card.



If you want to use a miles to buy a ticket and also check a bag then you pay for the checked bag. Therefore the ticket still costs you if you check. Only if you pay for your ticket or use your credit card to purchase something on the itinerary do you get free checked bags. This wasn’t clear to me until I got the baggage fee. I’m sure it’s in the fine print.


Could not use United Club day passes

A word of caution if you are a Chase Explorer Visa card holder. We tried to use the two day passes to the United Club lounge that we receive as a “benefit” of being a card holder on May 31 in Newark and were turned away because the club was not accepting day passes that day. The passes expire on June 30 and we are not flying again before then. I contacted both Chase and United and explained that we tried to use the passes and they were not accepted and that I would like either the expiration date of the passes to be extended or a credit to our account for the amount that the day passes cost since we didn’t get to use this supposed “benefit” that comes with the credit card. Both Chase and United said they would not/could not honor this request. So the moral is buyer/user beware—if your pass is declined don’t expect Chase or United to assist! Not exactly the customer service I was hoping for but then I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about that!


worst credit card

I signed up for the MileagePlus card for the 50K miles. promotion …After getting the card, I spend the necessary amount for the promotion …only 30K were posted. I called and they said that I signed up for the 30K program. they never help me they dont care about that…worst credit card


Worst airline and credit card

This card was good years ago when you got perks for flying. Now the card allows you a free checked bag only if you jump through hoops and allows you to board with 95% of the other passengers. Now they charge an annual fee to boot. This airline has become so bad that they now only allow the checked bag if you beg even if you use the card for purchase. The new only the “primary” holder rule is crap. I would not shed a tear to see this airline go out of business given how bad it treats its customers and it credit card holders.


Was super when Continental Airlines, now United = undependable gremlins

Long time user, built up credit & “air miles” with Continental who always took great care of us/kids in flight. Helped my business when bankers snooty. THEN United took over, miles harder to get, treated like baggage in Business Class on anniversary to Waikiki. THEN this Visa became NOT an emergency credit card. a) came home from hospital who saved wife’s life only to find Visa calling me about charges made in New Orleans 8hrs - 450miles away several charges over a WEEK, when have been using it locally same time. Their solution: cancel card & then I set up auto pays list arm’s length with new VISA card.
b) wife home ill, clothes washer floods, find Best Buy (a regular VISA charge vendor) new replacement on line, order it for two day installation (no other local options so fast). VISA FRAUD DENIES charge, robo calls me to verify, I press the correct button, then phone them up to OK this deal. Their solution: transaction was cancelled so have to replace this order. Then find cannot do this with same 2-day installation, now 2-weeks if not 4-6. Complaints never get a a) apology, b) act like I should thank them for re-activating my card, c) offer no workaround to avoid such emergency disasters future, d) take days to respond (compare to immediate action on a $1007 washer charge).

Suggestions for a replacement EMERGENCY Credit card DEPENDABLE?

  1. we have no cell phone to verify “texts” for additional authorization
  2. the card must be accepted EVERYWHERE when hospital trips are in play, we never know where this will take us of who will need money.


Sorry to have taken this

Initially, I thought that it would be wise decision to take this card and I am now regretting taking it. I tried to use the mileage points to book the flight and it uses more point as compared to other travel cards. Besides, it levies additional charges if you are consuming your mileage points. So, essentially, my points are worthless. It is just becoming like its parent company i.e United, a callous, third rated service provider.


Worst card ever

I recently purchased that united airlines card. I purchased a ticket with this card didn’t got any benefits. They asked me it will only work if you purchase ticket on united app only I bought ticket from expedia.


Overall Good Credit Card

Overall, I would say this is a decent credit card. The offers are somewhat limited, but you still get your moneys worth out of it as long as it is used consistently. I like that cardholders get VIP access, and I like being able to use the miles towards in-flight amenities rather than pay for them with a credit card again. The interest rates are reasonable, and I personally believe the card can be utilized to its fullest if you fly United a lot like myself. Plus, pay for United flights with the card and get even more perks!


Beware when applying you may not receive all the promos promised

On August 24th, I signed up for this card when booking a United flight for my family to the Bahamas. As you go through the booking process you are constantly bombarded with banners to get the United MileagePlus Explorer card. I do not usually sign up for cards that have a membership fee but they were offering a statement credit. During the application process I called Customer Service because I was having issues with applying. When we were finished, I called back customer service to make sure that I was receiving what I signed up for. At the time it was a $50 statement credit with 40,000 bonus miles. She said no problem and I would see it on my next statement. The next day I was booking another flight to Savannah, Georgia and to my surprise a banner popped up offering a $100 credit with the same mileage award. I promptly called customer service and they said they would now issue a $100 credit. I called again on September 5th and they assured me that I would be receiving the statement credit. Well today I received a letter telling me that I was only eligible for miles. Again, I called customer service and they said could do nothing. Beware of this card, they do not honor their promises.


Beware! Even though they say they do…

… this card does not offer fraud protection for the consumer. I’ve had this card for many years and it used to be my main card. Until now everything went as it should, I charge, I pay my bill and I earn miles. Well, I recently had an issue where I made a purchase from a fraudulent website. I do a lot of business online and I am diligent protecting myself against this kind of thing but as it is with everything, sometimes something falls through the cracks. This card is supposed to offer protection for those instances, but it does not. They most definitely protect the “merchants” despite overwhelming evidence that there was fraud. Luckily for me the fraud amounted to only $73.00 plus the $10 in postage I paid to send my evidence to Chase, which included almost 40 emails of obvious lies from the fraudulent company, printouts of reviews from various websites where other people were victims of this fraud following the exact same modus operandi. I don’t know if this is a Chase Bank issue or if there are different guidelines and procedures for each card brand (United Airlines) sponsored by Chase. I have not yet decided if this is serious enough to cancel the card but it definitely pushed me to make the decision to make my Alaska Airlines card issued by Bank of America my primary card. Where my loss here was not catastrophic. I can’t help thinking that it could have been as I frequently have charges for $100’s, even $1000’s. I’m glad I found out now that if one of those larger charges became a problem that I could not rely on Chase United Card to live up to their promises and commitment to fraud protection.


Benefits slashed dramatically. Mediocre card terrible now.

Have had the card for a long time. Became harder and harder to find reward seats for reasonable award miles. Now, on top of that, most of the major benefits have been slashed. The bonus 10,000 miles for spending $25,000+ is gone. The travel insurance perks are dramatically reduced. Price protection gone. The $95 annual fee however remains the same – total disaster. It’s a proper mess because you have this annual fee that you still have to deal with until you can use up all the accumulated miles and dump the card, cause otherwise you lose all the miles. Worst bait and switch scenario ever.


Plan on waiting a month to receive your card

I applied and was approved for the Chase United card on May 21st in hopes of using the card for home improvements. I didn’t receive the card until Monday, June 11th - over 3 weeks. I’m incredibly disappointed in how long it took to receive the card. As you know you only have 3 months to spend the $2000 in order to earn the 40k bonus miles. This 3 week delay really set me back on being able to spend that amount. If you plan on getting this card, plan on only having a bit over 2 months to spend and having to wait at least 3 weeks to receive it even though they tell you 7-10 days.