United Mileage Plus Explorer

United Mileage Plus Explorer
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Promotional companion ticket is a scam

I got the Explorer card for a trip to Europe in May and seas pleased. However, when trying to redeem their Companion Travel Certificate I find the actual amount of the eligible booking fair is easily twice that of a single fair. They promise a BOGO and charge double for the eligible fair. This is a scam. I am cancelling my cards with Chase.


Be forewarned

Note that is your trip originates with one on United Airlines partner airline (eg Star Alliance) the free baggage allowance does not apply. You will pay.


Johnny C

Terrible card and terrible customer service. It easily takes longer than 30 minutes to get a representative Secondary cardholders DO NOT have any of the perks so please read the fine print! Not worth the annual fee. I’m switching to Chase Sapphire.


Worse card ever

This card is terrible.

It has been 5 months now of trying to resolve an issue with getting my miles awarded and after all the time on the phone and on the website, talking, emailing, uploading documentation, and getting a full run-around, the miles are actually NOT going to be awarded now because I bought my tickets through Expedia and not directly from United.

Horrible experience. Not worth a penny for all the wasted time I’ve spent.

DO NOT BUY THIS CARD!! Especially if you travel a lot!


Hard to earn rewards. Annual fee $95

i used to use United only… same mistake was made when i had Delta, but now i am shopping for best desls. i have discovered great airlines and no meed to stress to “earn each mile”. Stress free is the key.


This is my favorite card.

Easy to earn miles with purchases, bonus miles for some expenses, the miles never expire as ling as you use the card. Visa is very diligent and contacts me immediately if there is any possible fraud.


Got the signup bonus, but not as good as some other deals so I cancelled it

Signed up to get the 30,000 miles and a free checked bag for a trip in 2015… canceled because it wasn’t worth the $95 annual fee after that. My daily driver continues to be the Venture due to 2% rewards + no foreign fees.


Benefits are only for Primary Card Holder - Fine Print

Watch the fine Print. All the wonderful ‘benefits’ are for the primary card holder and they have to be on the same itinerary. I used a United card on which I am the primary card holder to purchase a ticket for a trip my wife was taking alone. I am the authorized user on what I thought was a joint account and she has a card with her own name on it. At the airport she was informed he had to pay the checked baggage fee and was not entitled to early boarding because the card was in my name and not I was not with her. When we called United card services about this we were told that we would each have to have our own separate card (and pay an extra annual fee) in order for both of us to get the flight benefits if we travel separately. Not worth it unless you use your own credit card and travel a lot on United.


The worst card for booking travel unless its more than 2 weeks in advance!

I’ve had United card for a year and just cancelled it. United mileage adds the worst mileage program attached to the card, i’ve ever experienced. Chase is probably ok. I could not find any seats for booking on United unless it was 30 days in advance, United is very selective in letting the card holders use their miles, hence the 1 star rating for this card.


terrible auto pay

only credit card I’ve ever seen that does not allow you to determine the amount of auto pay. the only reason is to cause the holder to spend more on interest…


Great card for non-premier United fliers

If you fly United frequently, but not frequently enough to reach Premier status, this is an excellent card.

Note that once you reach premier status, you get a free checked bag and priority boarding anyways, so the card becomes a bit less appealing. United club passes are still nice.


fees and interests are charged when you are not watching

I just cancelled my mileage plus explorer credit card with Chase Bank. Very disappointed with the customer service I got today. This is what happened: I reviewed my statement and found out somehow I got charged late fee and interest for last December and this January because the payment was one day late. I usually use the bank auto payment to pay the full amount and the auto payment is 3 or 4 days before the due date (depending on if there is a weekend before). Today I saw these fees and called the customer to request the refund. All I was told was that it is out of the 90 days range and I could not get my refund. One of the associatesI talked to actually implied it was my fault and actually told me that I should have done the 'due diligence'. Tis is a card that I pay membership fee for 95 dollars a year. I could not believe I got this kind of treatment.
If you have the same credit card, make sure that you check you statement and if there is any fee that is not supposed to be charged, MAKE SURE to request a refund within 90 days. Otherwise you will be told you should have done the 'due diligence' by a Chase Customer service associate.


This card is a disaster

This card cost me over $60 after a merchant double billed me. Unlike great cards like Discover, they would not take up the dispute because it was not posted in 60 days. They made no effort, kept me on hold forever and basically said tough luck. Discover on the other hand will take up a dispute anytime and make sure it is investigated without any bureaucracy or hesitancy. I closed my United account. The customer service was also horrible as they always kept me waiting for inordinate amounts of time



Chase in general is a horrible company that cares little to not at all about its customers. I’ve had this card before with not-so-good credit. I wanted to open it again now that my credit is better so that I could accumulate miles, and they told me no because I have opened “too many lines of credit!” In the last year, I bought a house and leased a new car. I have a mortgage already with Chase, which I am seeking to refinance with another company because their rate is 4.5%. They are very greedy, and only care about money. The customer service is the poorest I’ve seen, Every time I speak with a customer service representative, he/she is repetitive and aloof, no help at all. I can’t wait to get rid of this company once and for all.


Good Card, BUT …

Very good service and works as advertised, but there are two major disadvantages which are making me consider switching to another card: (1) Does not have ApplePay ability. Chase states that there are no plans to include this MasterCard in the ApplePay scheme. (2) There is no PIN to go with the chip, which I consider to be a big security risk. At some vendors you only have to insert the card and that’s it; any criminal could use it.


Cripples anyone with student loans

Own a third of a business which gross sales will reach over $400,000 and still denied because I only have 1 credit card and student loans that I never missed a payment on. Credit score of over 700 also. Also fly at least 4 times a year. Thanks for not taking my money.


We love to travel

I have had this card for 5 years and I love it. I pay for everything on the credit card and am able to take trips as I need to - Washington DC, Palm Springs. I don’t travel for work only pleasure so this card is great if that is your MO.


Good card

I like United cards because you can actually get an award for the stated lowest miles unlike Delta, which often cost 2 to 3 times more miles for the same route.


Don’t count on the United Club passes. It’s not always possible to used the united club pass as…they refuse us the last two times we traveled…said they had no room for the temporary passes I was turned away every time I tried to use it



Terrible credit card.

First Chase is the absolute worst credit card company. Did not use this card, and they would not refund the annual fee because I called 3 days too late. They told me it was black and white, even when I explained that I am a person and not a robot and we live in a world where there is ALWAYS grey. Do not waste your money on getting NO benefits and treated like a number.