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Us Bank College Rewards Visa Review | Nerd Wallet
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Great card for first time credit card

I have had a US Bank checking account since I was 13 years old. Ten years later, I signed up for my first credit card all by myself (mom and dad are not listed on the contract). US Bank is a conservative bank, they will start you out with about $300 of credit (not a lot, but good for a student with low income). After about 6 months my limit was raised to $550, great for my needs. My credit card payment balance is automatically withdrawn from my checking account each month and I can set alerts if I am close to my credit limit. I will upgrade to a card that earns rewards in a year or two, but for now this is great. A great way to teach a young adult how to use a credit card (I should’ve signed up when I was 18 or 19).


Great starter card

i first learned about US Bank when my college changed our financial aid balance/check to prepaid card by US Bank. I never knew they had a credit card. I applied last month and with my low income, got approved. I also have a savings account but its untouchable because it was mutual account with my mom when i was 15 years old. Now as community college student, i can start building my credit.


Quick start in building credit score

I am an international student and opened a account a year ago when I came to the U.S.A. After getting SSN, I applied to this card by the encouragement from a u.s. bank advisor. Five months later since then I’ve upgraded to the cash-plus. Although I won’t use this college card any more, but it still a good choice to quickly accumulate your credit score.


Look Towards What Could Be

When I started college, all I had access to was a debit card. While this is great for keeping spending in check, it wasn’t doing much to prepare me for life after college where a good credit score is a must. After getting denied for two cards, I turned to US Bank as I’d been a customer there since the age of 8. They set me up with a $300 starting limit in December of 2014, and I carried on charging a few things to the Card now and then. In September of 2015 they issued an automatic increase to $550 which was awesome, however, it wasn’t enough to make the larger purchases I was making with my debit card. My first request for an increase was denied, but I carried on. After the second denial in March of 2016, I turned to their competitors Discover Chase, and American Express. Fast forward 7 months and I was able to leverage my other credit lines to get the college card product-changed to the US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card with access to $7,200 in available credit.


Great first Credit Card

First of all, I LOVE US BANK, they are always super friendly and seem to really care about your best. Since I had debit card with them over the last 2 years, they approved my application for this College card, and it’s great with a low limit, that way students won’t pay pay more than they can afford (hopefully).