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Ok bank, no problem with their services

I haven’t had any issues with this bank


Perfect balance between simple and complex.

High fees but customer service and finance options are a plus.



I have used US Bank since college and have really enjoyed the customer service and convenience of online/mobile bank tools. They charge a monthly fee for my checking account but it isn’t enough for me to switch banks.


Horrible customer service.

All I have to say about US bank is that they are quick to take your money, quick to mess up your mortgage, slow to apologize, and when you need help (as in a payment deferment) their team of sassy, disrespectful customer service agents will be sure that the conversation ends with you hanging up the phone.


Worst bank ever!

Kept taking money after I called about fraud. Rude customer service. Did not help. Said they could take as much time as they needed to. It’s my money and they want to take their time! Do not go here. I’m switching. Probably in a year when they close my fraud case. Since they wanna take their time.


Sorry, No problems in over 30yrs

I have a U.S. Bank cash+, and a U.S. Bank Debit Card.

Pros. just got an eighteen month balance transfer for 1%.
I live in Illinois, I rarely pay any debit fees as places we travel most often, like California and Wisconsin have banks all over.
My bank has a great rate on a full size safety deposit box.
90% of the time I get a very personable bank worker.
They have a great, safe and easy to follow personal account log in.
Resolved problems with other larger banks I have had but now just store their cards.
Most of our transactions and bills are automatic and great reminders if I forget a manual one.
With our selection of quarterly % back selections, all three of us get a good amount of cash back every year.

Cons. I’ll have to think about that, and get back, right now I can’t think of any.


Avoid like the plague

First of all, I opened a “free” checking account with them, and found out 6 months later that they had been charging me $8.95 per month the whole time. It was like pulling teeth to get them to reverse it, which they wouldn’t do over the phone. So I went to the brach and got them to do it after an epic struggle. Then, either coincidentally or not, within a week of this episode, they flat out manipulated the order by which 4 different debit purchases hit my account, by which they STOLE $150.00 in overdraft fees from me!!!
Stay away from this bank!!! They are nothing but a pack of thieves.


Scam and HORRIBLE customer service

Me and my husband are wanting to rent a house and needed to go to a loan company to assist with our down payment, we deposited a large check about 1000$ (which we should have been able to cash) but they deposited it. The next day our balance was 1789$ that is including my husbands work check. We wait till he gets off work and try to get the money out of the ATM our balance is now -7.24$. So we found out it was on a fraud check list. We call the fraud department and we get hung up on 7 TIMES!!! We finally went down to our banks branch manager and finally raised enough heck to get our money back. We are currently withdrawing from this bank. They charged us on the overdrawn balance.


High hidden fees

They don’t tell you when you open CDs and or IRAs with them that if you wish to move them or transfer them they will charge you a $30.00 fee each. With interest rates on them as low as they have been for several years you actually lose money. The only winner is US bank. Greedy, greedy, greedy.


Worst bank !

I used the ATM to deposit some cash and the machine didn’t recorded the deposit. I wen to the bank and they couldn’t do anything for me, I called the number on the receipt and they didn’t file the report, A week later I called again and they said they couldn’t do anything for me… They kept my money !!!.. Please do you yourself a favor and do not work with US bank!!!


Switching banks

Cosigned a school loan from the government for our son. Check came in his name, so he signed it over to us and we deposited it at USBank.
Found out by accident that they had reversed the deposit.
No phone call.
No message online when we logged in.
Said the check processing department is unable to contact customers, so instead they mail it (might take a week to do so). Then you can come back in.


Mixed review

I’d like to start by say that most everything this bank has to offer is easy to use and I really like, but of course there is someone that ruins a pleasant experience. The bank manager, upon opening my account she was nice. Although, after the first encounter, anytime I have to deal with her she makes me want to find a new bank ASAP. I go to the Oak Creek branch, I have had this exact issue several times, and asked for my account to be changed repeatedly but it never happens. I have more than enough in savings and a check clears or bills come out and I forget to transfer $ from saving to checking to avoid a few but loan behold I get one. I ask why because I had it in savings and she doesn’t help or try to figure out how to help me adjust settings so it doesn’t happen again, she looks at me like I’m stupid or below her pay grade. The rest of the employees are wonderful, If I see her I avoid the bank and come back when she’s gone. I’m looking into a different bank, I’m a single mother, in college, that is also working and don’t need to feel judged by or have a bank so unwilling to explain or help when they are able to. It’s a corporate bank. So I was told go with a credit union they are easier to talk to.



I had this account for few years now.They charge you for getting your paper statement.They charge you for depositing checks using your phone.You can’t do payroll using your own money unless you have credit score of 800.No problem with Chase.Stay away from this bank.I am closing the account today.


Dont use US Bank

Called to cancel a card and get 2 fraudulent charges looked at. The 2 charges were taken care of, but they did not cancel my card. A month later I was still getting charges to the card to my surprise. Contacted customer service and they were very slow and apathetic about the whole situation. Will be switching banks soon.


US Bank- We rob you

I got sent two overdraft fees without a full days notice. I called customer service to see if they could reduce or remove the overdraft fee, they tell me I’ve been overdraft for a week, when it clearly took my money off yesterday. I work hard for my money and they’ve been robbing me ever since I’ve signed up with them NEVER EVER CHOOSE US BANK.


Terrible Bank and Service

This is the worst bank you could ever use. They make mistakes like “loosing” your deposit and then “fixing” it but charging you a fee for their mistake. They will add a fee to anything and everything possible even when it is their mistake that caused it. They often make mistakes with deposits and withdrawals. They will pretend to “take care” of you by removing half of the fee that shouldn’t have been there to start with. I will be closing my account and will continue to make sure all friends, family, and businesses I know of will never use this bank and have their money taken from them. I work in the finance industry with new businesses looking for business accounts and will NEVER recommend this bank to any of my clients. Doesn’t even deserve one star!



Ongoing issues with these yahoos. They issued a new bank card to me seemingly at random. I was told first that it was a system glitch due to maintenance, and that the new card would be cancelled and my existing card would be fine. My existing card stopped working 2.5 weeks later. The next person told me it was really due to a data breach at a merchant they refused to name and refused to even give a timeframe of when this supposedly happened. They “rushed” a new card to me and told me it would arrive 2 days later. I didn’t get it until 5 days later, and never got a supervisor callback as I requested and was promised. On top of that, I had to call yet again today (my FOURTH call to these people) to get them to issue another letter with a pin number since the one for my old card didn’t transfer over like I was told it would. The rep had the nerve to tell me to “just calm down” in a patronizing tone when I expressed my anger and frustration over the situation, and how I had been lied to multiple times, then proceeds to tell me there are no records prior to 2012 for me calling in. I am going to Navy Federal Credit Union tomorrow and having them re-open my old account. I will NEVER use US Bank again, and I will NEVER recommend them to anyone. If I could, I would give US Bank ZERO stars across the board. They don’t deserve even ONE star, they are that bad. I swear by all that’s good in the world, you are better off going elsewhere.



US Bank charges you for everything. Their online site is terrible. I can’t tell what is coming out. I thing they personally make it difficult to understand so that they can steal your money. Everytime I turn around there is another overdraft charge. I check my account everyday. I am not stupid, they are just thieves. I absolutely hate this bank and will be changing just ASAP. Never use this bank, unless you don’t like your money!!!


Waiting for my account to be closed…

I had banked with US Bank for over 20 years, having parents who have them and starting a savings account as a child. I opened a checking account when I turned 18, of course. I’ve never had a horrendous experience with them. I think my main complaint is simply how corporate they are. I know a bit of what these companies are like, having worked for a huge corporation myself in the past. I simply think companies can get so big where their customers no longer feel they’re important. It used to be I could walk into a branch and resolve overdraft fees, and now you simply call their number and usually get told “no,” with the exception of one time in the past several years.

Also, they now charge $6.95 monthly for a checking account, which I think it just plain stupid. It was waived since I had direct deposit set up, but recently when I moved my money to a credit union, they charged me the fee. I called and asked for my account to be closed, but was told there was an error. The girl told me that she would close it first thing in the morning. Not to be negative, but I had zero faith it would get done. I’ve worked in the call center environment for another big company. In fact, it was right across the street from one of US Bank’s major call centers. I just know that most people either forget or don’t keep their promises.

I called back this evening, and no one had done anything. This time, the rep told me that it can only be closed during business hours. So I guess I’m going to have to call back again tomorrow.