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Us Bank
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High fees.

No likes for us bank. Being us bank has nailed me a spree of fees countless times for simply pulling to much money out of your own savings account, $5.01 negative balance means automatic $36 dollar fee and for every 7 days the account is negative as them “covering” you as they say, for the remaining funds you didn’t have available. Savings account interest can be found elsewhere for far better pricing. Definitely DONT sign up for a reserve line. There way of making more money off of you when fees hit you. I would suggest credit unions at this point. Banks are thief’s enough as it is. Not sure if this everyone’s experience but for a simple student checking account I shouldn’t of had this many issues with bad customer service. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone.
Have a good day! :slight_smile:


U S Bank is the worst bank in the country.

Apparently I had a charge off they forgot to tell me about when I closed my account a year ago. Today it went on my credit report. It was only $200.00. I could have easily paid that any day if they could simply tell me I owed the money. How I owe them that money makes no sense to me but I’m glad to pay the lousy 200 dollars and never step foot inside a disgusting U S Bank ever again!


Always a fight

I inherited 2 IRA’s when my parents passed away and US Bank made this the most miserable experience ever. They asked they I hand write a letter to request permission to access the money even though I was a signer on the account. What took a day for the other banks took months for US Bank to complete. Horrible Bank!


Worse bank to report fraud

Lost my debit card, in one day some one used it (without PIN) for few hundreds dollars. It was a nightmare when reporting it in the next day. Bank agent did not know how to take the report, kept me on the phone for over half hour and I had to follow up again with the same report after 20 days as she did not save it on the first end.


Overdraft fee

They charge you a $36 fee if you account is overdrawn just for a pending transaction, then post your $36 fee first before posting the pending transactions so you get more fees. I talked to many mangers who said sorry that’s our policy and you agreed to it. It’s just an unethical way of sticking it to their customers who make a mistake and go over by a mere $8.



Their Loan Originator at the US Branch will agree to everything but they back track at the the last moment of loan closing. Especially if you are not a US Citizen (On H1B Visa or Green Card) US Bank will back stab you at the last moment of closing stating they have issues with closing. Had a bad experience with US Bank.


Bank fraud

I closed my checking account in person. Bank called charging me $10.90 for unknown reason. Sent wife to bank and she paid it and closed account again. More calls from bank, now charging $20! Told them what we have been through already and was put on hold. Bank fraud, if you ask me. Thought computers were smarter than this! Avoid this bank!


Bank app will make you overdraft

Online banking app is supposed to make life easier wrong it shows wrong balance leaving you to think you have more in bank mu online profile was hacked and it took them a week to transfer MY MONEY to new account mind you I froze account before they were able to steal anything us bank sucks donkey


Beware of US Bank

Do not get a mortgage loan from US Bank! They have terrible customer service, the website is hard to use, and they charge a fee for online mortgage payments.


Lending discrimination

US Bank denied my mortgage loan (even after pre-approval after credit/income check) at the last moment of closing date stating I am a non-US Citizen. I am on H1-B work VISA and been in US for 10+ years with my Green Card (Permanent Resident status) in progress. Govt. regulations (Fannie and Freddie Mac) allows mortgages to non-US Citizens on work VISAs but US Bank has a lending discrimination policy.


App NEVER works

They try to sell you benefits of banking with them is online banking. Well, it doesn’t work. I have never had more problems with a website and the phone app is absolute garbage. Plus, the app cannot be used on tablets. Sheesh…


time for goodbyes

I’ve been banking with usbank for over 5 years. I sought to waive off 3 overdraft returned fees that happened in one day, thats a total of $108 in just a day. I understand its legitimate fees but I’m hoping for some grace since I’ve been a loyal customer. I was so diligent in begging to get it waive off, called twice on customer service. I thought i was just getting unlucky. But was declined even by the supervisor. i know. so much shame. But i still tried to ask in the branch where i opened and maybe they’ll be willing. But NO. they calculated the one year refunds they applied to my account that i further find out happened to be an error on their end. So, just an advice, if their waiving off fees which is an error on they’re end to begin with ask them to notate it so you won’t loose your “grace limit” when the true error comes.


No complaints

My experience has been good. They waive my checking account fee due to a good credit score and have decent credit cards for travel rewards and cash back. Like most big banks, they treat customers on good financial footing well, and tend to nickel and dime the little guy. If you live paycheck to paycheck, there are much better alternatives so you don’t get feed to death and end up in what they call an inconvenience but you call a crisis. There are plenty of free checking options from banks who will even waive the occasional overdraft.


Terrible Customer Service, AGAIN

Drive-up tellers are so slow. I requested that an account balance print on my receipt, I sent them my driver’s license, and AGAIN, I did NOT get a balance. My 2-item deposit transaction took about 8 minutes even though, for most of the time, I was the only car in the drive-thru. I sat in my car watching the tellers at the window having a great time, which is OK but customers shouldn’t have to wait while they play. Every time I go to US Bank it reminds me how much I do NOT like them.


Really like this Bank. Wish they were in Florida

The only reason I’m leaving is because there are no banks in Florida- my new home


Worst Bank Ever

Student account is not supposed to go into overdraft- except subscriptions can! My account had a fraud (subscription) and it went into overdraft I had online banking and wasn’t notified until $225 in overdraft fees and they forced closed my account (I never use them so I didn’t notice) During fraud investigation they said not to touch the account- fraud was ruled in my favor and a month later after the funds were in my account (shorted the refund $25 btw) they sent me to collections a month after it being resolved. After 2months of saying they would fix it they couldn’t and now I owe collections bc they sold my account to the collection agency. Except they didn’t the collection agency said that they never bought me account so the money I payed is going to US BANK. Us bank ignored the agencies dispute. They money missing is the money they put in my account as a refund for fee fraud and overdraft they robbed themselves and now I have to pay. Also unrelated they once called me off an unknown number and asked full social and full bank account number first thing and I said that is suspicious I won’t answer and they closed my account and it spent my 5hrs at my local bank to get it resolved. The local bankers said no one should ask you that there are other ways they know your identity. I’m just venting to the internet bc I now feel better lol


Worst customer service

This bank is ridiculous. Can’t cash a check if you don’t have an account. I brought the check here for a reason. To be sure their customers check to my kid was good. Nope. You can open an account and then I can! That hard up for business? I don’t think so. Your customer service is way below average.


Terrible Customer Service, Fees, Debit Cards & Business

I have been trying to get a working debit card for 4 months now with nothing but excuses and apologizing for disorganized business, misleading information to customers which only inconveniences them while charging exteme fees and finances for basic banking such as $5 for money orders to loyal customers, preventing customers access to their accounts and finance, cancellation of debit cards without notifying previously, not getting cards, pins and other important information to customers in an orderly and timely manner, not able to solve the problems of customers which must call the 24-hour customer service, etc. So what are they doing that deserves these extra fees and funding!!!


Don’t finance equipment

US Bank equipment finance is terrible, literally the worst experience I’ve had with financing for our business. Sales tax was presented like interest, all interest added up front and no pre-payment benefit, changed our payment date by four days, charged us almost $500 and didn’t count towards our balance, etc, etc. Will never finance anything with US Bank again.



I was using my checking account never went negative had money going in and out and they just closed my account and no one could give me a reason as to why us bank I will never ever speak highly of you instead if someone asks me about banks I will highly recommend they dont bank with you