Us Bank

Us Bank
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US Bank will consistently tell you what they CAN’T do

…not how they are able to serve your needs. Horrid customer service. Zero accountability. Plan on extremely long hold times. Aggressive and excessive fee structure. Not a good solution for any kind of banking needs. Look elsewhere.


Total lack of customer service by policy!

Requested an increase for online deposits and was told they could not justify an increase, but no problem for me to drive 20 miles to the nearest branch and deposit the check. Think its time to find a bank will allow me to deposit more than $2500 on line. (They are out there)


Should I leave?

We have had accounts…business and personal with US for almost 50 years. We were part of a private client group which was nice but now they have taken that away. Also we could always get cashier’s checks and now there is a fee. If you want to be treated special, you have to be part of their Wealth Management group and invest $100,000! Really? Just to get free cashier’s checks. That doesn’t make sense. The branch people are great. It is their upper management that don’t seem to care. Where to now?


They care nothing of customers

They act like they are doing you a favor by even talking to you. I have credit in the top 1/10 of one percent with no credit card debit. High income and they still drug there feet on a loan that normally takes 30 to 45 days. 4 months later, no close.
Use another bank if you value your sanity.


Horrible bank To bank with

This is the worse back ever everyone of the Representatives are terrible in customer service they don’t have any respect for their customers also very rude and unprofessional I will never ever bank with them again I advice anyone to never bank with this bank again rude disrespectful people


Small time bank

12 million dollar a year company with a $200k line of credit and expects you to renew the lease every year. When they found we borrowed $150 k from amex for cash flow called in the loan and demanded the $200k this bank lost info and has no interest of helping the customer or any business do not do business with this lousey small time bank.


Don’t use ATM

Error made by machines cannot or will not be correct until 10 - 45 days. Ate my $400. Now it has to go through numerous channels to get corrected. Meanwhile, I still don’t have my $400. Ridiculous


Horrid customer service

I’m a 56-year old business owner who has dealt with dozens of vendors, suppliers and financial institutions in my career. This is the first on-line review I’ve authored, which should be an Indication of how frustrated I am with US Bank’s abject lack of customer service.

Shame on me for being duped into believing US Bank could retain any type of a small-town, customer-centric feel and deliver on its long-winded promises.

US Bank is no different than its brethren like Wells Fargo.

Recently, I had a minor issue with a check where the numerical field was entered correctly but the handwritten field was not perfectly legible, a rest of my compromised vision.

Rather than contact me for clarification, US Bank chose not to present the check, did not pay the recipient and charged me exorbitant fees for an honest mistake.

Calling customer service (customer circus) resulted in a labyrinth of transfers to various “supervisors” who were nothing more than robots eager to exploit their one shot at wielding power - akin to the rental cop at the mall looking to have his/her moment of dominance.

As of today I am significant - and, I assumed, erroneously, valued - customer and shareholder of USB.

As of tomorrow I will be neither.


Service is going downhill

I just pulled up to there drive up- only one lane was open and there were 2 cars ahead of me. The wait was so long I backed up and went inside and the car in front of me then backed up and left. There were only 2 employees frantically working trying to manage both drive up and inside.I do not stop here very often but the employees are always changing and the service is very slow, if I did not have a mortgage here I would no longer be doing business with US Bank.The credit union down the street has much better customer service, fast drive-up and enough employees to help their customers.


Worst bank ever

Called to cancel my cars auto payment because I bought a new car and they will being paying off my old one … the guy I spoke with said I was all good and it was canceled but my payment still came out . Now I have to wait a month to get reimbursed . Every time I call US Bank it takes at least 20 mins to get through to someone . I will never use this Bank again ,


Avoid them

Everything about this company is terrible. Customer service, websites, fees they do not care about their customers! I will never use them again. I made a payment to them they credited my account for a different amount then charged me a late fee. In the 3 months it took me to get them to listen they continued to charge me late fees. Good thing I send them old fashioned checks and I had copies to prove but to this day they refuse to admit they did anything wrong and consider my account late.


Terrible terrible terrible

Be prepared to have a bank treat you like a poor person and it’s 1952. If you ever go accidentally overdrawn, they fine you when your account goes overdrawn then fine you again when the fine isn’t paid automatically, then fine you an overdraft fee for when their crazy fees push your account deeper into the red, then another fee…you literally wind up with a dozen penalty fees equalling many hundreds of dollars for something as simple as going negative by $5. Mind you, I had run over a million dollars through the account in the previous year so I’d have hoped a $5 mishap wouldn’t mean we weren’t friends anymore.

Completely rigid and inflexible in the ability to provide any services or help when things go slightly wrong. I was using them for my business banking account where things sometimes go wrong. Big big mistake.

I used them years ago for my personal banking. When I moved to england I withdrew my funds and closed my account. While in England I wound up with a collection on my account for over $2000. Apparently they paid a few credit card auto payments even when the account was closed (that’s why I closed the freaking account). So the account was overdrawn by about $200, which quickly became over $2000 in fees, then they charged it off, then they sent me to collections. When I got back from England I couldn’t open a checking account.

Seriously seriously avoid these idiots. Unless you like 1952.


Just here to real you in

So I was told I could apply for a personal loan. Mind you at a high percentage rate. I have great credit score and they deny me. Then then went and told me to refinance my home. They denied me because no relationship with branch but they rather do a refinance. Seems to me they want the bigger business. How do you develop relationships with banks like this. So then I went to sun West and they approved me right away.