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Us Bank
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Bait and switch

I got a conventional 30 year home loan from them in 2014 and the loan officer I had was constantly messing up and then he tried to make it up to me by “getting me the lowest payment possible” I thought everything was good untill 6 months after the loan closed I found out he never put any money in my escrow account. That’s how he lowered the payment. It went way up after that was fixed, but I’m already in the house now. Then they tell you its simple to get rid of your PMI but when you try they hit with a ton of guidelines that no one will ever meet. My loan officer never told me any of this. But once you close the loan, no one will help you. I will be refinancing thru a different bank and cutting all my ties with us bank


Worst Bank

I was in a car accident mid February. I called and talked to the bank that month and told them what happened. I talked to them with my insurance provider. The bank said they would stop the payment since my car was deemed a total loss and send my insurance the final payoff price. They told me not to make anymore payments until everything was settled. I had also asked them whether or not I had gap insurance which they told me I did not. The did not freeze the payments nor did they talk to my insurance provider. They reported me to the credit bureau. Which hindered my from buying another car because of what they put on my record. They ignored me when I asked what was taking them so long or said they were working on it. Two and a half months later after it hit my credit score they have finally sent out the paper to my insurance company along with my contract stating I do indeed have gap insurance. Now I am scrambling to file my gap insurance and fix all they stuff that should have been settled a month ago though I doubt even after I fix this it won’t fix my credit score back to the way it was before they damaged it.


WORST Banking Experience

Leased my premium car from USB. In my opinion, their inspectors at lease end are ridiculous, USB didn’t tell me I could BID instead of taking their ‘low’ offer, and during final purchase they were QUICK to cash my check, but slooooooow to provide title/BOS. People on phone are friendly, just don’t count on anyone to fulfill their promises. Cost me an insurance extension while waiting for their bureaucracy to deliver. Would NOT ever use them again (and my dealership has stopped using them as well).


No respect for military personnel

When I was deployed, I contacted them to see why I was getting all these fees. Like $100+ per fee. The woman I spoke with was extremely rude and unprofessional, she kept saying “Sir it was your choice to bank with us” and “Why are you in Kuwait in the first place?” Apparently it is an “international fee” Needless to say I closed my account with them as soon as I returned from my deployment. Now that I am with Navy Federal Credit Union, I have no “International fees” and every time I call, I speak to a human. So that’s always a plus.



Called customer service line and got transferred twice and then hung up on first call 2nd call transferred 4 times then hung up on


Unbelievably incompetent

If i could rate negative stars i would. Ive suppossedly had a fraud investigation going on since early march. I filed a police report and all the necessary paper work with the bank. Ive lost track how many times i have called, emailed, and gone into this branch to speak with someone about this claim. The other day i try to log into my account to see if there was an update. It said that the account was no longer active. So today i called the branch. The teller who answered told me that there had been no claim filed. After several different times i was told it was filed and now we were just waiting for a response. She proceeded to talk over me, being incredibly rude and unhelpful the entire time. I asked to speak to a manager. She continued to talk over me. I asked 4 more times before i was finally put on hold to speak to a manager. I was literally on hold for a half an hour. After the 30min mark i finally gave up and hung up the phone. All i know is that there is no longer an active account… sooo i have no idea what is going on with my account and apparently they dont either. I should have been notified if anything changed. Especially since this can seriously impact my credit, etc. This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. It is clear that this bank is incredibly incompetent and unprofessional. Once (if i ever) learn what is going on with my account i will be leaving this bank. And you better believe i will be warning everyone i know to steer clear of this bank.


Terrible bank

Us bank is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. I have deposited 2 checks in the last month and they have put a hold on both. They can’t give u a good explanation and the say call this number and then they say call this number. No one know what the hell is going on. I just want my damn money. Us bank, ya’ll suck


This bank deserves no stars and should not be in buisness

they put a limit on your debit card even if you have the funds to back up any purchases. they will make changes to your account with out even telling you by phone call or e-mail. this bank is not for anyone needing full access to their money.


Not the best

Their hours of operation suck, they open after I’m already at work and close before I can get off. Don’t teach their employees what good customer service is


Great for Loans

I only use US bank for mortgage and auto loans and they are the best. I shop around for rates a lot and USBank always has the lowest. Ryan, the banker I deal with, gave me his cell number when I bought a car and used USBank to finance. He answers my calls all the time when I have questions regardless of the hour or day. I dont see many branches and dont have checking or savings outside of the direct deposit I use for the loan payments, which seems to be most of the complaints I see on this site, but for loans they are awesome. I think their website for mobile is terrible and their app is super limited but I can set everything up at my pc and then use those to just check-in when needed. I also dont like the limits they have in place but again it isn’t a big deal for me.


Didn’t stop 30 Fraud Charges on Two Accounts

I have been using USBank since the 90s. Recently, I saw 14 fraud charges on my checking account and 13 on my credit card. This was from 1 vendor in China using about 5 of the same totals (ex: 437.65, 437.65, 364.67, 364.767, repeat, repeat). USBank did not find them, I did. It’s been 11 days and I still cannot get a straight answer to resolve the issue and have to talk to two departments to try and resolve. In the meantime, I am financially crippled and am blind to activity on my account since they shut down my user ID and apparently now I have to close and reopen my accounts to get a new user ID (which they did not tell me when we closed the ID). They are incapable of easily resolving my issue without this becoming my day job, of which I have one and this is not it. HORRIBLE. This isn’t the first time they missed fraud, but it is the worst. I will be moving to another bank.


Boo for US BANK

I had an emergency and asked for a temporary credit line increase on my credit card and was refused. I have been a EXCELLENT customer with US Bank for over 20 years. NEVER missed a single payment. My checking has ALWAYS been in good standing, and they couldn’t give my a emergency credit increase? I’m closing my accounts tomorrow!


Charge you for everything!

They charge you for everything!! They allow 6 transfers a month then charge you 15.00 each transfer
ITS YOUR MONEY they shoulder charge
Then they charge 1.00 for almost every where you use your debit card



Just open my account set up my direct deposit my money definitely went in the bank my card has been declined at every other store that I stopped at. Call the bank was told that there was a block on my account and I had to call the fraud department. Long story short u.s. Bank determined that there was fraud on my account which there was not tried to make a purchase at Walmart for $32, my card was declined even though the money was there, they determine this was fraud, but stopped for gas prior to that and had no problem. Was charged several fees for using a foreign atm, when I went into the store and used the US Bank atm.


Bad re-finance experience, loan officer midleading

This review is about a recent (failed) re-finance experience I had with USBank.

I was looking to re-finance some out-of-state investment properties. The loan officer initially said they can do 7/1 ARM at 3.75%. After I submitted the application and supporting materials and had them pull the credit, the loan officer sent out the disclosures with loan terms changed to 30yr fixed at 4.75%. When I sent an inquiry about this discrepancy, the loan agent first said that the disclosure is not final and the updated version will be mailed to me via UPS. He also said he will call, but after almost two days, I didn’t hear back from him. When I finally called back, he told me that they can’t do ARM on the re-fi and it must be fixed rate, and tried to persuade me to agree to the loan terms that doesn’t really suit my needs.

I wish they could disclose this upfront. I believe the people there are good and honest, but the way this was handled, it looked like a bait-and-switch.


Worse Bank in the world

Worse bank in the world. If you get child support through feudal government they will steal from it every month. I have seen many banks that do not charge juvanial accounts but US Bank is not one of those banks they will take as long as they can. And if they offer you money to start a new account you better bet that they will find away to get what they offer you back and then some. They are the most heartless in the world and care nothing when you call them to tell them what is going on. So please take this review as a warning so you dont get done dirty by these lying cheating thives.


Worst Credit Card/ Bank

U.S. Bank is the worst to deal with because they are very inflexible about making payments on the phone and using your rewards. I had asked for my rewards to be applied and I would pay off the balance. Said they could but when the statement came they hadn’t nor would they. I have never liked their representatives because they will not even work with someone who is a long standing customer, who pays on time, with great credit.



U.S. Bank ATM ate my $220 (don’t offer a service if it’s not relyable or if you can’t fix the mistake) and then after going through 3 bank people the bank denied my claim to return my money saying their ATM is fine when it’s definitely not considering it spit out a receipt after taking my cash saying “the machine malfunctioned and we can not credit or return any of your money”. Even though the ATM has video footage and I have a receipt proving and showing exactly how and which U.S. Bank stole my money. If I don’t get my money back this bank will have way bigger issues coming their way! How can they just steal my money and get away with it!!! Even with proof??? I work hard to earn my money and I plan on getting it back, my money is not a game to play around with. I just thank god I didn’t deposit all of my money, even though I’m already screwed on my bills thanks to this bank. But after about 3 weeks off waiting for the banks to answer my calls or send me my letter about my claim I’m still waiting on my money. Now that I have to go into the bank AGAIN, to prove that my money is MY money, this bank is going to have way bigger issues with me, legal issues because YOU CANT JUST STEAL PEOPLES MONEY ESPECIALLY IF YOURE A BANK, AND IF I DONT GET MY MONEY BACK WITH ALL THIS PROOF, THEN U.S BANK WILL REALLY BE THEIVES AND FACE CONSEQUENCES. U.S bank messed up and I suggest this gets fixed because I will have my money back, don’t just ignore all my calls(every local u.s. bank) and not do anything when I’ve been in or called like 100 times and no one has fixed the situation. It will be fixed. And I will have my money that I worked long and hard for back, no if ands or buts about it. U.S BANK IS AN UNTRUSTWORTHY BANK. I recommend no body in their right mind use this bank or their service or any other bank in all honesty. They serious suck, I’m closing my account down once this is handled because screw this bank. I moved to this bank because the last bank I had was giving my informations out, this bank is no better. They are all sucky thieves that pretend they are going to fix things but then never do. This right here is a bank that doesn’t care for your money, they only lose it, or take it.


Good to bank customers

Feel rewarded as a responsible customer. Having a Checking acct with them that I use often was the first bank to issue me my first big bank CC with a 5000 dollar limit. I started with a secured card then moved up quick I know have 3 unsecured cards with them approved all with mid 600 score. Payments post same day if you use your checking with them. Customer Service good. If I keep a balance it is very low but try to pay off monthly. Free Credit Score.


You will never get their so-called 5% cash back.

I placed two online orders from Neiman marcus, which is a department store and I should have received 5% cash back, but NOT! I used to place many orders with 5% cashback (i.e. clothes store Brookbrothers, which is even listed directly on your website), but never get any 5% back. It is funny that when I return them, us bank deducted 5% cash back. Is this the way usbank make money from customers??? I hate to contact us bank with trial amount of money to waste my time, but this time, the total amount is over $2000 and cash cash back should be more than $100. would like to see how they reply? here:
Unfortunately, U.S. Bank does not have the ability to control how a merchant chooses to classify their business and therefore reserves the right to determine which purchases qualify for allowance. Regrettably, NM Online 888-888-4757 TX classifies its business as a Direct Marketing-Combination CTG. Therefore, the transaction(s) in question did not earn 5% cash back.