Us Bank

Us Bank
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Good bank

Opened an easy checking account. They were honest about the fees and what I could do to wave them. I set up direct deposit the only issue I had so far they locked my debit card when I first used it had to call fraud department to verify some transactions. They unlocked the debit card and it has been working since. The other issue it took forever to clear some of my transactions. But overall I had no isuues with them.


Stay Away

I deposit cash…they try to hold it for 3 days. It was cash. Worse bank ever!!! I would bank with Chase or Wellforgo before US Bank. Horrible service. Understaffed and over rated!!!


Very good experience…

The customer service is top notch. The website is quickly linked to all accounts and the transaction notifications are almost instant.I wish the parkinf lot was bigger. I can hardly get my 21 ft RV in it.


Do Not Stand Behind the Customer for Fraud On Account

I keep getting Different Stories about getting My hard Earned money when their is FRAUD on the account. US Bank saw fraud on the account and put a Freeze on the card. Called in about the Freeze. Don’t You Just Love it when you have to Keep Calling in to see where the paper is that they say they have mailed to you and want it returned by 10 Business but somehow won’t start doing a thing about it till they get the paper work back that has not even been sent out. HATE BEING LIED TO AND HATE THAT THEY WON’T DO A THING-- IT’S LIKE THEY ARE TELLING THE ROBBERS IT’S OK TO DO THIS CAUSE THE LONGER IT TAKES THE EASIER THE FRAUD WILL CONTINUE WITH OTHERS CAUSE US BANK DOESN’T DO THEIR JOB RIGHT AWAY. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF WITH THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY… ): No More Chances again… People BEWARE !


Incompetent and Unresponsive

Banked here or the predecessor bank for a long time. Customer service is nonexistent - people in the branches have no authority or ability to solve problems, nor do the people answering the phones. The last straw was taking out a small home equity loan - a horrible experience from beginning to end. During the application process, the bank contacted my insurance broker without my knowledge or permission and had themselves added to a policy even before the loan had been approved or closed! After the loan closed, receiving constant demands from their insurance department for increases in insurance on the property because they cannot understand that the insurance coverage on this condominium property is carried by the association, and is not my personal policy on the household contents. Each time my insurance broker and I explain this to them, and yet another demand letter comes in a month or two over another issue. I am going to pay off the loan early just to avoid further dealings with these idiots.


Stay Away

Horrible customer service. Froze my account because of fraud and DIDN’T CALL, EMAIL, TEXT, PUT A NOTIFICATION ON THE APP, NOTHING. They had all my information to get in contact with me but they just didn’t because apparently they lack even the barest semblance of decency. Still can’t get any access to my money since I work during banking hours, and I have no eta on when the paper work for the few dollars of fraud will show up or when my new debit card will show up so I can eat something other than the stale food in my pantry. US Bank is a JOKE DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY



This bank holds your money for sometimes 9 days when they have already withdrawn money from your employers account!! Then CHARGE YOU OVERDRAFT FEES FOR MONEY YOU HAVE AND CANT ACCESS!! It’s ROBBERY !! TERRIBLE PLACE IN EVERY ASPECT!!! DONT DO IT!!!


Closed a 12 CC Relationship

I was a US Bank CC customer for 12 years. A customer who’s CC was always in good standing. My CC was about to expire and instead of receiving a new card the next month I get a letter saying they are closing my account due to no activity for 12 months. I called spoke with a supervisor who confirmed that he didn’t care for their practice and for me to send a letter requesting them to reopen the account due to the 12-year relationship. I faxed a letter and decided to call a few days later to make sure I faxed correctly. Was told a letter was sent to me. I received the letter and was told they would not reopen the account to my debt ratio and credit score. My credit score was 782, in the letter they stated my score was now 707. When I looked at my report for free I noticed US Bank had hardline my credit TWICE and on top of that took away my 12 year relationship…dropping my score. They ruined my credit, ruined a 12-year relationship, and within 2 weeks shy of my CC expiring. I am reporting them this practice is certainly unheard of and I will not allow them to ruin my credit.


Froze my account without me knowing it.

Taking my account somewhere else. I told them that and they acted like they didnt care. These people are messed up.



Do not EVER get a loan from these people. They lose payments and blame you and provide bad and misleading information. They will ruin your credit rating.


Dont deliver

There services suck you try to send a payment where they mail a check to the person for payment and they say it will be there by a certain day and guess what two days later still not there this has happend multiple times and when you call they tell you oh we will credit your account the late fees and a few days later you get a email saying that you dont qualify for the credit im closing my account with them they have been good for the 16 years i have been with them and then all of a sudden they start pulling this and my rent ends up late multiple times us bank come on this is how you take care of your loyal customers i will be going some where else


terrible bank

this bank likes to approve you for a home loan then after talking to them giveing all your info oh guess what maybe not today… told the man and another woman that’s ok I’ve got 2 other that are done deals. I just banked with them thought would be easier. LOL if I was able to give less than one star this would be the bank. the worse I’ve ever done bussiness with. I pray our company pulls the plug with them.


Hard to find an honest person to help

They’ve made several mistakes and when I tried to get it resolved, I get the runaround – and that’s from a loyal good standing customer…



This bank is unreasonable and takes money from folks. Then the management hides. Only the management can make a decision…oh they they are all in interviews at 8pm. Yeah right!


morons at US Bank

we paid our vehicle off on Sept 27, 2017 and US bank listed us delinquent for October 2017 and non payment my credit took almost a 100 point hit. they said they see the mistake but it will take 30 days to clear took these assholes about 30 seconds to ruin my credit and they owe us over $600.00 on early payoff that is being sent 17th of oct. bunch of morons


Help in a stressful situation!

In January of 2016 I had my identity stolen. Fortunately, I realized immediately what happened. I went to my US Bank branch in Corvallis, OR and thanks to their fast work, I didn’t lose any money and was able to cancel all of our accounts. The process of opening new accounts was all that I needed to do. These women were (and still are) my best friends there. They went above and beyond and were more helpful that I could have imagined in guiding me through the process of cancelling and opening new accounts. I have been a US Bank customer since 1960 and will be for the rest of my life!

Judy Myers


They don’t care about their customers

They are the worst bank you could bank with. They are rude and do t care about their customers. Go to Chase!!!


Always another fee

US Bank was a good bank at one time, now they find sneaky ways to constantly increase fees and make my life less convenient.

I moved all my personal accounts from here to Ally five years ago and I am so glad I did.

I am still looking for a new bank to hold my business accounts. Until then, I just deal with their stupid policies.


Complete Liars!

I haven’t been told one single thing that turned out to be true from this bank. If you Bank with them long enough, the will rip you off. There is no way around that. I hope this bank goes out of business and all the people who work there have to actually get off their high horses.


Terrible bank

Worst bank! I opened a small business account with them, had a few thousand dollar check deposit, they have been holding my funds for more than 10 days, no explanations, called customer service, they simply hang up on me. Now Im stuck, can’t use the money, don’t know when they will clear it up. very frustrating. Don’t bank with them. Im looking for other bank to switch.