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Us Bank
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The Anti-Customer Bank

I received a letter today stating that USBank has reduced my available credit by $1000 based on my current FICO score. Well, I moved to Florida in June, which was very costly, and I used my credit cards to help re-establish myself here. Naturally your balances are going to go up when you use your credit cards. Then comes Hurricane Irma. We took a direct hit here. Regardless of that, I have never missed a payment, always pay more than the minimum due, and have recently paid several cards off. So, by lowering my available credit USBank has impacted my FICO score negatively. It’s only been 6 months since the move here and USBank could care less about my history with them and the circumstances behind my debt. I would not recommend USBank for anything. They suggested I file a complaint with Transunion. I’m not disputing the information on my credit report. I’m disputing USBank’s lack of compassion for their customers. My account is now closed and will be the one I focus on paying off next. Worst experience I’ve ever had with a financial institution.

Joe Camp


Unethical ban - cheats customers

I had a very poor customer experience recently with the US bank credit card with 5% cash back. They applied my cash back a day after my big purchases. Their customer service was extremely rude and don’t care about your business. Be careful banking with them. Discover and Chase have similar products and way better customer service.


Fees are ridiculous

High fees. Higher than other banks. Customer service is not all that well also. Very disappointed


Customer service

Worst customer service I have ever experienced


Absolutely Horrible

Worst bank ever. I regret ever joining this bank. Their app is horrible and very inconsistent. All the people who work here are no help. Absolutely terrible


Terrible web site and app.

The web site needs to move into the 21st century.
But there branch employees coast to coast are fantastic


Never again

If you want to get paid nothing for money market accounts and CDs, get charged fees, and have horrible customer service, this is the bank for you.


Never again

This app and a us employee caused me to lose over $100, when i contacted us bank, they thought they put me on hold and i heard foul language, then the supervisor hung up on me when i asked to speak to his superior. I been banking with them for years and am dissapointed and disgusted with there service. I am changing banks, we trust them with our money and privacy and even loyalty, for them to disrespect us is just unacceptable.



If you want access to your all of your money when you deposit a check into your account, US Bank is not your place.
The passed 3 paydays(Friday) I have deposited my check and not had access to it until the following Monday evennnn though the company I work for banks at US… does that make sense to you? Ya me neither… DO NOT BANK HERE.


Fee happy

Inconsistent in processing purchases and bill payment.


Customer service sucks!!!

Wait on phone for ever and they say leave message and that says mailbox is full and then you finally get some one and they say we will call you back and then maybe 2 days later they will get back to calling!!


Immoral and illegal

They made an error caculating our escrow that increased our mortgage payment 30%. We refused to pay it, especially since they acknowledged the error but didn’t fix it. They then attempted to foreclose and we went through 2 years of a legal battle that they eventually just backed out and modified the mortgage, trying to pretend it never happened, but refused to repair the credit reporting for foreclosure… wonder how many people they’ve swindled into foreclosure and out of their homes that didn’t put up a fight!!


Slow to post transactions

They charge fees for everything.



After over-coming several customer service problems while opening several new accounts to their typos and losing my docs … when I finally got my checks they forgot to include a check register. I called to request they mail me one and was told because it was a new account I had to physically go into branch and they wouldn’t mail because of privacy policies. REALLY??? A check register is a blank booklet with lines and NO personal info. I have never heard of anything SO STUPID in my life !!!



Got a debit card with a bad chip which quit working after a month of use. If that wasn’t bad enough, when I went into the bank to have it replaced, the teller CANCELLED THE CARD which had pending charges on it because it was Christmas and I had used the card online the day before! When I protested, she told me it was too late to reverse the cancellation and I would just have to contact the vendors and give then another card number!!! I raised my voice and told the teller I was unwilling to do that because of their faulty card and because of that, I was thrown out of the bank with NO DEBIT CARD OR WAY TO ACCESS MY MONEY OTHER THAN BY CHECK! I immediately went to a satellite branch and the teller there was able to reinstate my card number and order me a duplicate card. She also gave me a temporary card to use until I got the new one. Now that the holidays are over, I will be taking all my money out of U.S. Bank and taking it somewhere where ALL of the employees know how to service customers! To be literally thrown out of a bank because The 2 employees I originally spoke to didn’t know how to change out a faulty debit card is unacceptable! I will also explain that I did nothing dangerous or out of the ordinary when confronting the teller on cancelling my card. I raised my voice a bit higher than my normal tone because I was so distraught about my pending charges for Christmas gifts being declined due to the cancellation of my card. From all the other complaints I have read about this bank here, it seems like sound advice to take your money elsewhere!



Deposisted a CASHIERS CHECK from WELLS FARGO and us bank placed a two week hold on my money in the fraud department, why you might ask? Us bank was sooo concerned that WELLS FARGO wasn’t going to have the funds? Whhaaaaaatttt! Come to find out my check cleared with them the same day I deposited the cashiers check with US bank yet US bank sent my check to the Frau’s department anyway and lied to me on a daily basis about where my money was and why it wasn’t available. While my account was negative 3 dollars you kept 12,000 dollars of my own money that had already cleared and persistently lied to me! Worst bank in history and won’t even cash my payroll check after 2 years! Withdrawing my money today!


Unethical Business

USBANK is the world most unethical business. As a customer, I would never recommend their services to even my worst enemy. USBANK credit cards will make you dig your own bankcruptcy grave and destroy your credit to the point that no one would ever want to approve you for any credit card application.
Just understand that USBANK’s claim that they are voted as “the world most ethical company” is simply a blatant lie. I regret banking with them.


I hate US Bank

My account was switched from Bank Of America to US Bank. I was to have received correspondence from US Bank which I did not. I noticed my autopay to Bank Of America bounce so when I called to inquire they told me the account had been transferred. I then contacted US Bank and spoke to a rep, who told me I should have received notice. She also told me that they payment was not marked as late and I paid with her over the phone. I then made the monthly payments and after a few months noticed there was a late payment on my credit report. When I called US Bank to inquire they said that was the first payment which was late. I explained again what happened on that first contact and nothing was done. I filed a BBB report and nothing was done. So I still have ONE late payment (never had one with Bank Of America) sitting out there because US Bank REFUSES to see their error. Not customer friendly. I hate US Bank. Please do not use them.


Zero balance still took a payment.

Had a lease with these idiots. Set up auto pay because I don’t use this bank. No problems til lease ended. I told them I returned vehicle on Dec 16. Called Jan 3 to see what my plans were with vehicle. Told them again that it was returned weeks ago. Said ok will stop payment. Jan 6 pending charge for $490. Called said they never received odometer statement. Faxed it verified it was received. Called Jan 9 about my refund said they show no record of automatic withdrawal. On phone for 30 on hold for 10 minutes got hung up on.


Fees for nothing

Deposited cash on Friday…in the branch… Monday…my cash…was still not available… The customer service rep said the branch forgot to do its paperwork. Took over half an hour to figure it out . Charges me an over draft fee for a check that literally crossed in the night with my deposit…refunded the over draft fee…called the bank to see if they were going to redepositthe check…thwy said no…so I went and gave the person cash…4 days later…check is deposited again and of course…over drafted my account the customer service people are clueless…and rude…i am getting another account and will NEVER bank here again