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Us Bank
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Thumbs down

I called U.S. Bank to try and get an auto preapproved loan I’ve been a customer at US Bank for 10 years I keep a $10,000 minimum in my account and was denied after waiting a month and a half and not hearing a word from them until I went into a branch and complained about it and then all the sudden I get a letter saying that I don’t meet their qualifications. I went down to greater Nevada credit Union and in one day got the loan I needed. Needless to say I will be taking all my money out of US Bank and switching banks I’m done with them. It wouldn’t even give me a US Bank credit card. That is so funny to me I got almost a 700 credit U.S. Bank thumbs down


Hidden fees

Loaded with high and hidden fees. Corporate greed at its finest.



They hold all your money even though it’s from other banks, or even if your business banks with them and you have no available funds. So if you have to pay bills, or buy food you are out of luck. Heaven forbid there is a holiday then you are super screwed.


US bank is horrible

Ive never had an overdraft charge in over 10 yrs with them. They charged me an overdraft on a 6$ negative that i covered at 4 am on the day it was pending. Later that day a 36$ charge. I called and the guy said should be no problem but he has to transfer me. The next lady said she could do it but first she needs to educate me. I said actually ive never been overdrawn i understand and im busy can we skip the educating? Attitude immediately and now she wouldnt do it. Next up supervisor. After going back and forth i got her to admit they wouldnt do it for only me today because its a courtesy and i wasnt nice enough. I am closing my accounts. Fyi she wouldnt let me lodge a complaint with her supervisor she said talk to your local branch. My local branch refunded half… half… over 10 years several thousand in my second checking account consistently and when i told them im through they did not care. DO NOT BANK WITH US BANK!


They will steal your money

Had a military savings acct that went dormant because I moved to a state they are not in. They closed my acct & helped themselves to my money; & wont give it back.


Don’t bank here

Don’t bank with these clowns. They are not to be trusted with your money. They hold your deposits hostage and refuse to process them for 2 business days. When you call to complain its not taken seriously, and the reps are rude and condensing. Go anywhere else even put your money in your back yard in a glass jar is better security than this terrible bank!


Don’t trust them

Don’t trust them with your money, they steal it and play games with it before they let you have your own money! The reps are as bad as they come. So condensing and ignorant. Don’t give them a penny!


Worst Bank ever

These guys are the WORST. They play games with your money, they refuse to process your deposit for 48 hours. They hold your money hostage and refuse to help! Don’t use this bank!


Souless and Petty

I over-drafted my checking account over 10 years ago for less that $20. They have been trying to get me to give them $500+ for 10 years. Now they want me to go to court over it. They charged me something crazy, like $15/day of being over-drafted. Back then, ATMs weren’t as up-to-date on current balances as they are now. It was an accident. By the time I knew it was a problem, I owed them $150+ dollars in fees. Just ruthless and soulless. An unreasonable amount of money to ask for.


Simple, Easy, Trustworthy

From reading the other reviews I’ve come to the clear conclusion that if you’re an idiot you shouldn’t bank with US bank.

I’ve banked with them for 10 years in 3 different states and I’ve never once had a problem. They provide service quickly, easily, and reliably.

No, they don’t process your checks on the weekends (because of course they don’t).
If you overdraft, or draw from non-US bank atms they charge you fees (because of course they do).

In my ten years i’ve only had trouble finding a US bank ATM once… and that’s because it was inside a place that was closed and i was in a brand new city so i didn’t know yet.


Not the best

This bank isn’t definitely fee happy. Posted a deposit and had a check go through same day both after 5 pm and they charge an overdraft fee, won’t fix the problem, this has happened more than once. I also have direct deposit and they don’t have it available until after 8am… no other bank does that, it’s usually midnight or so. They also charge a 36 dollar a day fee if you are negative plus the 25 after so many, this original article did not mention that.



I have literally told EVERY rep I spoke to that I’ve NEVER been more frustrated with a bank. I’ve NEVER been forced to pay 25$ to use Mobile deposit. I got 200$ deposited. The bank let me use 140$ in one day and then suspended my account. And without telling me they take it upon themselves to close my account. I asked what I’m supposed to do and the lady said go make a new account! NO!!! I will not! If I had THIS much trouble for ONE check in a new account… this will happen every time. Customer support is not friendly!!! I got transferred 4 times before they transferred me to another line but they were closed and it hung up on me. So I was even more angry. I have NOTHING good to say about U.S Bank. I regret ever opening an account with them. 100% regret


Worst Bank in America

They have the worst customer service on top of that managers never want to over write anything or have options for you they just say sorry move on. This bank is going to shits if they keep up the work! DO NOT BANK HERE!


Terrible bank full of liars

I received a letter in the mail explaining they are closing all my accounts but not stating why. I give US Bank a call and they act as if that they don’t see anything on my account stating it will be closing so they lied and said to ignore the letter. Low and behold my accounts get closed and they are no help! Avoid at all costs!
Terrible customer service.


Feeding at my account

A month ago I inadvertently overdrew my account $50.00 paying off a credit card balance. US Bank assessed me $219.00 in overdraft charges during the month, and never told me I had a problem. They were too busy feeding off my account. After they charged me $36.00 for the initial overdraft, they charged me $25.00 per week for continuing the overdraft condition and never told me. They said they would have sent me a letter at the end of the month informing me that they were feeding at my account. They apparently don’t believe in phones or email.



I don’t really understand why us bank has to hold your funds, every time you deposit a check (even though it has been cleared)


I am very, very unsatisfied. Never recommend!!!

Was lied about fees and charges when got my new loan. And this happened to me after my 6 years membership with them. I trusted them but some workers in this bank from Fair Oaks (California) branch told me one things before opening loan and then after I got it with a lot of unfair fees told me other staff. I feel myself like they made fun of me. Never recommend this bank to anybody.


Very Poor Customer Service

Representatives deny customers opportunity to speak with managers/supervisors. Customers are told managers “don’t take inbound calls.” Return phone calls are not timely. Instead, customers are told return calls can take up to 48 hours. This presents a barrier to customer service. Representatives are poorly trained in customer service. Overall, very poor rating. I’m in the process of closing my account with US Bank and taking my business to another firm.


US Bank steals your money

US Bank kills you with overdraft fees. US Bank makes it seem like your account is positive on there mobile app, than the next day it’s negative and charge you a overdraft fee stating your account was negative the day before. They are crooks


Late fee

I made a payment on my credit card before the cut off time for my payment due date but because the payment due date fell on a Saturday, it was marked as late and I was assessed a late fee.

The frustrating this is that my payment due was only $4.00 and they assessed me a $27.00 late fee.

I reached out to customer service and was told that when the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment is not processed until the next business day, therefore my payment was considered late and they would not reverse the late fee.

If this is the case they should have made my payment due date fall on a business day and not a Saturday.