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They cancelled my check i deposited with mobile 4 months ago, today. I called customer service, they told me I have to find the check. I DEPOSITED IT 4 MONTHS AGO. They’re labeling it as a duplicate check. Now I have to wait 3 months for the company to send a check. My account went -600 and now I’m screwed.



A bank teller deposited my check into the wrong account when I went to have it deposited and I trusted that the funds had been deposited accurately. I then proceeded to make a few purchases without checking my account balance and soon realized that the money was in my personal checking instead of my business account. I had overdrawn my account due to THEIR error and when I went back to talk to them about $612 in overdraft fees on my account, they were rude and discourteous and refused to reverse any fees. I was finally able to get 4 of the fees reversed, but that was not even half of what I was charged. This bank just steals your money. DO NOT BANK WITH THEM!!!


Good bank service in Sioux Falls branches

Never a problem
Very helpful


Shady practice

Does not include anywhere on your statement the current interest rate you are paying. It is as if they are keeping it a secret. Very shady in my opinion. First and last car loan I use US bank for.


Sunsetting bank, stay away.

High fees, low rates, typical big bank crap. The one thing they had going for them was that they had so many locations and ATMs around here, but they’ve been systematically closing branches and ATMs over the years. They seem determined to run themselves out of business, and I finally gave up on them when they closed their last ATM in my town.


Have no concern about customers

After being literally robbed by this bank I closed my accounts with them after 8 years leaving my CC accounts active.
All I’ve ever run I to when calling them is nonsense. They’re condescending and could care less about customers requests siting their script.
Waste of a bank that hire waste people


Poor customer service

I have a business account at BofA I opened a account at us bank paid an extra 30 dollars to transfer my profits to us bank so I could go away for the weekend my money was suppose to be available right away that’s y I paid 30 dollars when the transfer went through they wouldn’t release my money to me said it would take three days I don’t recommend anyone to bank there they are not professional and don’t care about there customers I give them a thumbs down stay away from this bank


Investment Services - Less than Poor

US Bank Investment services are horrible. They do not care about the individual, just want the portfolio. DO NOT place your portfolio with them. RUN very fast away from them. Had portfolio with them and requested to have moved back to previous. Took them 4 months to do. Complained about the service and of course, broker lied about the conversation had. Told Dividend would be sent back to company which of course did not happen. They are useless!!! I Wish I would of complained to the SEC like I said I was going to. At least portfolio is back where should be now need for them to return dividend so I can place where it needs to be.



Great rates, offers and customer service!


awful customer servcie

I currently am in a corporate contract when I went to cancel the lease I was met with rude and snarky customer service reps, and upon looking back at bills the compounded tax on a late fee which compounded due to auto pay.


Worst discrepancy between their ‘back office’ and bankers

Bankers are uninformed of their own policies.
Funds often are lost in transaction because of ‘back office’ and banker discrepancies.
They hold funds as long as possible and whenever applicable.
They will not provide policies when necessary and mainly because they do not know policies.
Management will lie about abilities, banking procedures and policies


Friendly but Incompetent

Multiple horrible experiences. The latest is a 13 day hold on a check from another large bank. I understand a few days to clear a check, but nearly two weeks, and from another bank!!! They also accidentally added family members to the mailing address for my statement without my permission, and when I asked about limits for transferring a large amount of money from them to another bank, the only info they could give me was “try it and see if it works”. Still with them because the hassle of changing banks is enormous, but almost at the point of biting the bullet and making the big, painful, change.


CD penalties are outrageous no free checking loans are almost impossible to get if you’re the average camper

Made the mistake of buying a 5-year CD at 1.49% interest had to cash it out it was $1,800 penalty tried to contact financial advisor never return my calls ripped off terribly by the penalties


high greed

High rates. Claim to help but really don’t.



This bank is awful and not people friendly. The first issue I had was when they canceled my current card even tho it was exspired and then never sent me a new one , my second issue is that I called them 2 weeks ago due to my card not working. They then said they would issue me a new one and I would get it in 5 days, we’ll it was 7 days and I never got it, I called again and asked about it and they never even issued one, so she said she over nighted it, so I called again on the day I should have got it and once again it was never issued. Once I receive my card if I ever do at this rate I will be canceling my account.



I have had a King Soopers USbank credit card for several years until today. I have always kept my card in perfect standing. I received a generic letter today stating that they would be raising my interest rate by almost 5% as of May 1st. How unscrupulous can a company be??? Their customer service was never good, but this is borderline criminal in my mind.


Avoid at all costs! Nothing but loan sharks!

Beware! After about 25 years as a REI CO-OP member, and never being late nor missing a payment on the branded Mastercard, US Bank notified suddenly that our interest rate was being raised to “loan shark” levels of 24%. When calling in to question, and asking for a supervisor at US Bank, the person initially taking the call claimed to be the supervisor and that there was nothing they can do. She blamed Trans Union; apparently they must own the bank and makes all the decisions for them. We have never missed any payments for anyone in over 25 years! DO NOT do business with this bank - they do not value long term customers who pay their bills - all they want is to milk you.


RV Loan Hostage

I got an RV loan in 2012, paid off in 2014. Trying to sell RV in 2018 and Florida won’t accept paper lien payoff digital only. Called US Bank and they send me another paper, call back talk to “Senior” banker explain situation and they don’t know how to send digital lien release. Called back after release wasn’t sent.? Talked with another Senior banker who didn’t know about the digital release, nothing in their computer notes. I can’t believe I’m the first to confront this. I am so frustrated!!!



Took 40 minutes to get through to the credit card department. Charged my bank account ~$17000.00 twice by mistake. Told me it’ll take 17 days for it to get back into my account.
Honestly, if this happened to someone barely getting by, a mistake and processing time like this could make someone homeless.


Horrible service

I went in to put money in my account. I went to the atm and it was bustedand had no sign to tell me that. So I went in and was told the manager wouldn’t let a sign on it. And because I’m not a member with them I had to go to my car and go through the drive thru. Not happy at all.