Us Bank

Us Bank
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very hard back to work with

Very slow in helping customers.
Cancelled account today


Closed my account without notice

They closed my account without notice. No one had any information to give me on why. After two days of leaving voicemail i get a message saying they will send my money and will get here in 5 to 7 business days. So now im out of money for over a week. Horrible policy they have and need to change. Wont be a customer after this.


Worst bank

Worst bank ever. I have been depositing money into an account here for 4 years and just want to make a deposit and they said I had to have my ID and social security card. What the f… my social security number is none of there business


Death in the family

My mother died in December with a lease car with 14,000 miles after two years. I turned in the car and the bank sold the car. Now, they tell us we owe over $7,000. Seriously, my mother has passed away. She did not chose to turn in the car a year early on her lease. I will never do business with this bank!


Everything You DONT Want in a Bank

I have never written a review in my entire life because no company has ever made me this upset. But US Bank broke the streak and took the cake. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEYRE TALKING ABOUT OR WHAT IS EVER GOING ON. Along with their customer service being absolutely despicable. Over the phone is fine but in person, they’re drab attitude really know how gray down your sunny day. I thought their job was to make me happier, not the other way around. I’ve spent more energy than I wanted on this but do yourself a favor. Look elsewhere.


Research first to lower fees

If you research US Bank you can get free checking/savings. Use the debit card for the minimum times to qualify and/or have a direct deposit. They have a good Second Chance program and a good Senior account. However, they know nothing about their own credit card programs. The credit card service is separate and US Bank representatives or branches have no control over the product they offer. Need double the research on their practices for credit cards.


Moving forward

Have been a U.S Bank customer for a number of years. It used to be a good bank and care about their customers now they are as bad as those big banks. Really considering looking around and moving on from this place any suggestions? Very Unsatisfied cusomer.


My payment cleares one day after it’s due

My Payment always clears one day after my due date and I always get a late fee what a coincidence I’m not happy with this


Cannot exchange currency.

Google lists US bank as an exchange center. That isn’t true, I was declined. However PNC bank nearby was happy to take my GBP and deposit them for a fair rate with no issue whatsoever. However, I don’t care for PNC and overall prefer US Bank .


Double-speak bank

Yet another example of banks wherein the CEO states that his bank offers solid environmental history and turns right around to finance tar-sands dirty oil pipelines. The hypocrisy is staggering, and deserves to be highlighted - put your money into a bank that stands firm on its’ commitments.


Credit card fees

US bank double bill a small fee of $13.99 twice that charge me $13.99 for the late fee because I didn’t know about the double fee. This bank will rip you off on small fees.



Horrible paid them for months and they had no idea where payments went… but of course the checks were cashed


Fees fees fees

Had a $10 charge hit my account before it was expected, because of pending transactions totaling less than $6 I was charged $111.00 in overdraft fees, despite having the money in the account the following morning. Called and they would do nothing to help. This bank is a disgrace.


Great for a national bank

This Bank is far better than Chase or another national bank if you do not opt for a regional or local bank.


Fine with me.

I have a checking and savings account. I would have an 8 dollar monthly service fee, but it’s waived because I have direct deposit. The tellers at my local branch are very friendly and helpful. I have no complaints. I do wish they would charge the look of the website. Some of the models creep me out.


Anywhere but here

The most spoken term at this bank is " I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do" get used to hearing that a lot if you bank here. Here is a secret, every time you call customer service and they tell you they can’t help you, just hang up and call back, it usually takes 3 or 4 calls but you’ll end up finding someone who can help you. Not everyone that works there knows how to do their job, most of them are clueless and just read an apology script, but if you are persistent enough ( like me ) you’ll eventually find someone with the knowledge to solve your problem which is great and frustrating at the same time… I hate this bank for so many reasons that I could write a 3 part novel and it still wouldn’t cover everything. Do you self a favor and bank online… stay away from greedy brick and mortar banks. I’ve switched to Capitol one and I couldn’t be happier.


Crazy pop up

A pop up comes up every time you bank and asks you if you like the app. Only thing is, your only choice is a “Yes” button. It’d be nice if I could do that with my small business.


do not bank here

there is no customer service it’s purely an able bodied employee following rules and guidelines and talking points. No one is empowered to actually try to assist, help or solve a problem - it’s worse than I’ve ever experienced and not worth the headache ! closing my acct today !


Worst bank

Lost money for our house payments and says they are not at fault. They send people every week to harass us because we said we won’t pay until they figure it out. They will say they are working on it but every time I call they don’t know who we are. Worse bank. Never go


Big bank, doesnt care

I agree with the other review, high charges, unfair charges and if there is ever fraud on your account they act like you are a lier.