Usaa Rate Advantage Platinum Visa Review | Nerd Wallet

Usaa Rate Advantage Platinum Visa Review | Nerd Wallet
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Highest APR card I have

I really hate this card. This credit card is my highest APR card. I have a NFCU Reward card and two CapitalOne reward cards… All of my cards have no annual fee, but this is my highest APR it claims to be a “low rate card” and before this card I had a secured credit card with USAA when I was rebuilding credit that was less then one third of this card’s APR. When I got it I have a 750+ credit score on all credit agencies and a low DTI. I only got this card cause I wanted to keep my discount with my insurance.


Fixed APR

I have a 730 credit score and I received a 15% APR with a $3500 limit. I called USAA and asked about hot to lower my APR and they told me that once you apply for ANY USAA Credit Card you are stuck with that APR for life. Needless to say I cancelled the card and changed my direct deposit right away. I now have the Navy Federal Platinum card with 9% interest rate and 10,500 limit. I can apply for a lower interest rate every year with Navy Federal. DO NOT GET ANY USAA CREDIT CARDS.


Nice People, Bad System

While the actual people I talked were polite, kind and understanding, the USAA system was not. There are many hard coded rules into the system which make little sense and the employees cannot do anything about them.

The result, it becomes incredibly hard to get any kind of decent or personal customer service.