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Convenient for my mobile lifestyle!

I’ve been a USAA member for almost 20 years. I currently use USAA for my checking account, savings account, and renters insurance. I also have a credit card, but I don’t use it anymore because I get better rewards rates elsewhere. IMO USAA’s live service has slipped over time (cost cutting?), but self-serve mobile support is excellent. You can aggregate and monitor non-USAA accounts, deposit checks, and even correspond on insurance claims, all from the mobile app. There are also lots of tools for planning and budgeting, but for the most part there are better versions available elsewhere online. That said, I love the flexibility of being able to use any ATM and get reimbursed for the fee. I think I’ll be a USAA member for life.


Only for themselves

I have been a USAA Customer for a very long time. I originally had a checking account with them just for bill paying options. The fees are okay. The reason i am leaving this bad review is because over the course of 15+ years, USAA has never approved me for any type of credit. I know i don’t have the best of credit but my credit score is now over 700 and they still will not even consider a loan. I will never use any services from USAA.


Amazing Customer Service

I have spoken to the USAA customer service dozens of time and every time they have been so helpful. The only downsize fees for certain mutual funds as you can get slightly better rates with Vanguard.


Amazing Customer Service

I have spoken to the USAA customer service dozens of time and every time they have been so helpful. The only downsize fees for certain mutual funds as you can get slightly better rates with Vanguard


great to deal with

Pleasant to deal with, very helpful and understanding


USAA holds all deposits for 5-7 days

We have 3 bank accounts and USAA is the best out of the 3 we use, but I am still not happy. My biggest complaint is that they hold my deposits for 5 to 7 days when everything is electronic nowadays and they should be held a maximum 2 days like my other banks. Last night I tried depositing a $50 check and they were going to hold the funds for 7 days when my balance in my account was over $2,000. This is not acceptable. I did not deposit the check with them and put in my other bank account just because I found that to be absolutely ridiculous. These hold times need to change!


Terrible loan customer service

For over 30 years I have been able to get the lowest rates through dozens of different banks. USAA shows there best rates for excellent credit. Several years ago I called USAA about a loan and they quoted me the lowest rate as advertised on their website. I wrote down the info. I called USAA about a week later to get the loan. The customer service rep told me they could give me a rate that was about 1% higher than what they quoted me. I questioned them and told them I wrote down the previous loan amount and asked them to listen to the phone conversation which they recorded. They ended up giving me the rate they originally quoted me. Fast forward to recent weeks. I viewed rates for excellent credit and applied on a Sunday through the internet. Within 5 minutes it gave me a tentative quote. The rate was higher so I called USAA. The customer service person told me that she cannot give me the excellent credit website rate because the computer generated rate is what I get. I asked her why and it was like pulling teeth to get an answer, which she got off the computer generated response. The responses were so ridiculous; I have never been told and denied higher rates for those reasons in 30+ years. The customer service person finally told me that if I can get a lower rate at another bank, that they could probably lower my rate to what they offered. I said “really”, that makes no sense. (How about giving me the lowest rate right now). Right now I feel that the loan department is a shady operation. The bottom line is that I will go elsewhere to get a loan.


Terrible fraud recovery

My wife got scammed did all the necessary steps they told us to get our money back 2400 dollars and they still didnt do anything and stuck us with paying them back the 2400 plus 2400 we got scammed out of while im stationed in korea ant right before christmas


Banking Issues

Received a quote on the phone for CD renewal. With this information I renewed only to find out that they gave me less than 1/3 of what I was promised per phone call. Called again. Told them I didn’t want to renew at that rate and wanted to cancel CD without penalty since I did not get what was promised. Was told that I would not receive any penalty. I did receive a check back minus the penalty. Called again and was told that there was no record of penalty waiver. Ask to speak with her boss. Told I would get a return call within 24 hrs. I missed the call and there was no contact number for me to call back and he/she never called back. Was even demeaned by being told “you should know that”. I have been a member for 31 years. This is not member service. In actuality they did me a favor. Searched for other banks. Found another (Synchrony) with a better cash-back credit card, 1+% interest on a regular savings(compared to USAA’s 0.15%) and almost twice the amount of interest on CDs. I am moving all of my savings and investments away from USAA.


Worst Bank

They put holds on your paychecks every week and the holds are never consistent. Be prepared to not be able to use almost your whole paycheck until the next week when it becomes available.


Mobile app inaccurate

Their mobile app is about 24-48 hours behind. It shows inaccurate bank account balances and does not show correct pending purchases. I have spoken to their reps multiple times and never offered a resolution for money missing. No one knows who I would contact in regards to the money that is missing or the ticket number I had escalated. Worst customer service experience.


USAA: No longer a valued enterprise …

We do all our banking thru them and been associated for 29 years but as soon as I review and find an alternate local small bank we are done with USAA. I am also retired military officer of 31 years.


Security protocols easily breached

Some individual was able to call USAA, breach all security protocols, and transfer almost all deposited funds from checking and savings into accounts NOT established in our ‘transfer accounts’ profile.

Now they refuse to disclose to us how this was possible.


Best online bank

I have never had a problem with USAA. Always great to talk to, their mobile app is pretty good but sometimes its hard to maneuver, and the mobile deposit is a great feature. No ATM fees, awesome car insurance rates that rival state farm in payouts, and overall best customer service. I don’t get why this has such a low rating, maybe based on people wanted their opinion heard from a wrongdoing or maybe low savings interest rates, but I will give that rate up for savings on insurance, fees, and no minimum account balance.


I’m Never Leaving

I wish they had some high-yield savings account options and a miles-earning credit card, but otherwise I could not be happier. I can do everything I need to easily online, the mobile app is wonderful, and the service is always wonderful.

My family actually did not join USAA until after my dad got out of the Air Force. They hated their old bank and my Uncle (now-retired Navy) recommended USAA. My parents now do just about EVERYTHING through them and I pretty much do too. They buy all their cars through USAA and do most of their insurances through USAA. I have my renters insurance through them and will do my car insurance/car buying service. They’ve been with them for close to 10 years now, and I intend to stay with them for life.

As for customer service, I have never talked to nicer or more helpful people in my life. I hate phone calls and get anxiety about calling anything/anywhere besides USAA. On the rare occasion that I can’t figure out how to do something online by myself, I call and have never once had a bad experience. I’m almost never put on hold at all, and if I am, it’s for less than 5 min. The people are always pleasant, helpful, and friendly. When I called about getting proof of updated renters insurance quicker (because it takes a couple of days to process and I messed up by not doing it soon enough to show my new apartment complex), the guy looked over everything, sent an email directly to the apartment while I was on the phone, and offered to change my address in the system since I hadn’t done so online yet. While on the phone with them after I flipped my car a few years ago, the agent seemed genuinely concerned (even though I was entirely unharmed) and asked me if I felt like giving my statement then or if I wanted to call them back later. I opted to call them back later, and had no problem doing so. I called the number she gave, explained “I was in a car wreck earlier and was told I could call back when I was ready to give my statement and I’m ready now,” and the same person who answered the phone (different from the original person) is the one who pulled up all the information and took my statement. No, “let me transfer you to…”, no issues finding the right file, no nonsense in general.

I also have one account open with a different back and the assumed-normal hassles and hoops to jump through just make me love USAA even more.



Post bankruptcy, they refused to temporarily increase my daily spending limit from 3k to 9k, which would have allowed to pay a timely legal bill. I wasn’t apply for new credit, I would understand that rejection. I needed to access my own cash to pay a bill and they refused. How can a bank not let you have your own cash back? I was member for 10 years and I am extremely disappointed. I will be closing my accounts right away.



I closed my account but they kept it open by depositing my ATM rebate in my closed account which kept it open and I had no idea because I was told it was closed. Cannot go in person to withdraw money so I have to wait 24 hours to close the account then wait for a check in the mail. Horrible interest rates also. Was a customer for 17 years and got a better rate from my car dealer, USAA rate was 8% and my car dealer was 4%, big difference. Never again. Find a bank you can walk into. I’m a current customer only because they won’t close mt account.


Mighty giant falls

Definitely not the bank it used to be. Have numerous website technical issues requiring numerous calls to try to resolve and often unsuccessful. Tech/representative say they will call me back with a resolution and they don’t. Technical issues are with online checking/e-bill pay and online credit card services. Every time I call to address the same issue I have to start over because they don’t have any record of previous calls and they always have me reset my browsing history even though I told them I have already done it. Very frustrating. I will very shortly be a “Past Customer”.


Good if you never have a financial hiccup…ever.

They offer nothing in terms of traditional customer service. All of your dealings will be by phone and mail. You can’t go in to a branch, speak to someone, make a payment or resolve an issue. Super long wait times on the phone to get someone. I went through a rough financial period of about a year and they will not stand behind you; actually the opposite, they start to gouge you. Before you continue reading, remember, I fell behind in payments but never defaulted, always caught up and have had a stellar payment record for almost two years. On my car loan, they would start calling the day after the due date…as a reminder. But those folks who call you are not the folks you talk to when getting a loan or a card or buying insurance. These dregs that contact you are in a special branch of USAA collections. They will say whatever they need to say in order for you to make payment. The best one was when I made a car payment over the phone on the due date. I got a call the next day about payment. The woman said that whatever I did the day before ‘didn’t take’. She said that she could see all completed and pending transactions and there were none made by me. After a bit of hemming and hawing by me, I gave her authorization to draft a check thinking the representative the day before made an error…two days later, both charges hit my account. All this when I had just turned the corner and I was finally making payments on time. They used my temporary financial downturn to close my credit card (after I was caught up, no less), and jack up my homeowners and car insurance rates. My continuously rising credit score is actually a countdown to me taking all of my business elsewhere…plan to be fully done with them later this year. If they ever open branches they should definitely use a pirate theme.