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Stay Away!!

Run away from this bank as fast as you can!! The customer service is the worst of any bank in existence today. If you think you can just close your accounts and be done with them, think again. 8 months after you close your accounts they will re-open them without any concent or warning and even overdraw accounts that aren’t even supposed to exist anymore. The people answering phones are worse than any I have encountered. I endured this horrible company for years thinking there is no way they could get any worse, I was wrong. If you decide to bank with them I hope this review is remembered when the stupidity of their employees has you so frustrated you want to bang your head against a wall. Oh and even if you close your accounts you will be subject to them re-opening them and drawing on your account without your knowledge for the rest of your life. Just what people need, one more thing to stress about the rest of your life. Run Away!!!


Worst bank ever

Closed my cd and they sent me a check made out to their employee. They have not fixed the problem, if you don’t mind a bank stealing your money with horrible customer service, this would be the place for you



Usaa is the worst bank ever. I was a memeber with them for over 8 years. Used to love them and recommended my family and told them oh! All this great things and how nice the people on the phone were etc. A person who my husband did a job for gave him a check and we deposited like normal, it didn’t had suffiecient funds but USAA always gave us the money before it cleared up. So we used the money NOT knowing it didn’t have suffiecient funds. As soon as we saw my account was negative the amount of the check we did what we could to get the money deposited in the bank that same day and we thought everything was fine since we paid back. Oh no we were so wrong! They cancel my accounts, my online access and my credit card, they accused me of fraud for one simple check that we deposited with insufficient funds, first time in 8 years. They still are holding the rest of my money hostage. My tax return was deposted there and they won’t release my money even though they told me I would be sent a check in 60 days. Everytime I call I get treated like a criminal. I told them that it is not my fault if someone gives me a check with insufficient funds and explained that we paid everything back as soon as we saw it. They don’t care. I have never been treated and disrespected so bad in my entire life. I served the military. What a joke of a supportive bank. I am high risk pregnant and I have been living off my credit cards because we went to see a specialist and thought that we would be able to cover the charges with my taxes. Well the specialist will no longer see me as I cant paid the $600 that we agreed on paying for each appointment because we don’t have that much money and the taxes was our only hope. But again this bank doesn’t care. Do not bank with them. A simple check with insufficient funds in any other bank would have been a penalty fee, they closed everything and my credit card with them was my first so it even lowered my credit score and my credit history. I told them multiple times that I needed to talk to a manger or a higher up and they said they don’t have managers or some other said that a manager would call me in 24 hours. No one called me. HORRIBLE BANK. I just switched to Navy Federal and because they are a small bank they are way nicer and understands what problems families go through so far they have treated me with respect. USAA is a bank that thinks it’s better than you. That’s no place for us. THEY KICKED US WHEN WE WERE DOWN. We have proof and we will be suing them for discrimination and other stuff. Their 60 days were up today. Save yourself a headache and do not bank with them.


A member since 2001

I’m surprised by the amount of negative reviews. Given my experience dealing with USAA, I wonder if some the previous reviewers were ever actual customers of USAA. They’ve never put a hold on any of my paychecks. In fact, they are always available for use a day before the scheduled deposit. During the last threatened government shutdown, I received a letter from USAA telling me that they were going to cover service member paychecks if the government didn’t. How many banks would do that? USAA has been there for my family through multiple deployments, identity theft, buying a house, having kids, a car accident and retirement. Their customer service has been excellent EVERY TIME I’ve called. I am looking for another bank for my savings needs as there are better interest rates out there. I also prefer Navy Federal over USAA for my loan needs (Sorry USAA). Other than that, I am completely satisfied with USAA and plan on being a member for life.


Were Great until you need to make deposit

I loved banking with USAA and i made them my primary bank. Then i started depositing larger amounts of money into them and they put 80% of the deposit on hold i called and they satated its because its a larger amount and next time shouldnt have a hold since it would be a normal occurence. So i got paid again and this time they want to put a hold on the account because its larger then the daily balance… Thats the dumbest shit I ever heard. No one can keep waiting a whole week for there money to hit there account . People have bills and bills dont wait. Now i have to to pay expensive late fees.


Was good, not keeping up

USAA used to be known for good customer service and great products. But I get the impression they’re content servicing an aging client base and not keeping current with IT. For example, USAA does not support Mint even though Mint has been the most popular app budget tool for years. Basically, USAA doesn’t care that it doesn’t work with Mint, emblematic of it’s acquiescence with being uncompetitive and outdated.

Still has a great service where it reimburses for ATM fees. I keep a small balance just for cash withdrawals and keep the rest at a real bank with real IT.


Not competitive interest rates

After 16 years as customers, we’ve begun extracting our deposits. Their interest rates are just not competitive anymore. If it were a short term lag, we would not bother moving to other banks, but USAA has been so far behind for so long now. In the 2017 market, we were basically paying USAA $9 per year for every $1K of savings we kept with them.
Doesn’t sound like much until you add it up. With our $85K of savings we were missing out on $765 of interest every year. Basically - we were paying $720 to keep the deposits there.
Moving them to a more competitive bank was painless. And to give them credit, the USAA website makes it really easy to monitor outside accounts and move money around. We still use their no fee checking and now when we log in we can see our non-USAA savings and CD accounts reporting over 3 times the interest. USAA is nearly asking long-term savings customers to jump ship at this point.


Mobile deposits

Every time I do a mobile deposit, they take a week to release most of my money. It shouldn’t take that long. Thank God Navy Federal started accepting veterans. I will be closing this USAA account. Disappointed.


Awful Service

I never do this but my disappointment in USAA is extreme. I have been a member for 20 years. I was an employee for 6 years, and for the life of me I can’t understand the way this bank has changed. Today I made a mobile deposit using a money order. Without prior warning before the deposit, my funds were put on hold for a week. I make this same transaction every month to pay my rent but for whatever reason this time my funds have been placed on hold. I was transferred to the executive resolution team and was told they will review for an exception. I was denied this because, I don’t deposit enough money to get the exception. What kind of treatment is this? I have a direct deposit every 2 weeks, and the solution I was given is to apply for a USAA credit card or borrow the money. Unbelievable USAA. What is the difference between you and Wells Fargo or Chase or any other big bank that only cares about their profits. Do you even remember what it means to serve? What does HILLS stand for USAA. Lesson learned. Sure my rent check will be returned and you will charge a NSF fee as well as whatever fees my landlord is going to charge. Thanks USAA


USAA Banking customer service continues to decline

I’ve been a member of USAA since 1973. In the last 2-3 years, their online banking service has become so bad that I’ll move all my business to a local bank. I left their insurance services over 10 years ago because of issues over a leaking shower. I’ll now leave their banking over poor service. This organization used to be focused on active duty and retired military officers. Now they have expanded their membership to grow their insurance and banking revenue … and they simply have not been able to keep the same personalized service that USAA used to be famous for. They are just another bank now, and not a very good one at that.


Poor customer service

Want allow me to deposit money through mobile app because I called in a fraud charge 3 months ago


Disgusted with their BS!

Cancelled auto policy to move overseas on October 2016. USAA CONTINUED to charge me through March 2017! Would not refund and called my adult daughter! to ask leading questions. Destroyed my credit rating.
Gross overcharge on USAA credit card was resolved in vendor’s favor! Fuming!


Lost me as a customer

I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years. This banking system has gone from great to the worst. Customer service is the worst I have encounter at a bank. Back in January, I was trying to clear one cent out of an old account, it took 37 min and 6 different representatives to help me do that. Seriously? Today, I had another issue with them and they customer service is so rude, I don’t know why anyone would do business with them.


11 years

Great bank and services all around. They’re amazing but checking and saving last of interest rates are a bummer.
They’re money markets, insurance, and loans are amazing though.


Great company

Customer for 46 years! Great insurance road service and joined banking when available. Nothing but quality customer service. Can’t believe some of reviews I’ve read.


Frustrating and rigid

Tried to buy a car using car buying service. While the dealer was a preferred dealer, and fees for the service were paid, his inventory never showed up on USAA web site. The USAA rep was unwilling to help us. Insisted we couldn’t use the web service from the dealership, but we had to do the search before going to a dealer. The USAA rep couldn’t understand the issue that the dealers inventory was not loaded on their site due to some technical issue (per the true car rep the dealer talked to). USAA reps were unable to think through the process.


The worst person at USAA is better than the best person at Citibank

Nice people who want to help


Can’t understand negative reviews

I’ve been a customer for 20+ years. Insurance, credit cards, checking/savings, mortgage(s), etc. I’ve never had problems depositing checks w/ the app (cash is always available immediately up to $5000). As they are non-profit, we get refunds annually for insurance etc. I have NEVER had any problem with customer service. I push USAA on every potential customer I meet.


This company sucks

After 15 years I’m finally fed up with USAA. My account was hit today and wiped out, I spoke with USAA and ask them why they allowed the 6 transactions that were identical in everyway not just a couple of transactions but 6. USAA did nothing to stop them. They failed in everyway to protect my money which is the job of a bank. Then I was told that I would have to wait 3 to 5 days to get my money back. Thanks USAA for leaving us broke for days because of your failure to protect me account. You guys suck bad!


Not a hardship/life bank

Been with this bank for over 15 years. Never missed payments or paid late. Started a new career, out of work for 5 months. Did not work w/ me, waive any fees, they even decreased my credit limit after I paid $5000 on it so the payment didn’t reflect on my credit report. I won’t be investing in this bank. Preparing to purchase my 1st home will NOT use their services. I even switched my direct deposits to a credit union. A people’s bank is one that’s understanding when LIFE happens. They only treat you good and work with you when everything is GOOD.