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Not worst, not best

USAA is very good, but not the best in any market. Great bank to start with. Still a bank that will look at numbers and not people to draft policy. Good overall, but no where near different than the rest of the criminals that ruined the real estate market.


Definitely not the best

I actually worked for usaa’s banking department, and honestly things aren’t any better behind the smoke and mirrors. They care more about numbers then they do the people, god forbid you have a situation where you need your bank to work with you because everyone of our policies in place do its damnest to make it hard to help. Honestly terrible employer and even worse bank.


Customer Service Above All

USAA’s customer service deserves its legendary status. They pick up on the first ring and always talk things through – never rush you or sell you. The app is great and they always roll out new things like the chatbot before other banks. But I am evangelical about USAA because of how they treated my little sister when she got T-boned. They took such care of her and even retroactively raised her coverage so she was entirely free and clear. My little sister asked if the rep would get in trouble for helping her out so much and the rep said “I can see that your parents have been members for 30 years and you have siblings with us; I’d be in more trouble if I DIDN’T help you.” How is that real life???

I trust USAA and I don’t trust anyone. If you can get USAA, you should. It’s the only company I go out of my way to tell people about. Could I get a better credit card someplace else? Slightly more on my savings? Eh, probably. But they’d screw me someplace else. That’s not how USAA rolls. When crap goes down, I want them on my side.


Been great for years

I’ve been banking with them since I was a teen. I’ve always been very pleased with the customer service. I love the fact that all ATM fees are refunded to me. It also gives me piece of mind to use a bank that has a long standing reputation of fair practices. Twice they have contacted me with information about suspicious activity on my cards. Because of their proactove ppractoces, we were able to prevent any funds from being stolen from us. I will probably be with USAA for life!
Btw, I don’t think the title still applies


Don’t Bank Here

USAA Banking is a joke, they are all about getting what they kind our of you. I am just waiting till the end of the year to cancel my business with them. They will approve you for a credit card and whenever they want to they will decrease your credit limit, which in returns affect your credit score. They are also good at processing your incoming bills, so you will go into default when you have a pending deposit. All so they can collect NSF fee’s. My experience with these guys have been horrible. I have been a member since 2012, but I am moving to Navy Federal as they actually care about their members.


Only Good If you don’t need them

I had a police report and everything. A company that issued me a check had an employee steel funds. He had a Federal investigation. Their check of $1800 bounced but only after USAA cleared it in 3 days. USAA would not do anything to help. Took me months to recover. Im reviewing banks now for a replacement bank


Had for 15 years

Not sure why other people have rated them so low. I’ve never had any problems via multiple accounts, insurance (though no claims made yet), and a mortgage.


Unreliable online banking

I bank with USAA currently and have my other bank account linked with it. I can always see my “non-USAA accounts” but I can rarely see my USAA account. When I call to talk to them about it, they say that it doesn’t look like I have accounts with them. When I insist I do, they refresh their page and my account will show up. Then they can’t tell me why my account won’t show up, their only answer is to keep refreshing the page. It’s getting very frustrating as sometimes it won’t show up no matter how may times I refresh the page. I’m glad I bank with another bank as well. Because if USAA was my only bank I would be screwed, because when my account doesn’t show up, I can’t check my balance, I can’t transfer money and I can’t keep track of my spending. I don’t understand why they haven’t fixed this problem, since I’ve been having trouble with this for over a year now. And I’ve called them numerous times about it too.

If it is important to see your bank account, then perhaps you might want to choose to bank somewhere else.


With them for years, Great Customer Service!

Website is very easy to use. ATM use all over,



The good outweighs the bad.


The Rates Suck

For being military focused, the rates suck. I am moving my money out and using USAA just for free checking.


they rock

never had an issue. do so much in-house and give you a dividend


Great customer service

As they don’t have brick and mortar stores, they are able to focus their efforts on customer service, low fees (refunds of any ATM fees), and great rates.


Best bank

I’ve never had to go to a physical branch


Above the rest

Banking, investing, insurance, home loans, car loans, credit cards, dental insurance…you name it they offer it. Great rates and website/apps. Always impressed!


great company

they provide excellent customer service


best credit card i have ever owned

Great customer service, great website to carry on payments. USAA actually have english speaking customer representatives and will listen to you. Have been a USAA credit card holder for over 25 years.


best credit card i have ever owned

Great customer service


looking for a new bank

They have been good in the past, but are not as great as they think they are. I have been with them for 10+ years. Their banking “automatic processes” seem to now outweigh actually helping the individual customer. I made an honest mistake a few months ago, trying to make a transfer with an incorrect external bank acct #. This was an attempted deposit into my usaa acct and did not cost them any money. They have since restricted my external transfers (despite my long and spotless history, without a single bounced check or other problems). They gave me a date in Oct when the restriction would be removed, but still not removed. This has made banking a lot more difficult for me, so will find a new bank.


Hold on all accounts

20 year member - current employee. I give financial advice to members. One of the things we talk about is USAA is a great place to have all of your investments, banking, insurance and more. We urge members to have emergency funds in a liquid bank account. I can no longer in good conscious advise this because of my families situation with USAA bank. I have all of my liquid accounts, checking, savings etc. with USAA. I deposited a large check into my checking. I understand a hold on a check that large but I had current funds plus an auto deposit check had just gone through so we were using the funds that were clear. I tried booking last minute travel for a once in a lifetime event for my son at the Air Force Academy and my card was declining. I called USAA and they said my accounts, plural, all of my accounts, are under “review”. In other words, they have denied access to our money, even cleared funds for 3 days. I said you can’t do that, they said we can hold or review accounts at any time they feel necessary. USAA is not a good place for emergency liquid funds. If you are going to bank here, make sure you have cash somewhere else.