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Leaving USAA

Long time member and active duty military. Quite simply USAA underperforms- investing returns are below average with moderate fees. Money Market returns are well below other providers, quality of insurance customer service is erratic. I have moved all of my investments and am in the process of moving all other accounts. USAA’s patriotic feel good commercials about the military and mystic of exclusivity are simply disingenuous window dressings masking otherwise sub-par financial institution that is motivated solely by profits. For fellow military members: educate and empower yourself; do not rely on or trust those that claim to have your best interest at heart, no matter how much they wrap themselves in the flag. We serve the country, USAA serves the bottom line alone.


A Godsend

In the horrific realm of banking, USAA stands out as one of the few good ones.

Their customer service is quick and easy, none of the patronizing BS–there’s a problem, they address it, done.

I have my checking, savings, credit card, and auto insurance all in one place (they also offer renter’s insurance).

Unlike terrible banks like Wells Fargo, USAA is on top of fraud. They don’t just flat-out shut down your card like some banks; they text you and say, “Hey, you authorize this?” and you text back yes or no. It makes going out of state so much easier. Also, if there is fraud, they don’t beat around the bush. I’ve been in week long fights with Wells Fargo over fraud. USAA takes care of it no problem–usually by preventing it. Imagine that!

No asinine “maintenance” fees. All accounts are free and easy to operate. They don’t have ATMs around, but they DO refund you any surcharge fees if you need to take cash out.

The credit card is great. You know why? No stupid “rewards” that encourage you to overspend and go into debt. USAA rewards you for being responsible with a sensible 1%-2% cash back.

Overall, this bank is the best I’ve had. I do wish it was open to non-military families so everyone could enjoy the benefits, because this really is how banking should be.


They’re great… period!

I’ve been banking with USAA for about 5 years after I left a previous Credit Union and they’ve just been FABULOUS and extremely accommodating always…>! The only thing I’d have to say is that calling they’re SO proper that they insist on calling me by my last name which is hard to pronounce and they always call me something else, and also… calling in will take a while as they’re THAT thorough… lol


17 Year Member - Disappointed

I really liked USAA FSB for years. For some reason, whenever I reach out to them, they “cannot” help me for one reason or another. Most recently, I deposited a balance transfer check from my USAA Visa into my USAA checking account. They put 1/3rd of the funds on hold for a week. I called to ask why. Was told the computer makes this decision and they can’t release the hold. As a 17 year member, I’ve never had a check returned for NSF. They mentioned this as a possible reason for the hold. They are friendly, and they always thank me for being a member, however they can’t ever seem to help me.


Not recommended.

For unknown reasons this bank choose to delay my credit card payment from being reflected on my credit availability for 10 days - in the past there was no delay, transfers even from external banks posted when the money was transferred… never more than 3 business days.
This is a big unexpected inconvenience just before Christmas.
The banks are indeed allowed to hold suspicious transactions up for up to 7-20 business days - but how did I trigger such suspicion now?
I am a long time customer with numerous accounts in good standing.


Gone Downhill

Honestly USAA used to be great, but they’ve gone downhill so much I’m moving everything but my insurance out of there. Poor customer service, poor policies, no one can explain anything. You’re better off literally anywhere else.


Great Option

USAA credit is great, they are very generous on the credit limits providing you make your payments on time and interest rates are much lower than any other company I have had credit through.


Doesn’t process transaction in timely manner

Mupltiple times we’d encounter excessive hold times on deposits and on “pending” ttansactions that will be placed on hold until long after the respective transaction actually cleared, bill payments would “disappear” where theywon’t pull from account or show as paid, and then will pull from account anywhere from 2-15 days later, usually after we’d already made the payment again bevause they “couldn’t see it”
We went through the embarassment of having transactions declined and returned and when we called USAA about it, they agreed that the available balance appeared to be enough but said there are “holds in the background” that we as the customer cannot see in online banking. Example: had over $450 in account and had 6 ACH transactions that totaled $350 try to clear… they returned all 6 and charged a $30 fee each stating that there wasn’t enough the cover the total of them due to the hold caused by each (available balance was only $101 once you subtract all 6, and therefore no longer the $350 needed to cover all 6 collectively), and the gal on the phone pointed put that once the $180 in NSF fees was charged the balance was even less… so they declined all 6, didn’t even treat them separately, and refused to refund any fees for it because it “wasnt an error” that I couldn’t actually see these “holds” or know that they hold the money at the same time… basically, she explained that whatever your available balance is in a USAA account, you should only spend 1/2 of it, because USAA can place holds you are unable to see…


Promotes fraudulence

Let’s their account holders write bad checks and refuses to do anything about it. BEWARE or accepting any checks from this bank.


Use to be the best, Downhill Fast - Avoid

Avoid at all costs. USAA is not the same company that is used to be. They are up there with the VA. You really do not know a company until you actually need to use their service. They are difficult and horrible to deal with, and as the many reviews have stated, are not there for you and actually make it worse and stressful.

I would not recommend them to anyone and due to my personal experience with them, I feel it is my obligation to actually warn and deter anyone from the company. I am not one to review negatively, generally if the company does wrong by me, I leave it alone and will only leave positive reviews to make sure the business gets the recognition they deserve. However, after the treatment and experience after being a customer with them for over 10 years, I will do my duty to protect others from this company.

Bottom line is they will not pay out, they will cause more aggravation and grief, they rip off veterans and military and if you can, avoid them at all costs, they are simply the worse company I have ever done business with and the other reviews verify that I am not alone in this.


The VA of Financial Institutions

Used them for Banking, Credit Cards, car insurance, home owners insurance, flood insurance, IRA, and more.

They use to be the greatest and military friendly, they are now the VA for Financial Institutions.

I tell everyone I know that thinks about using them to stay away. With the internet and other companies, they do not deserve anyone.

They rely on their strong reputation for customer service and now they are just turning into another business and forgot about what made them great. Just look at all the customer reviews and reviews on any site, customers that use them use to praise them, now we all go out of our way to make sure no one gets suckered.

I feel bad for them, hopefully they turn the ship around.


Gone Downhill

USAA was a great bank and Auto Insurance Company at one time in the 80’s and 90’s. However, they have gone downhill over the years. USAA grew too big and the quality and customer service suffered. I’m in the process of opening new accounts elsewhere.


They don’t care

Had fraud on my account but they refused to cover it… took my direct deposit and left me with a negative balance… it’s the first of the month and I have bills due and kids to feed… highly unsatisfied


Not What It Used To Be

I’ve been with USAA for 20 yr and do everything through them. I was an advocate and referred many people. They’ve changed over the years and no longer serve those that served.

My automatic payment failed to pay off my credit card and I was charged an $18 interest fee. I called, figured out what happened, asked for the fee to be credited (I’ve been a member-owner for 20 years, it was their system that failed) only to be told no. I wasn’t worth $18 to them.

I’m pretty sure I’m worth considerably more than that, and I’m looking for a new bank that understands this and will value me as a customer. Home and auto insurance, checking, savings, credit card, and brokerage accounts.

Bottom line is that they are like any other big bank that makes money collecting fees. They lost sight of the mission and vision by becoming too big and focused on profit. It didn’t used to be this way. I can’t trust them anymore, and cannot recommend them.


The worst

Discrepancy with your account? Good luck disputing it. They have 4 branches in the entire US. Chat is a joke, email is “official”, there is no way to directly contact these people. I would give them -5 stars if it was possible. You are literally reduced to “certified mail” with these people and a waiting day of “certified mail”. The absolute worst banking/credit company you could deal with.


Call for best customer service

Another reviewer said USAA has poor customer service. I wholeheartedly disagree. The best way to reach them is directly by phone (dial #USAA). When speaking with a representative I have never had a bad experience, and whatever issue I had is solved quickly.


Great bank

Been a customer for several years. Their rates are sometimes higher than other banks but their customer service is outstanding.


World Wide Banking

Been a customer for 50+ years. Great service, whether in Europe, Asia, or North America in my personal experience. Checking, saving, credit/debit card, loans, etc.


rates are rediculous!

If one compares rates, one would go elsewhere!


Excellent banking

I’ve been with USAA for 10 years and have never had a problem they couldn’t fix.