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Very happy with USAA

I’ve been a USAA member since 1992, and I’ve never run into a problem with their products or services. I don’t bounce checks or overdraw my account, so I don’t know about their overdraft fees. I’ve always been happy with the customer service as well. There has been no reason for me to consider banking elsewhere.


It’s just whatever you’re looking for

I’m extremely happy with their service, app and financial products. I don’t need to go to bank to feel that they really care about me as a customer. I cannot find any cons, because whenever I’m calling with any type of issue, they always resolve it in timely manner. Love it, thnx guys for great job!


Very long car buying process

Took over a week to buy a vehicle from an individual. Very slow and uses snail mail in this day and age of wire transfers.


Too many fees

I’m very dissapointed in how USAA handles my checking. I’ve had problems with their charging NSF fees when I didn’t feel they were justified, but this time is the last time. They returned a check when there clearly were funds available and the CS rep’s only response was: “That is how banking works.” Well, my other bank doesn’t work like that. I’m closing my accounts.


Gold Standard Bank for Service Members

I have been a USAA customer for 32 years. They’ve earned my loyalty. From auto insurance to banking to brokerage to life insurance, they offer a fully integrated system to support active duty, retirees, and veterans and their families in their financial needs. I was surprised to read several poor reviews on this website because I’ve always had excellent experiences with them. Even when I decided to move my retirement accounts to Fidelity several years back, their customer service rep was supportive of my decision, telling me that they want their customers’ needs to be met in the best way possible, whether its with USAA or with another company that’s a better fit. To me, USAA is the gold standard and the first place I look to meet my financial needs, even when I’m comparison shopping.


Superior Customer Service

I’ve been a USAA customer for 40 years and they define exceptional customer service. Pricing for insurance products is well below competitors, which when combined with exceptional customer service makes USAA the best online bank in the USA. I’m all-in with checking, savings, auto insurance, auto loan, and life insurance. Could not be happier and I’ve stopped shopping around since no one beats USAA’s pricing.


Just another big bank

Been with USAA for 12 years while I was in the service. Used to be great, now I can’t tell them apart from all the big branches. They care very little for customers and new fees pop up all the time.


Just like crooked big banks now

Been with USAA for over 5 years. They used to be the best banking I ever used, now they’ve turned into the same as the regular banks, new fees and charges for everything! I will be closing my accounts and going to a local credit union. Such a shame they ruined a great thing!


Not the same bank I joined 30 years ago

If you’re looking for an okay bank…this is it. NOT exceptional by any means. On-line banking is good (i.e., adequate). Great auto insurance - this is their pedigree. Over 30 years I’ve seen them dive into more and more product offerings. I’ve tried several, and have generally had BAD experiences with everything other than auto insurance. They claim to value your opinion, but never own up to their mistakes. So, stay away from mortgages, home insurance, equity loans, investment accounts, etc. Those areas are real weaknesses for USAA.


Very happy with USAA

I’ve been with USAA for over 7 years; always had very good customer service and have been happy with their products.


Worst bank I’ve ever done business with.

I started banking with USAA when they began offering these services. I only used them for the quick mobile deposit feature. Their security measures are a joke. Their dispute process is a joke catered to large corporations, not the customer. Their customer service and communicstion between colleagues is an absolute joke. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been apologized to by their incompetent employees regarding a mistake on there part. As if we’re talking about a casual lunch…This is peoples money you’re dealing with! Unfortunately, America has jumped on the band wagon due to there exceptional insurance services . Banking is not your gift USAA. Then again maybe it is - maybe allnof these surcharges and penalty fees are the reason you people were able to acquire over 230b in revenue over the years when longer serving banks whove been established ten times the duration aren’t worth anywhere closr to that amount… I’m sure you’re for the customers wallet. Thats about where it ends. In short- worst banking experience of my entire life. I have two paid accounts elsewhere. Never had a complaint with them. Save yourself the annoyance- BANK ELSEWHERE.


Good for certain things…

If you are looking for good auto insurance and good checking accounts great place to go. Their online banking and transfer tools are great. Once my weight was in line with their chart I got the best term life insurance rates from them. However, loan rates are not competitive.



Usaa closed my auto and home owners insurance after seven years of constant pay missed them pay nine hundred dollars to reinstate canceling it two weeks later. I have my checking account closed with money in it telling me they will send a check rather than put my money in my active savings account. My husband is a disabled veteran. This so called military bank has no respect for our veterans or there families.


Bank of the Past

Pro: No ATM fees
Cons: There new security features that you can’t opt in or out of, makes it difficult to live life in the 21st century. If you want to budget online, have a gas debit card, use apps to pay your friends like cashapp or venmo, save in stocks with apps like Acorns…you better find another bank. If you get cash in any of those place, you won’t be able to get it out.

While it’s commendable that they want top level security, the truth is they can’t prevent hacking, and their attempt to is just inconvenient for young people who utilize technology daily to optimize their life and experience. This is not a generationally minded bank and I’ll be interested to see if their in business in the next few decades.



Started as a good bank but has gone down hill quite quickly. First i try to refinance my bike and seemed to be going well. I was told deposit 600 in my account to cover the fees. I wrote a check from my other account with a seperate bank and deposited it into my checking. Low and behold they decide to hold it for two weeks. Making the deal to refinance the bike obsolete and making it impossible to pay the current payment on the bike. Not only did i try and speak with a bank customer service rep about it but so did the finance officer to which both of us got rude answers from. They refused to release the check to be used to refinance the bike. Other banks would just call my bank and confirm funds. Second bad issue was the vehicle insurance prices. I insure three vehicles. I littlerally saved 1500 a year by switching to geico. (This is not a comercial) USAA would not even match their prices. This company does not look at the customer situation their employees read a script and do not waver from it. We as customers are just another number to them.