How can I get my financial situation in order?

How can I get my financial situation in order?
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I’m 22 years old, I just got a promotion at work and went from making $15/hour to $21/hour. The government has been garnishing my wages for about two months now for a student loan debt. Now that’s all fine all and dandy, but I just got my first paycheck today with my new pay. I worked 54 hours, and only brought home $730, so from a pre-taxed paycheck of $1,280, down to $730, they are taking are most 50%.

What can I do? I can’t continue to skate by like this for long.


Check your tax withholding. I’m betting you completed your W4 as Single, claiming zero. By changing to claiming at least one, you will see an increase in your paycheck.
Now, keep in mind, this will mean less of a refund at the end of the year, but from a financial standpoint, this is optimal. Why give the government an interest free loan all year with your money, when you could be putting it to better use.


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