Wells Fargo Automatic Credit Line increases

Wells Fargo Automatic Credit Line increases
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Does anyone know if and when Wells Fargo automatically increases credit lines on their credit cards for responsible customers?

I would like to request an increase, but I don’t want the hard pull. I would prefer they increase on their own.


Hey @wleach313, I’m not sure about Wells Fargo but I had a similar situation with my Bank of America Visa. I simply called customer service, and asked if they could or would do a credit line increase on my account without a hard credit check. (I strongly emphasized I would forgo the increase if it meant a hard pull, just to make sure I didn’t accidentally trigger one! I was about to shop for a mortgage so really didn’t want hard inquiries.)

It worked! To be honest, I can’t recall if they said “Sure, we’ll just look at your payment history with us” or “We don’t do hard credit pulls for credit line increases anyway, so no worries.”

But, it never hurts to just call and say what you want. Mention you’re a responsible / longtime customer, that never goes amiss. If they say no, you’re no worse off.


That’s my Plan B. I don’t need the increase, but it should give my FICO a 3-5 point bump. That’s what I am really after, as I too will be applying for a mortgage later this year.


Please do report back if it works! I called WF several years ago and they said it would take a hard pull to check so I never went ahead with it.


Yep, about 6 months I inquired online and was told the same thing, that they would do a hard pull. The odd thing is is that I have two WF credit cards, one issued 21 month ago and the other 11 months ago, yet TU on Nerdwallet shows that I have zero hard inquires in the past 2 years. :confused:


I just called WF, and asked about a credit line increase. The representative said that the wording states that the request MAY result in a hard pull, which could impact the customers FICO score.

I passed. I don’t want the hard pull.

She did say that there is a bank initiated credit line increase, but there was no process in place on how to make that happen or when it might be done.


I think it helps having a good history of payments on the account and the amount of credit limit requested. Having only one Credit Card with WF and working on repairing my credit I sought a CL increase to help me with the credit utilization ratio. The representative did use the word “might” as referring to a hard pull. I only went with a modest $1000 increase (from $1500). The increase was approved with a soft pull (and I was relieved). This helped me a little bit and in conjunction with everything I was doing to move my score from the low 600 to around 700, give and take. Now I finally applied for a rewards CC that it was recently approved. This hopefully helps me with increased credit and adding more positive payment history to offset some derogatory marks that I have in my score when life went south 4 years ago. Good luck!