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Wells Fargo Cash Wise Card Review | Nerd Wallet
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Excellent Card!!!

This easily has become my new favorite card! Rewards are easily redeemable especially if you bank with them. The 1.5% is decent and they offer bonus cash back online through the rewards site on websites like eBay. The cellular protection is a decent perk. Easily one of my favorite cards. I have the QuickSilver and Freedom as well but the Wells Fargo Cash Wise is easily one of my favorites.


User experience is very substandard

I just got this card for the 0% and the rewards. I already had a couple chase cards and a citi card so I figured I would try another company. Well boy was I in for a bumpy. The biggest issue I have is their website. Chase and citi websites, and iPhone apps are light-years ahead of wells fargo. I mean, this isn’t 1992 geosites, get with the program! They don’t seem to have any [clear] way of adding an external bank account to pay the bill online through the website, their app is very difficult to use and looks like it was ported over from the website without any consideration for a mobile user interface, and there’s no push notifications for transactions like the other cards I have. Also, I used the card to make a purchase a few days ago and there’s no record of it under account activity. Perhaps it’s still pending or whatever, but show me what’s pending, I want to see everything in real-time. I highly doubt I’m going to keep it passed the initial $150 offer. Chase and Citi are way better.


Do not Apply if you are not a citizen or permanent resident

Wells Fargo does not approve credit card for non resident aliens so do not apply to wells fargo credit cards unless you are a citizen of USA or permanent resident.



Dont apply for this card, if you are not US citizen. However, the other friends mine got this credit card approved even though they are not citizen. WELLSFARGO just gives some answer and no reason to reject the application. Neither in the whole terms and conditions of application nor in the company website it is mentioned that Non US citizen shouldnt applied.

Also, how was the credit card approved for other person who is non citizen.
Cheap banking standards!!!


Amazing company, amazing card!

Wells Fargo is a trusted, very professional and friendly bank all around. I’ve been with them a little over a year with a checking and savings account. I finally made the move and applied for their new Cash Wise credit card. Was approved instantly. A little background, I’m 24 had troubles with a credit carcass back when I was 18. Honestly didn’t know what I was doing ended up closing it and paying it off. Fast forwards couple years had taken a look at credit report noticed I had a cell phone company in collections as well as a utility bill. Again both from when I was 18. Well I paid them off as soon as I found out. Total of about 600$. Now my New Year resolution is to focus on credit. About 3 months ago I went with capital one secured card I was approved and only needed to put $49.00 down as collateral and approved for 200$ secured. Now last night finally applied for Wells Fargo after tons of research and they approved me for $2000.00. With 0% interest for 12months and 1.5% cash back and no annual fee. I’m very happy with this card and I know people who have it too are impressed. So if interested please apply worst they can tell you is no. Good luck and enjoy! By the way Trans union 675 Equifax 661


Something fishy here…

Very slow to respond after applying (every other card I have ever applied to has been immediate approval). Received a denial letter long after saying they “could not verify my identify” but made no effort to contact me for more information they may have needed. Note I applied for a different card a week after applying for the Wells Fargo and received my new card sooner than the denial letter from Wells Fargo. Considering my perfect credit and no debts, I am wondering if Wells Fargo is up to something else here when offering this card with a $200 offer and then sending a denial, maybe information fishing?


A good credit card only for US-residents

No approvement for a Non-US resident. New policy in WF has a statement about Non-US resident that cause they do not approve the application of foreign residents for credit cards. They gave me a hard inquiry without any approvement even though I have a payment every month and I have an excellent credit score.

Another unfair policy to immigrants!!!



I applied for this card…I was approved, on all aspects of financial responsibility…however to be approved, ( I’m a current WFC customer- saving, checking, mortgage loan,) I am required to go to the local branch- with 2 photo ID’s, and a piece of mail- with my address on it.) I have applied for credit cards before- NEVER- have I had to jump through hoops to get a card before…I skipped this card- I think before you apply, you should know this is a requirement to receive this card. If I could have given *no stars, I would have.


No up-front information or disclosures!

Like many others have said, do not apply for this card if you are not a US-citizen. I have other accounts with Wells Fargo with excellent credit. I assumed there’d be no issue with opening another credit card, I already have two other with them! Took a hard credit check for nothing.


Dishonest Company

I signed up for the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card several months ago. I was promised a $150 cash back bonus upon meeting the requirements.After several months of waiting, I contacted their customer service number, was assigned a case number, and was told I would hear back within 1 day. Well, 7 days pass and nothing. I contact them again and found out they will not honor their promotion to me, even though every creiteria was met. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WF. I have never had this much trouble with a credit card company. And my card has since been cut up and thrown out.


Do not apply. Something is not right.

i am a WellsFargo account holder and i was send an e-mail with a reservation number. A $100 Cash Rewards Bonus for a WellsFargo Bank Account holder and A $200 for a NON- WellsFargo applicant. Something is not right here.


Excellent card and reward

No problem at all - looks like the only negatives are from (illegal ?) immigrants (non-Americans)


Worst experience I have ever had with a credit card

I never thought it was possible to have a bad experience with a credit card until I got this one. I got this card because it had the highest cash back percentage and because of the $200 bonus. I am an online bookseller so I make a lot of purchases. They kept putting holds on my card for possible fraud. There were some days where I had to call them three times to verify my purchases. They also don’t tell you when they are putting a hold on your card so you have to call them and ask. There is no way to verify your purchases online or through a recording. I no longer use this card because I had to call them at least once every day to clear the hold on my card. It also took forever for my payments to post to my account. It takes approximately 10 business days for payments to post if you don’t have a Wells Fargo bank account. There was a way to speed up the process but I had to fax them my bank statements to show that the transaction cleared my bank. This card might be fine if you don’t use it often but I would stay away from it if you plan on making a lot of purchases.


So far so good

This is my card for all purchases, unless i have a better bonus category active on another card. Sign up was quick and easy. I like the reward layout and plan on keeping this card for the foreseeable future. Haven’t had to call into customer service but if I did I would never expect to delighted with and CC company. Dont mind the bashing other are posting.


must travel

They won’t accept me unless I go to a bank w/ID to prove who I am. Capital One didn’t give me this struggle.


Utilizing cash rewards only in set amounts…

You can only claim your rewards as cash in amounts of $25, $50, $100, $250 etc. What a joke…


Still haven’t received 200 cash bonus

Spent 2500 as part of a car payment about 2 months ago and have paid the amount off in full. Still have yet to receive the 200 cash bonus. Ridiculous


I wished I had seen these reviews first! Redeem in increments of $25.

“You can redeem in amounts of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $1500, $2500”.
This means that after spending $1,000 which earns $15 in rewards at 1.5%, you either have to forget about the extra $15 and just cash in the $200 bonus or spend another $650 to earn another $10 in rewards to get you to $225.
AND … unless you deposit to a Wells Fargo account, you’ll have to request 3 checks; $100, $100, and $25.
I might add, you don’t receive the $200 bonus until after the 3 months. When I called the CSR told me they give customers a grace period to allow them to hit the $1,000 threshold for the $200 bonus. That’s ridiculous. The grace period is for Wells Fargo, not me. Mine wasn’t posted until 10 days after the 3 months even though I hit $1,000 within the first month.
I’ll probably forgo the $15 as I don’t want to give them another $650 of my business. After reading the previous reviews, I just hope I get a bonus at all.


So far , so good!

How do I said , so far ,so good and the $200 reward cash is after Jan 20, 2018. I just talked to Customer Service.