Wells Fargo Cash Wise Card Review | Nerd Wallet

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Card Review | Nerd Wallet
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Worst Card ever

Highest APR on any of my cards, plus I never got the bonus even though I spent over 1,000 within the first month. I spent hours on the phone with customer service only to get my claim denied. They kept telling me “there was nothing they can do” since my claim was denied, for no reason!!! That they could not do anything about this decision. DO NOT GET THIS CARD. THEY LIE.


After Rewards Period, Not Worth It

Review: Read the fine print people, I didn’t and it was a mistake. They pay out the $200 bonus 1-2 billing cycles, after you spend $1,000 within 3 months, but only after the 3 month promotional period is over. What this means is that if you hit the $1,000 right away your account will sit with $15 in rewards for about 4 months before the $200 clears. This is the only rewards card I have ever had that operates in this manner. For reference I have had the following cards: Chase Sapphire (regular and preferred) Chase Business Ink HSBC Capital One Savor American Express Blue Preferred Chase Marriott Consumer Basically every major rewards card with under $100 in annual fee that also keeps on the good side of the 5/24 rule that Chase and Capital one are using now. Not once have I had one hold onto a reward payout for over 4 months and think it’s normal. I think there are much better cards out there in the $500-$2,000 spend range that are far more valuable. Blue Cash, HSBC, and Capital One to name a few.


Redeeming rewards

Everytime I redeem my rewards it just seems to disappear.
I’ve had about $125 so far but never actually got to use it.


Not bad for rewards and apple pay

I opened this card in thanksgiving last year! Except for the earlier time to set up online payment, since I am a permanent resident instead of citizenship, I am very happy to use this card for my daily shopping! Apple Pay is cool! You will get 1.8% reward on each Apple Pay transactions! For the last three months, I got $280 cash reward,which is available! You see I can buy another apple product with big cash discount thru this card! I will recommend this card! But earlier setting is not so friendly! For other parts, I am happy!


Best card I ever had

Great customer service. WF is a great honest company. No problems. And they stand for your 2nd amendment rights! God bless Wells Fargo.


About cellphone protection

This is wrong. They don’t cover your cellphone damage. They only attend cellphone insurances deductions. And that’s not necessarily if you have an insurance. So if you break your phone they wont help you if you can not show your insurance demand.