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Great customer service but bundled products I don’t need

I first went to Wells Fargo to get a safe deposit box to hold a few pieces of jewelry that my wife and I inherited from our families when we got married. I left with a safe deposit box, but also bundled with checking and savings accounts to minimize recurring fees. I get that this was good for the bank, but it was more complicated for me. That said, I’ve had nothing but great experiences working with members of the Wells Fargo team – really great customer service from everyone I’ve met.


A local bank to meet my daily needs.

I like their service when I need complex transactions or just money orders and gift cards. The interest rates are very poor, so my savings account is elsewhere. I had a home equity loan with them, which had a very good rate and they worked with me as needed and were very helpful and pleasant.


Great services, makes me feel welcome

I’m a big fan of Well’s Fargo. The staff at all the branches I’ve visited have always been very helpful, and have often gone out of their way to help me by recommending products and banking tips. They were especially good at helping me get set up with the banking system here in the US when I first came to the country.


A bank hyper-focused on customer delight

I use Wells Fargo for checking and savings as well as for my home mortgage. Regardless of the branch or the function, my interactions have been incredibly pleasant and, when comparing to others, their prices/fees quite reasonable. They also have ancillary benefits such as free notary services. (I think many banks offer that.)


Wells Fargo is a nationally recognized bank that is trusted with financial organization of my life!

I like Wells Fargo because they are a trustworthy bank that I have been using for my financial needs for over 10 years! I know my money will be safe, and I can get the advice I may need about financial concerns


Good customer service and an excellent app.

I was unable to speak knowledgeably on their rates and fees, so rated them neutrally.

In my experience, I have been treated very well by their customer service and I very much appreciate the ease of using their app (Android).i have been with them for over a decade and don’t have plans to change.


We chose it when we moved to Minnesota because it was a large bank with convenient locations.

As our children grew up, there were repeated incidents in which I felt they took unfair advantage of their inexperience and charged them fees unfairly. When this was called to their attention, they would apologize and reverse the fees, but it happened a number of times.


Capable but not impressive.

Every few months Wells Fargo tends to charge my account random service fees, when I call in to ask about the fees they were always applied erroneously and are reversed. For a customer that is less diligent about checking their account the would be charged these fees for know reason without even knowing or being notified.


no loyalty

Good things about Wells Fargo: excellent customer service; access to customer service at any time; great mobile app and online access.
Things to improve-I don’t get their approval process for personal loans or credit cards. I have been with this bank for 21 years (when they were Wachovia). I have twice applied for personal loans in the last year, including yesterday, and was denied. My paychecks are automatically deposited into my checking account I have with them, so, they know I am employed. --I was offered a credit card last year (again, after 20 years), but, had to essentially beg for an increase a few months ago, and it was still less than I asked for.
Advice- if you want a bank just to have money at, choose Wells Fargo. If you want a bank that appreciates your long term relationship with them; please choose another bank.


Love Them!

Wells Fargo goes above and beyond for their customers. They are willing to take the time and get to know them and create a relationship. Every time i go to my branch I feel like more than just another customer. Their fees work like and other bank and are federally regulated so they do what they can. Either way, I love the service.


Wells Fargo

I deposited a check via online and it said that the funds would be available the next day. Well here we are the next day and they put a hold on it unit next week and I can’t get any straight answers from them on why the hold was placed in the first place. I’m starting to HATE this BANK more and more every day!!



I have been with Wells Fargo for about 8 years now. I love their app its super easy to maneuver. I never have a problem depositing checks through the atm which I think is the easiest way. I gave customer service a 4 star only because I don’t need to call them that much for any reason but when I do its pretty easy. I check my account everyday and there isnt a single charge tha I don’t recognize. Even when I do go In to the bank it’s always a smooth transaction.


New Website Terrible

The new website is difficult to manage, Suddenly you have to Download your account activity and you get to choose between a Quicken system or a terrible system. Of course I’m not going to select the Quicken so that they can earn money to pay the Fines they owe! The Down
Oak is difficult to read and makes me feel insecure.
The online survey regarding the new system doesn’t
Work! They don’t not want to hear about it.
I have been a customer for over 50 years and have many accounts. I will be moving them if this system is the only way to access my activity .



It’s impossible to get anything done with this bank! My husband got a debit card sent to him in the mail, couldn’t activate it as it was already closed! Called in, the woman said that his old card would still be active and that he had to call in to request a new one. Due to his job, he isn’t available to make the calls. I do it all. I am on the account. I was told i can’t do anything. Their online banking has changed and it’s a run around to get to what you need half the time. From my login i can request a new card, but from his login (same accounts) can’t do anything.


Not a Bank for Business Owners

As a business customer it is hard to find anyone who can understand the needs of a business owner. Changing banks is very hard, but it looks like it is something I will have to plan for. I have worked with two different branches and although I had one rep who was good, she left her position after a few months of being with me, so it was back to people who could barely spell the word business let along know how one operates from a banking perspective.

As a personal bank (assuming all I am talking about is taking my money from direct deposit and allowing me to spent it) it’s a decent bank. I say that to be balanced. As a personal bank I would give them 4 stars, BUT I need a business bank.


Avoid at all costs

The way I was treated as a customer through the student loan program has been awful. You would think Wells Fargo would want to use the opportunity of reaching young people to try and make them customers for life. I will never bank with Wells Fargo again. You could give me a full percentage point lower on a mortgage and I would still rather choose your competitor. Any car loan, mortgage, investing or any sort of banking I do will only be with Chase or a small bank. I have never disliked a company enough to want to boycott them or tell all my friends and family to avoid them until seeing what it is like working with Wells Fargo.


irresponsible to community

I am almost 50 years old and in my opinion this companies policies and practices are the essense of why our communities possess so many problems. Chase was great. If I was short up to 10 dollars they would cover. Twice this year I was short less than a dollar and each time was charged $35. We as a nation must demand our businesses be responsible to the community by acting in accord with civility.


Teen Checking

I have two teens and looking for a teen checking; joint accounts with myself and each teen. They only seem to offer $10 fee unless: $1500 balance, 10 Debit Transactions or $500 direct deposit. I know no teen that can do that, nor can I for each teen. Wells Fargo should have a no fee 13-17 Teen Account for $25 balance and no fees so parents can teach teens how to use a checking account.



Wells Fargo is the worst bank ever. The mobile app is terrible. It takes 10 minutes to deposit a check due to the image capture feature. There fees are ridiculous. Call them to get help and they will transfer and disconnect you. Bank of America is a much better option.