Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo
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Horrible!!! Worst bank ever!!! Nothing but games!!!

calling customer services is a joke. No one has the authority to do anything and they all sound like there reading from a script. I deposited my check in the atm, same company, wellsfargo account also, and I have been depositing every week the same way. Always credited to my account with no problems, been doing this for years! Today it says I have to wait for my funds, I call customer service, no help what so ever, they hang up, second call, I’m told it would of been smarter to of deposited it at a branch!!! Then what is the point of having atm deposit for people who can’t make it to a branch before they close! How does an atm determine a deposit over a human being? How does a bank not have a supervisor on hand to handle stuff like this??? And to be blown off by customer service is a huge insult! It’s never been a problem until today. Every week it’s never been an issue, but today the “system” decided it would not credit it, so it has to wait until tomorrow to decide??? This makes no sense! And customer service says I can file a complaint but that’s all they can do. This bank is a joke,I hope they go bankrupt soon, I’m pulling all my accounts tomorrow


Mobil deposit

When I first opened the account everything was fine. For some unknown reason I have a low deposit limit of 500 a day max. My checks are bigger than this. Also I can only deposit 900 dollars a month using mobil. This makes the account worthless.


Attitude from customer support

The customer support person I talked to gave me an unfriendly attitude through the last phone call I made with the bank. Overall I wound not recommend the bank to anyone I know.


No help with card lost overseas

They did not helped with my card lost overseas and they asked me to go back to a branch in US while I’m stuck in the other side of the world.


Worst bank

I requested for my atm withdraw limit to be raised because their isn’t a branch near me !! I can’t even get my own money out of my account because they won’t raise my limit !! Anytime I use my card at an atm Wells Fargo charges me and additional $1.50 on top of what the atm charges !! Rediculous !!! Come on Wells Fargo you can do better !! Closing my account ASAP !!


Can’t Wait to Close

Literally cannot WAIT to close my account with them! I have deposited checks and it takes DAYS for my money to be available for me to use! Yesterday, I tried to deposit a check through the app. Well of COURSE it didn’t work so I actually drove to a bank last night to deposit the check and according the website, it would be available for use today! Not true. I called this morning to see of there was anything they could do to either expedite the processing or cancel the deposit so I could cash the check. They told me “no” and that there was absolutely NOTHING they could do. NO cancelling. No expediting. It’s SO frustrating. It’s a terrible bank and it’s totally unacceptable that I can’t access MY money when I need it. I don’t know when other banks process checks, but they process checks at 9:00PM! Crazy - can’t wait to leave!


NOT impressed

I have ordered checks in May and have still yet to get them. I had to call TWICE, had to shut down an account due to the checks getting lost and dealt with a very rude customer service rep. I am very disappointing with my banking experience and considering switching.


Wasted my time

I applied for a personal loan and spent about an hour over the phone filling out the application. Than spoke over the phone a couple of days before they denied me the loan. There reason for denying my loan could have been done without filling out an application and without having to give me a hard inquiry on my credit report. A total waste of time, I have been a Wellsfargo account holder for about 10 years.

Agents are very polite and professional.


ZERO stars

I really hate this greedy company. Do not bank with them and definitely do not get a credit account or mortgage with them. We moved and were 10 days late because we were not receiving our mail and didn’t know the deadline and they charged over 1k in interest with no grace or no consideration of the situation even though we paid the bill in full. We will continue banking with our bank in another state and WILL NOT transfer our funds to them. Moving our mortgage as soon as possible. Do not want this company to get one more dime of my money. Their online software sucks also.



Worst bank ever I have fraud alert on my account, it seems that it only works when I use it. I don’t receive an alert when someone else is using my card someone took 300.00 out my acct. I didn’t receive a text or email but when I go to the bank to make a withdrawal or deposit I receive an email or text… RIDICULOUS I’M SO OVER WELLSFARGO


Low interest rates

I have no major complaints about WF. I have never had any problems with them and have been with them since they took over First Union bank many years ago. I wish they offered higher interest rates but for higher interest rates you will need to add an Online bank. I use Discover Bank for that and keep WF for a walk in bank. Shop around for the best rates and a bank that will meet your needs.


Worst decision

So in the 6 weeks I’ve been with this bank i have to change my online password 4 times and everytime I try to use my card it locked so what’s the point in leaving a great bank that suited everything I needed just for the convienice of another going back to my old bank for good I hate the uncertainty of weather or not I can pay for stuff


Worst Bank EVER

Been a customer since 1986. They used my soc without consent. Wouldn’t provided info needed for class action. Held a Government check because I used their app deposit. DO NOT USE THIS BANK! They steal from their customers! Very unprofessional and very unhelpful! RUN!


Closed my account with no reason

Wells fargo for “bussiness reasons” closed my account which i am glad they did because i had to do so much to keep the account free



My daughter was stuck 3 hours from home. I went to the branch with cash to deposit into her account to get her home. I was told since I am not on the account I could not make a deposit. I am a former customer who left for many reasons. Avoid this bank they do not care.


homeless for tonight

out of state and in need of cash. Some of us have been there. Tonight I sleep homeless. Why?
This bank told my ex a money order is just like cash and since he’s not 9n my account he can’t use cash.
ok. no biggie. right? NO BIG BIGGIE!!!
After practically begging Wells Fargo argo to correct their misinformation I receive I’m sorry man YOU SLEEP WITH THE FISH TONIGHT.
Monday morning Wells Fargo will not be my bank.


Worst bank ever!

This bank is horrible they don’t care about you at all! My bank has been hacked several different times so the last time it was hacked they had to issue me a new debit card so the one I had was no longer valid it was the weekend and I had no access to my money except my savings account that I never used before ever but given the circumstances I used it a few times then they turn around and charge me $45 in fees! And when I called them and explained they still wouldn’t give it back! How are you going to charge me to use my own money!!! Awful they are awful not to mention their being sued right now for stealing so many other peoples money for all the hidden charges! If your smart you will not bank with these thieves! Also every time I go over my statements I’ve been double charged! Be smart stay away from Wells Fargo!


Ridiculous fees

I deposited a Canadian check yesterday at a local branch. The teller incorrectly calculated the conversion rate so I called Customer Services and was then referred to their Foreign Exchange Services. The error will be corrected but I also learned that they will be keeping almost 8% of the total amount as a fee. Their website conversion rate is only for cash, which I learned from my conversation with their representative. Frustrating!!! I will be looking for a new bank.



A BANK that thinks you are just another account or number to make money off of. Have they closed are the fraudulent accounts they misled people into getting? They lied about what kind of fees you would get even after being asked directly. They put someone else’s money into my account hat had only been open for 3 days.


Worst bank ever…

Just very cold…and my favorite is the charge for depositing too much money… but then hold a check and charge an overdraft… it’s better to leave your money in in other places…glad to leave this sad place.