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Wells Fargo
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personal account

I lost my card over the weekend so on Sunday I got on the mobile app and reported it lost… it gave a list of pending transactions and it asked me if I recognize those transactions. of course I put YES… I transfered the difference of what I had left in my account to my 2nd account with them… as of TODAY I am -$131.00 plus a over drafted fee of $35 for pretecting my money and taking out what I had… if you use your card that money comes off right then but it still shows it pending… once I reported the card lost it put me in the negative… every poor banking branch


Avoid wells

I’ve been with them for a bit and I’ve always been suspicious. Recently I have had 40 dollars disappear unaccounted for. Please avoid these frauds I will be shutting my account down ASAP. I feel robbed


Not serious bank!!!

Everything is a lied in WF , they retain a check deposited in mine acc for five days , they say the Pnc bank acc where the check coming from ,doesn’t have found “big liers “”” tha acc has more tha $ 3,000.00 available


Overdraft protection?

So I kept some money on my overdraft protraction account, thinking, if I am short some money they can take it from my overdraft protaction account. That’s the reason I opened it… But every time they transfer money from that account to my checking, they charge $12.50 plus more… Sothevsame same as not even having overdraft protaction account. Guess they just protect themselves to get their money, one way or another… Anyway… Im looking for more reasonable bank to work with…


Go anywhere but here

Wells Fargo should cease to exist or be bought out by another properly functioning bank. Their management is terrible, and their customer facing employees have limited to zero knowledge about their functions. This company is so poorly run that the end result is simply suffering customers - this is applicable to all of their services. The people have spoken the negative reviews by many customers is absolutely accurate.


Bad customer service

My mom has been a customer of Wells Fargo for a long time. I’ve called customer service a few times on her behalf with no success regarding an issue. They kept me on hold for a long time. In addition, since English is not her primary language, I asked for a Spanish speaking translator for her but I was told that they did not have someone to translate. This is unacceptable and if customer satisfaction is the primary goal Wells Fargo is not business. I understand that questions are asked for security reason but this is ridiculous. We personally went to a Wells Fargo bank in regards to the same issue. The banker was helpful trying to contact customer service but it was more of a run around with customer service. The first time the banker called we had asked for a translator, but a translator could not be provided. After waiting on the phone for a long time the call was disconnected.


Absolutely terrible customer service

I have an account for years. While on vacation a vendor placed a hold on the account guaranteed to come off in 2-3 business days. 5 days later although the vendor released the charges Wells Fargo did not and would not help help us. We are on vacation and could not use this credit card due to this discrepancy. Their customer service is a joke! They are useless and would not do anything to help. Do not use any financial services with this bank.


Worst bank ever

If I could leave negative stars, I would. More than once they tried to steal money from me. They even tried to take money when the town hall was involved, in which case the town hall stepped in and made them back down. We refinanced our mortgage to another bank just to get rid of them. Beware of doing business with this bank.


Violation of HIPPA

This bank changed my ADDRESS without my permission or even notification. Then when I entered the incorrect zip, I was not allowed access to my own account. Then to add insult to injury they froze my debit card until I go to a branch and show ID. BAD BAD customer service and worse HIPPA violation.



Worst bank ever .never gonna open bank account in this bank again .


Run for your life

This bank’s predatory fees are insane. Overdraft fees galore. Here’s an idea, Wells Fargo, if a transaction is gonna put the account in the negatives–don’t allow the transaction! Worse is the way this bank screwed me over by allowing a gym–which I had quit–to continue taking money from my account, even after I changed my debit card number. Customer service is wildly unhelpful. They do that whole cutesy, “I’m so sorry for this” BS while doing absolutely nothing to help you. It’s rude and patronizing. Oh, and closing the account? Look out. Say you close it on November 1st. Expect to log into their website on December 1st and still see your account sitting there, probably in the negatives because they allowed unauthorized charges to go through–after you closed your account. This bank is absolutely horrible. Spare yourself. Run for your life.



NO matter what they tell you they always have excuses to charge you overdraft fees…

Even if you deposit, I have had in one year probably over 25 overdraft fees and all they do is give you a different excuse.


Done with Wells Fargo!!!

Don’t ever over draft the account too many times because without notice they will hold your check!!! I took out a loan to avoid over drafts and now Wells Fargo is holding my check aka hold my check even though the funds are there!!! Wells Fargo also takes too long to process your direct deposit checks as well, for example chase payroll checks are ready in your account at midnight wells Fargo takes until 3am to process payroll checks. I’m done!!!





Car loan

Couple months back I have my auto loan set up for automatic payment from Bank of America to Wells Fargo. That was automatic for a few months then Bank of America screwed the pooch something happen on automatic payment don’t know they screwed it up I was late on a payment from Wells Fargo. Instead of them calling and saying hey you’re late on a payment I got a call from a call center debt collector Wells Fargo totally unpleasant rude Intercity person with lack of social skills and phone skills. Instead of saying hey mister mister song so you missed a payment get all these threats are going to take your car away garnish your bank account pay for crying out loud I miss one payment hey let me correct this I don’t know how that person got on the call center job it it’s an Intercity thing I guess employee the the Intercity use I don’t know Wells Fargo your call centers are not the best in the world. But hey it’s all about money right it’s a corporate world if you can hire inner-city kid for minimum wage that lacks phone skills why not or hate let’s hire offshore companies you in the Philippines let’s take the jobs away from America congratulations Wells Fargo


Liars! They will say what you want to hear-BEWARE

I called requesting a quote and thankfully was wise enough to jot down all the information they verbally provided. When it was time to provide a Good Faith Estimate, they were charging me outrageous fees and adding $6,600 on top of my closing fees on top of the actual closing fees. They were asking me to provide a competitor quote to remove all those fees that are irrelevant to begin with. They will also say that you can “take your appraisal with you because you’re buying it” and they will keep your appraisal HOSTAGE if they feel like it! total liars and disgusting business practices. Never have banked with them, and after this… NEVER WILL!


Loan payments

I started a loan with these guys a while back and they are all the sudden telling me that I have a phone password that I never setup because I have never been to a Wells Fargo location. So now I have to go to a Wells Fargo location in order to remove this anonymous password. Get your crap together Wells Fargo worst bank in the world. Worst customer service I have ever had, and no solutions from idiot reps. Apparently y’all want people to have late payments because of y’all’s negligence in letting people into their accounts to make payments.


I hate this bank!

The biggest issue this bank has is their system. We have been charged overdraft fees ($35), about 30 times (not exagerating) in less than 6 months. We are so over it and we will be closing the accounts! I hate this bank so much! It’s super frustrating. I won’t explain details of how we got the overdraft fees but I can assure you it was so not necessary and definitely not our fault. If it was, we would own up to it (my fiancé and I). But whatever we don’t care anymore and we are not going to keep accepting Wells Fargo stealing so much of our money. Wells Fargo think it’s smart but we are DONE! Good bye and good riddance!


Hate it!!

The worst bank ever!!! Steals $35 overdraft fee whenever they want! Cancelling my account ASAP!!!


Poor Credit Card Customer Service

I have a zero balance on my credit card. I received a notice that someone placed a vacation plan on the card. I went to the branch, showed ID, and they called the credit card division. A guy talked to me and asked if I had authorized a charge of $3000 2000 miles from where I was sitting. No, I did not. He says he needs a password, I told him I would get back to him, and he tells me no. He needed it then. I told him to close the account, he says he has to have me provide him with a password to close the account. I handed the phone back the customer service clerk and told her she could deal with him. Needless to say the card is blocked until I come up with a password. I am perfectly fine with this, but I am the customer and will not be forced to provide a password off the top of my head to secure and account. Credit Card/Fraud Department grow up and treat customers like customers or you won’t have any. Needless to say I’ve pulled most of my money out of Wells Fargo and moved it to Chase where we have an account also. Recommend you avoid Wells Fargo if there are other options available.