Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo
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Not a good business…

The wait is to long and all the workers stand around talkn about personal life



I had someone trying to pay a credit card using our business account routing and account number. Wells Fargo suggested we get a new account number so we went into the branch in Tampa and did that. We gave them a range of check numbers to still accept and was told there will be no problems. My contractors are trying to cash our checks we wrote them and they are being rejected. After 12 phone calls and 3 hours I was told Wells Fargo updated their system and it does not support honoring checks in a number range. Now I have my contractors pissed at me. I am going to Bank of America.


made fake account

What is it going to take for them to stop abusing their banking power?


Scam at it’s worst

Tried a Wells Fargo credit card with a bonus cash offer to see if the company was on the up and up. When I tried to claim the reward the rep stalled it. I then asked to speak to her supervisor who said he would set up an “investigation.” After almost three weeks of getting jerked around they said I collect the cash but then stalled it again for another week. If I do collect it will have been a month. I will update later if I ever collect.


Worst bank

There were several people at work who applied for the $200 credit card cash promotion and were approved instantly online. All accounts were put on hold immediately and was told to go to a branch. This is complete nonsense as they wanted you to open a checking account with them before proceeding.


Did they ever pay back the money the tax payers lent them?

Bail out … need I say more? Oh wait false accounts billing customers without their knowledge… Look it up, THIEVES run this place


Still charging Online Banking Fees

As a former employer of Wells Fargo, I can attest to the fact that Wells Fargo still charges 11% of their customers a monthly Online Banking fee of $7.99 per month. This is throw-back from the days before Online Banking was free for new customers. If you call to complain, they waive the fee. But if you don’t call, they continue to charge you. Evil.


Say no to wells Fargo

I visited a wells Fargo atm and it took my whole cash aid grant due to my spine being broke I cannot work and I have yet to receive disability. Wells Fargo said it would take 25 days to return my money not only do I have shut off notices but because of wells Fargo I cannot even buy my 3 kids a Christmas present and with me being the only parent I have no means too provide and I think wells Fargo shold return my money sooner so I can at least get by bills paid. What they are doing is very u fair to my children and I so please be careful with wells Fargo atm


Awesome checking

Never had a problem with them. The customer service is great, the features are great, and they listen to you. I had a payment post twice to my account and the merchant was horrible to deal with, so I filed dispute with wells and they had it credited back fast and investigated it without hassling me.



I have been banking here for almost ten years and have never had an issue. For the first time today I was charged 2 overdraft fees which was $70. I thought that was crazy since this has never happened to me before. So i called them up and explained just that and the girl on the phone was very nice and said no problem we see that you’ve never over drafted before so we will waive them as a courtesy. Most banks would not do that so I appreciate that that was done for me.


Bad bank

Wells Fargo is the worst bank ever. I’ve never had so many problems as I’ve had with them customer service is rude I am closing my account too many problems with money being taken out of my account


False Advertisement

Wells Fargo has false advertisements going on. Stating if you open an account with them you will get $200. I opened an account with this promotion in September and still have not received the funds. The promotion said within 45 days you would get the funds. Called executive customer service they told me I qualified and now I received a call stating they not honoring the promotion. So basically it was false advertisement to side track people from their class action lawsuit and sell people lies. Stay away from Wells Fargo worse bank and they charge you for every service you do with them.


Buyer beware

Critical error made by Wells Fargo on my IRA. The company refused to acknowledge their mistake . Literally spent a lot of time and $$ to correct. Customer service is a joke.


I’m moving my money

Yah need to shut down


Wells Fargo

Good at mixing up and fouling up patron’s accounts I was going to draw $25 dollars out of savings they mixed up my saving/checking accounts so bad I could not get my $ 25 dollars out of savings it erroneously disappeared. These people were very rude. I give this bank one star !!!


profanity Bullshit

I charged over $2000 in my account and they charge me for over drafts. If they can charge for over draft than who will pay for me when they charged me over 2000 with no reason. Yes they refund me latter on but I should get compensation for that because if they have I right for charge over draft than I have a right to get for that huge mistake too


New problem everyone I go to the bank

Hire some good people who know what they’re doing. Half of the people who work there don’t even know what they’re doing. They keep giving me new problems everytime I visit them. One time one teller does it fine. Another time, one teller just messes the whole thing up. Because of those tellers, I have to fill up documents to get my money back. Another time they ask me that my forex card doesn’t have my name on it. I mean why didn’t u ask me the first 3 times I did the transaction. I mean come on!!! Ur service sucks!!!


Bad practices not fit for modern living

Wells Fargo closed my account without notifying me even though a portion of my paycheck was being direct deposited every month. They said the reason was that I had only had the deposits and the transfers to my other account but no purchases for 62 days. This is not in line with modern life. I might be traveling for more than 62 days and wouldn’t use a debit card or might want to make most purchases with a credit card. Their customer service offered no compensation or easy way to fix the problem and instead just said I could open a new account. No way! Now a portion my paycheck will be held up in limbo for weeks. I had ANOTHER bad experience with Wells Fargo years back when they bought Washington Mutual and automatically transferred my funds in my Washington Mutual account to a new account with Wells Fargo, again, without notifying me. I ended up paying an overdraft fee to them on the old Washington Mutual account when an auto-payment posted to the old account they had taken the funds from. The customer service person at the bank condescendingly told me I should have been watching the changes more closely. I should have learned my lesson then and not gone back. Now that I’ve been burned TWICE I’m done.


dont do it

I had direct deposit set up with them and they “blocked my check” from being deposited. also, customer care is very poor and they are not on your side… all they care about is what they can get out of a situation and dont care about the customer at all.


Not friendly at all!

WFi s a reasonably good bank but with one big IF. I used this bank for decades, I did not bother WF with questions or problems and and all was going well. I it is not the case if you have at least a small problem that has to be fixed. When my automatic payment system stopped working for no reason and I started collecting late payment fees. In that case I received no,zero,nada, zilch help in spite of begging for help for months by:

Sending e-mails
Having a few visits with bank clerks
Sending letters to WF
Calling customer support numbers
They talk to you in a belligerent way, lie about reasons for malfunction of the system, e-mails are definitely computer generated, contain just general gibberish that has nothing to do the problem. It has been 1/2 year, I still have this problem, will run away from them.