Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo
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abysmal lost card replacement

Lost my debit card, called WF explained the situation and specifically said to freeze one card and not the other (I have two checking accounts, and two cards). So they closed both accounts, replaced the card that didn’t need replacing, and didn’t even both to send a replacement card to the one was lost. Then totally useless over the phone. Citi on the other hand replaced their credit card in less than 24 hrs, the best service ever.


Shame on you Wells Fargo!

Today is January 4 and there is a snow storm out here in New Jersey. I cannot believe that they are open for business putting the lives of thousands of their employees in danger. Some of these employees have children that cannot attend school or day care’s because of the storm. Wells Fargo made a decision to open the branches. They obviously don’t care about their employees or their families. I am a customer and I will be going to my local branch as soon as im able to. I will be closing all six of my accounts +3 of my business accounts. These workers are the face of Wells Fargo‘s and for them to be put in danger like this is disgusting. Shame on you Wells Fargo for making the decision to put so many people in danger.


Wells Fargo

If you’re in a rush, DO NOT go inside to this Wells Fargo. They are extremely slow, and need more tellers. There’s always a whole bunch of people just walking around when they could be helping customers.


I think they are bad in every way, especially ATM fees.

Can’t wait to close my accounts.


Wells Fargo is a Joke!

My husband has a truck loan through Wells Fargo since day 1 it has been a nightmare he pays the payment every month and they never put it as a payment they put it towards principle so it looks like he never pays his monthly payment he has talked to managers and has tried paying online and by mail but still same result. They have ruined his credit and we fight with them monthly. I or my family will never bank or do any business with Wells Fargo they are horrible and should be ashamed of the service they give to people!!! Very pissed off wife!


Best all around hometown banking

This bank ranks an absolute 10!! the staff is so courteous and is a very diverse team. They takes time to explain any situations you may have in plain terms.they take personal banker to new heights! they care about your waiting time and make sure you get the best available services!! I have ben to several banks lacking. I was amazed at the confidence I have in wells faro! they really live up to professional standards.


Absolutely miserable…

I have been a customer for over 20 years and have spent the past 30 minutes on hold in order to cancel a dispute that was addressed by the merchant. The WFB website keeps responding “system unavailable” when I try to cancel online and nobody at Wells Fargo seems to want to pick up the phone. I am cancelling my account and going elsewhere… (not that they care).


Worst bank in the USA

unhappy about the hold time on ever check… And customer service doesn’t know anything helpful…


Bad Service.

They are a horrible institution . Never again I will be member of Wells Fargo. Horrible Service and they try to cheat there customers.


Over draft fees

Worst bank ever. They have fees for everything. Money hungry bastards. Don’t join this make, all they care about is making money.


Stay Away at all costs !

I have a Credit Score of 825. I owe only the mortgage and car loan. My credit cards are paid off every month. Wells Fargo hold my mortgage and yet I could not get a line of credit over 10 years with payments of $63.00 a month because the numbers did not reach the requirement for $25,000 when I only needed $15,000 for home improvements to increase the value of the property.
Stay away from these people. They send you Congratulations !~! You have been conditionally approved letters then they waste 3 weeks of your life !~!
There are many better Banks out there !


poor banking

Blocked my account and customer service can’t give even a reason why they did that.



I have had WF for over 11 years now , seriously for months they have been hitting me with late fees!! A dental payment got declined but yet they let smaller payments go thru! I swear they are a horrible bank . They have litterally messed up on not sending me replacement cards etc and yet when they mess up it’s ok. No customer appreciation. I’m canceling my account tomorrow asap!


It’s hard for me to believe the reviews I’ve read here

As a WF Banker, I took the time to read these reviews and find it a bit confusing.
At the branch I work at, these things do not happen. If the customer has made mistakes, in a courteous and professional manner, we try to help, fix, or recommend another way to do things so that it can be avoided in the future.
If THAT isn’t enough, we spend the time with management or our back office on the telephone to get something fixed or a better answer.
Our service is our #1 focus in our branch. I do not attend every branch, naturally, but I thought we were ALL held to the same standards.


Most annoying online banking

Trying to print out tax documents from work cause my personal printer is on the fritz. Of course i can’t log into my account on the pc because none of my passwords i use works.
I can sign on via my phone cause the password is saved there, but i can’t print from there, and the amount of characters my password contains on the phone, let’s me know what it might be, but on the pc … it refuses all of them and now i’m locked out of my account even on my phone. Can’t reset or make a new one because i’m at work and don’t have a stupid wells fargo document in front of me to know what my loan acct #. If NONE of my passwords are working, that means i’ve had to change it to something ridiculous to fit the needs of wells fargo’s ridiculous requirements. like *needs #'s, letts, and special characters? And probably my least favorite feature any site uses…“can’t be the same as the last 8 passwords” THIS IS WHY I CAN’T EVER REMEMBER WHAT IT IS!!! stupid. At the very least when you ask for password help, it would be nice if this information was provided so i at least knew which kind of stupid password i was forced to create for this stupid website.


Worst bank ever

This is the worst bank I could have known. They stole almost 2000 dollars from my account. the money that I worked so hard. for a guy to come and steal me for his damn insecure cards and the bank does not answer me. They are crazy. For them, my money was lost and that’s it.
I change for a real bank the Bank of America


This is the 21st Century, People Have Large Incomes

I have been very pleased doing business with Wells Fargo until recently when I had an increase in income. My paychecks from my regular employer exceed their recommended deposit limit of only $5,000 per month via mobile deposit. Since there is no local branch in my area, I am forced to hold my paychecks in excess of $5,000 per month.
It makes no logical sense to me at all that a bank would not take my money. Looks like all loss is to them. I will be looking for alternatives because of the inconvenience.



According my experience ,Wells Fargo not give damn benefits to their valuable customers,they need to clear all policy of checking,saving and credit before enrollment of new customers .Helpless business



I’m closing my account asap they are fraudulent get overs and blatantly and discretely take your money just pay close attention. I wouldn’t sign my dog up with an account from here ♀️


They stealing money from customers

Horrible horrible bank, I deposited 10.000$ to my account but banker gave me receipt and put in a system that I deposited only 1000$, they wanted to steal 9000$ from me! Another time I payed for my mom credit card 200$ ( I kept receipt), money was lost, they ruined my mom credit history because of their mistake , after we showed the receipt they were shocked that we kept it , investigation is going on for months to find out money, but they destroyed her credit history in couple days . And this is not all, they suspended my account due to some automated system overdrawn my account without my permission.