Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo
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A bunch of crooks

Everyone should boycott this bank! They are a bunch of crocks. All the news reports are true. If you like throwing away money then bank with them! I am in the process of moving everything away from this bank. Their corrupt business practices do not deserve our business.


Aweful service!

Today I requested to send my savings account statement online. This is perhaps the simplest request a customer can make. Guess what, the agents were not able to help me and said statements cannot be generated in the middle of statement cycle. I was looking for my last month’s savings account statement urgently and shame, the bank couldn’t assist!!


sneaky larcenous

I was abroad for a month and had arranged for mortgage pmt to be made through another bank. When I returned, I assumed that the pmt was made until I received a phone call from the bank saying they had missed the payment. by now it was 3 weeks late. So I walked the check to Wells Fargo to pay and they refused to accept payment! I had to wait at the bank for about 20 minutes while they called who knows who, and said who knows what while they spoke quietly and I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but it was alarming. I found out later that they had also sent an appraiser out to my place, as I received the bill for that! I was happy when they were parties to a class action suit for doing exactly that to many people and had to pay a penalty. Problem was that even though I got billed for their appraiser, my winnings in that class action amounted to $2.50 (two dollars and fifty cents).


Real time system for customers

Wells Fargo thinks they’re smart and tries to find a way to charge customers unnecessary fees. How can the bankers be seeing a different balance in my account than than I’m seeing??? I will be closing my account and I do not recommend this bank at all.


Outrageous fees

They obviously need the money more than I. They have fees galor. I have had my accounts with them for over 40 years. Checking and savings will be gone ASAP. I told the Customer Service Rep that and he really didn’t care. Nothing like loyalty for your long time customers!


Corporate greed

Tired of corporate greed and corporate bias. Wells Fargo makes their profits off of billions of working class people but will not lend to them if the same people are of color, regardless of their credit.



I paid a bill on Friday…this morning i had an overdraft fee of 35$.when i called they said that they dont process payments on friday,saturday or Sunday.now im stuck with a fee that should never have been.


Won’t ever bank with them again.

They are horrible


Don’t Apply!

No other banks I have applied with run hard credit checks, even after being approved. My credit was damaged from Wells Fargo because they don’t treat their customers fair and lost 6000 employees last year because they abused information to create fictitious accounts. They can’t be trusted and a 1.6 star rating is pathetic. I would be better off without Wells Fargo damaging my credit and people should protect themselves!


Added fees, poor servuce

Would never recommend. HAD checking/savings and home loan. Fee for transferring money from savings to checking. Asked if they had a true bi-monthly home loan and was physically told yes, only to discover after I closed all was a lie. Would NEVER recommend banking there


Poor customer service

Tried to open an on line account to pay a bill. Neither my husband or I previously opened one. Says we did. User name is something we would NEVER use. tried requesting password. Locked us out. Spent over half hour on phone, talked to 3 different people. Asked stupid security questions where 2 of the answers were “None of the Above!” Lady even said “If you have the answer, stop me!” So, given the correct answer, she says “Sorry, that wasn’t a choice!” WTF??? Still haven’t paid the bill! Going to see if our other bank will take over our mortgage!


Fees to high!

I like Wells Fargo but they charged me 35$ for every -5$ My account goes in. they charged me 70$ in insufficient funds fees and my account is now -80$ without the fees my account would be -10. I called to get this resolved and the woman I talked to was rude and unwilling to work with me. I don’t wanna switch banks but 35$ is a lot of money. And I don’t usually go in the negatives. Had they just charged me one fee of 35$ I would’ve been fine but twice is not ok.


Disappointed in wellsfargo

I talked to a specialist and she told me I could only have 50% of what had been charged to my account even though I was NEVER aware of them being able to charge me a “monthly service fee” for not having $1000.00 in my account. With that being said, I rather go to a different bank or keep my money elsewhere if you guys are going to charge me for not being able to have $1000.00 in my account. I shouldn’t have to worry about being charged for such ridiculous things &on top of that I got charged an overdraft fee because of you guys taking the money I had to pay some of my bills which I had saved for that specific bill. I will make sure everybody in my family moves to a different bank, you guys are a real dissapointment.


needs work

Online banking is cumberson, when compared with FifthThird.


Snail mail

5 days lead time to get a payment to Duke Energy. They have over 7 million customers. 5/3 bank does this in 24 hours.


Bank Fees drive me away.

I have a small business that receives cash for services and just this month WFB has charged fees for deposited cash. I call it a rip off and now I have to open an account at another bank to deposit cash into. After a visit to WFB they refused to alter the policy.


Would not cash a United States Treasury check

I have a loan with Wells Fargo,so I received my VA disability check which is a treasury check,I went to cash it at Wells Fargo and was told I couldnt because I had a loan with them but no checking account.
I asked why I needed a checking account was told security if it bounces.I told them it was a US tresury check the only way it bounces is if the US goes broke,
So if your a Vet go to USAA.


Changed their international checking fees from canada

All my bills are in USD, but I am a temporary worker in Canada. Wells fargo put my finances in a huge mess because of a policy change they made over international checks. They did this without notifying me there was to be any change of any kind. I’ve been with them for over tens years. so very disappointed.


Just Don’t Think about opening an account with Wells Fargo!!!

Horrible Customer Service with uninformed service reps that do little to enhance the already tarnished reputation of the Mega Bank. Avoid at all costs!

High fees, lowest interest rates on savings accounts and very little consideration for customers with multiple linked accounts.

Choose any other bank, you will do far better!


Horrible Experience

This mortgage experience with them has been the absolute worst banking experience of my life. They got all the wrong information on my account, made working thru these problems extremely difficult and acted like it was our fault, their security allowed our information to be put at risk from an attack, I ended up having to pay late fees when their web app decided to say that it posted a payment but failed… And, finally, when I brought this failure to their attention, the customer service rep basically said, “Well… That’s too bad… Get over it. Pay the Late Fee.” The customer service rep didn’t even offer any assistance with the matter or try to figure anything out.