Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo
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worst customer service

Canceled checking account and set up new checking account due to fraud. They never ordered the new checks, Found out calling them after 9 days. Asked them to expedite because I already waited 9 days. They said I would have to pay for expediting. Said I would receive checks within 10 working days.
They have no clue on how to treat a long time customer who has a checking, debit, and credit card with them.
They didn’t even seem to understand why I was upset with what had taken place. Must have spoken to 4 reps who could do nothing but switch me to other reps.
Called corporate headquarters and got the same results.
They have serious problems, even having to pay a billion dollars, they still don’t have a clue about how to keep a long time customer. Pretty sad.
Maybe it’s time to look for another bank who knows how to treat their customers.


Fee’s suck

I’m broke because of the fee’s, retirement was to be great Not!! Tellers are the Best. The CEO’s need to know what it’s like to be poor and the worst part I’m a Vietnam Veteran .


Pretty Good

I have been with them for 5 years and they are the best and the customer service has always been super helpful.


This bank is making it harder to bank by the day, they charge $5 for a money order, I applied for a loan, having a large amount of money in my wells fargo account and still they denied me credit. so, I am going somewhere else with my business.

how come I can get a money order for .69 cents from the local grocery store, and you charge $5 per item to your clients, this is outrageous, they claim it is because I can locate the m/o. so great news! I can also locate any other m/o. besides the fact that this people take hours to help their clients. it is absurd.


bad service overall

you charge way too much for a money order, are very hard to provide loans, etc. It is no easy banking, and now on top you are making it hard for my clients to deposit in my account, when sell cars for a living now my clients won’t be able to deposit their payments in my account without having to go through a lot of nonsense… I am moving out of this bank asap.


Worst Bank Ever.

I will never bank with these criminals again. They have hidden and not so hidden fees out the rear, they won’t cash their own freakin’ checks without charging you if you aren’t an account holder nor will they even make change. I recommend finding yourself a good credit union.


Trick you with fees

This is the worst bank ever… Not very honest


Won’t lend money

Been banking with these people for many years. Needed to drill a new well on the property I owned and lived in for over 20 years. Went to them first. Even though my credit rating was 7.8 they would not lend me the money because of some delinquent medical bills on my report. I had lots of equity in my home and even offered other collateral that was valued more than what I was asking for. The woman just said no. The only place that has ever turned me down. I even get 0% financing on my cars for the past ten years. The only reason I am still with them is because it is just too much trouble to change.


They will close your without prior notice

They will close your business account ‘for inactivity’ without prior notifying you. Just 3 months inactivity because I was sick. SLAM…email telling me “Your account had been closed”
A few months back they were opening accounts with no notice. Now they close our accounts with no notice.



Fraud team is terrible

Two hours on the phone with fraud to not get much accomplished. Not happy.


Very poor interest rates

I closed out my account which I had for 10 years. I found out I had to make an appointment in order to close out an account! Luckily it was about an hour wait time. Interest rates for savings very VERY poor – you can get at the moment 10 to 30 times the interest at come credit unions and smaller banks,



I opened an account with them literally for 3 days! They are full of it and literaly incompetent. I closed my account INSTANTLY!!! RUN… Save yourself the aggrevation. I have a credit score of 750 and make over 95,000 a year and was approved for $1,000. WTH??? I don’t even own a card that low. When I asked them to increase the limit they told me they would have to rerun my credit although they just ran it 3 days ago. I have very low debt, good credit, and make good money. I only decided to apply due to a zero percent for 12 months interest promotion that they have, so i decided to do a ballance transfer. When asked where did they get $1,000 from I was transferred four times until i got to the point where i said… "tell you what… Cancel this sh#t. And, thats my whole wells fargo experience in a nutshell. I also realized that prior to that they ran my credit more than once. Two hard inquires to my credit for nothing. Again, I say to you…RUNNNNNNNN!!! If you dont listen to my advice, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Run away like the wind

We were pre-approved on a mortgage with a locked in interest rate. Now, 4 days from closing, they want a bigger down payment and another half point in interest because they have questions about our investment portfolio, THAT THEY MANAGE! Screw’em… liquidating the portfolio and will pay cash for the house. Fidelity… here we come!


$30 Monthly Service Charge!

Wells Fargo now charges $30 per month on accounts with less than $25,000 of deposits or $50,000 of investment accounts! Their investment accounts are poor performers with very high rates.


Burdensome mortgage process

Unbelievable process to get a loan. As an existing customer, I expected better service. Repeated requests for similar documents resulted in a missed closing date. Poor communications with loan officials. All in all, never again. Going to a small local lender in future.



When you get charged $35 for being under $2 and some change from this Bank who has a bad reputation and going through all of the legal problems are going through is ridiculous. I would suggest making somewhere else as I’m about to do.


Muy mala experiencia con Well Fargo

He llamado al servicio al cliente hoy, de un departamento me transfieren a otro, en total 3 Departamentos y las respuestas son malas.
El peor trato que he tenido en un banco.


No cash Deposit

Apparently Wells Fargo don’t accept cash for deposits anymore tried to deposit cash in my son’s bank account and they would only take a check and then they have to wait days for the check to clear then they asked me well if you give me your bank and count information we can check you so I have to trust them because they don’t trust me Completely on heard of this not even a bank anymore


Stay Away

Today I had the distinct displeasure of dealing with Wells Fargo bank and all I can say is If there’s any possible way to not deal with this bank, by all means, do not! They are unprofessional, incompetent and worse than they ever were. Stay Away!!! Talking to them on the phone is a complete waste of time and will get you nowhere!!!


Do NOT get a HELOC, or any other account or loan, with Wells Fargo

We opened a HELOC with Wells Fargo in January of 2017. Part of the loan was a low fixed rate for a year, and part is an APR. We understood that in 1 years time, the fixed rate portion would roll into the APR and that the rates could increase over time.

WF has increased the rate the full possible amount every single chance they can. I have a gut feeling they are pushing the limits of what is allowed and I’m investigating it now.

Also, they will limit the daily and monthly extra principal only payments you can make from a non-Wells Fargo account from you online account. You have to either mail in a check or go to a branch.

Everything they do makes me certain they are trying to figure out how to screw me out of any extra interest that they can, they don’t seem to have learned anything from past lawsuits for unfair practices at all.

I very much regret every opening this line of credit and I will NEVER EVER again have anything to do with WF.

No matter how good the deal sounds, I would STRONGLY recommend that no one open an account or take out a loan or any kind with Wells Fargo.