Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo
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High Bank Fees

Just stopped in to the wells fargo branch to cash a Wells Fargo check, and had to pay a $ 7.50 FEE. I do not have an account there; that was the reason!!! The check i was cashing was a Wells Fargo check…Unbeliveable. They haven’t changed their business ethics at all. I will never do bussines with this bank again!!! NEVER!


Steals your money

They take money off your account thinking you won’t know even with you checking it’s still not the same balance they show you in your online account. I had a friend who quite working with wells Fargo because they didn’t want to be apart of a company that takes money from people


awful online banking

I just created an account and the online banking it’s been down for at least 30h.


Waste of time

I’ve been with this bank for 17 years, my credit is above 600, yet the bank refuses to give me a $5,000 loan. I was applying for a car purchase. At the dealership I was looking into, they got me a $20,000 loan a car from a bank I’ve never even heard of. So being a loyal customer to this bank for 17 years got me absolutely nowhere. They don’t care about its customers, just a profit and how to keep their profit, that’s there bottom line. Very disappointing.


Don’t do it

Terrible my card has been declined countless times and I’ve spent hours on the phone with customer service, terrible bank


Banking with Wells Fargo an inconvenience

Wells Fargo has made it an inconvenience to bank with them. Lately my husband and I have experienced changes that they keep implementing which is making it difficult and inconvenient to bank with Wells Fargo. First they change there hours of operation in the drive through. Which makes it difficult for those of us who work 8-5pm. A drive through is supposed to be for convenience. Secondly they will no longer allow to make deposits with cash if not a signer on the acct. which make no sense! They claim it is to reduce criminal activity. How can you commit a crime by depositing cash into an acct? I have a business that makes it difficult for me to get away, therefore I occasionally have my husband makes deposits for me. Instead we were inconvenienced by having to deposit money into my husband’s acct then we had to go online and transfer it. Now I have to explain to my CPA that it was a deposit from the business and not a pay in from our personal account. Now my Cpa has to figure that out when tax time comes around. If your going to make changes usually its to better the service not make it worse. I have banked with Wells Fargo since 1994 and I am now looking for a new bank to take my 5 accounts! There again another inconvenience!


Terrible process

So i was young and made a mistake on my credit. I spent over a decade rebuilding my credit to a 780. I was still denied by them for a line of credit and they didnt even inform me. I had to call to find out. What a pain. Terrible customer service. You will never see my buisness again.


Bank refused cash deposit

My mother asked me to make a small cash deposit into her account(under 1,000.00). They refused to make the deposit saying i had to provide them with a drivers lic. I explained I am not the account holder, I do not have an account with their bank and I am only running this deposit to bank for my mom. They refused to accept it.


I’ll never bank here again

Can’t believe you cant make a cash deposit anymore. What bank does that. So therefore im taking all my money out and go elsewhere. Besides they be on the news too damn much.


Permission to use money

Been a customer for 14 years… and took me 14 years to learn they charge $10 dollars if you don’t swing e your card 10 times within a months period. They changed my atm withdrawal limit from $500 to $310 and actually wanted me to ask for an increase. Stupid idiots should know you can’t even get $10 put of the atm. I shouldn’t have to ask for permission who how and when I can spend my own money


Will not accept cash

Wells Fargo will not accept cash from their own ATM to be deposited into a friends account.



This bank gets defensive every time I bring up an issue that THEY CAUSED !!! How can this company give good service when they’re always on the defensive??? Not good!


Won’t provide cash

I find it unbelievable that a bank will refuse to break a $100 bill into smaller denominations if you don’t have an account with them. This is a bank, for crying out loud! Years ago, I pulled my accounts with WF due to poor customer service and it has only gotten worse. Don’t do business with these folks…there are so many better choices out there.


Very bad management.

They are closing down many branches and also laying off employees left and right. They told their employees they will transfer them but after the settlement on the news, they went back to their old policy. When I called to make a complaint, the person on the other side denied the fact they’re laying off employees. I feel really bad for those awesome employees who helped me all the time. I’m starting to think that this bank isn’t customer centered like they advertise. This bank is more like share holders’ and upper level managements’ pocket centered. Plz take your money elsewhere!


Absolutely horrible bank

They will be the fastest to charge you any fee they can, but take months to actually help you. No customer service whatsoever, along with blatant disregard for any of their customers.


Hate this bank

We won’t be a customer for any longer. They cancel cards without informing customers and then won’t give them the atm access code.



I have an auto loan with them I want to pay off early they are making me jump thru hoops to do. No bank will except the money to release the title so the new owner can take the truck wells fargo and wells fargo dealer services are the same company but one won’t deal with the other never again will I deal with that bunch.


Poor quality business bank

Poor customer service. Rude staff. Poor computer system. Very bad business account help


My account keeps getting frauded

I been with them for over a yr. Had to get a new bank card, reopen a new account due to supisouse activities. I tired of lack of monitoring my account so this doesn’t happen again. Closing my account soon and switching banks. So unhappy with them. Worst bank ever.


Is a scam

Offered/advertised a 9.45% interest loan. Came back with a 13% loan, even With a near perfect credit score (829 out of a max of 850). Perfect example of a “bait and switch”.