Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo
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Closed my account with no reason

Wells fargo for “bussiness reasons” closed my account which i am glad they did because i had to do so much to keep the account free



My daughter was stuck 3 hours from home. I went to the branch with cash to deposit into her account to get her home. I was told since I am not on the account I could not make a deposit. I am a former customer who left for many reasons. Avoid this bank they do not care.


homeless for tonight

out of state and in need of cash. Some of us have been there. Tonight I sleep homeless. Why?
This bank told my ex a money order is just like cash and since he’s not 9n my account he can’t use cash.
ok. no biggie. right? NO BIG BIGGIE!!!
After practically begging Wells Fargo argo to correct their misinformation I receive I’m sorry man YOU SLEEP WITH THE FISH TONIGHT.
Monday morning Wells Fargo will not be my bank.


Worst bank ever!

This bank is horrible they don’t care about you at all! My bank has been hacked several different times so the last time it was hacked they had to issue me a new debit card so the one I had was no longer valid it was the weekend and I had no access to my money except my savings account that I never used before ever but given the circumstances I used it a few times then they turn around and charge me $45 in fees! And when I called them and explained they still wouldn’t give it back! How are you going to charge me to use my own money!!! Awful they are awful not to mention their being sued right now for stealing so many other peoples money for all the hidden charges! If your smart you will not bank with these thieves! Also every time I go over my statements I’ve been double charged! Be smart stay away from Wells Fargo!


Ridiculous fees

I deposited a Canadian check yesterday at a local branch. The teller incorrectly calculated the conversion rate so I called Customer Services and was then referred to their Foreign Exchange Services. The error will be corrected but I also learned that they will be keeping almost 8% of the total amount as a fee. Their website conversion rate is only for cash, which I learned from my conversation with their representative. Frustrating!!! I will be looking for a new bank.



A BANK that thinks you are just another account or number to make money off of. Have they closed are the fraudulent accounts they misled people into getting? They lied about what kind of fees you would get even after being asked directly. They put someone else’s money into my account hat had only been open for 3 days.


Worst bank ever…

Just very cold…and my favorite is the charge for depositing too much money… but then hold a check and charge an overdraft… it’s better to leave your money in in other places…glad to leave this sad place.


Nice People, Bad Services

I really hate to leave a poor review because everyone I’ve talked to has been nice, but the bank itself really screwed me over. I told them I needed to open an additional account to pay bills out of and they set me up with an account that DOESN’T ALLOW ACCOUNT CHARGES, so any charge not done through debit card (aka all online bills) were declined, and I was charged late fees and bounce fees for every single one of my monthly expenses totaling almost $400. On top of that, I transferred all my expense money into that account for that purpose and the account DOESN’T ALLOW TRANSFERS OUT so all the money I put in there is not only useless for my expenses, but I don’t have money to pay my rent because it’s frozen for all my declined charges. So long story short I’ve spent my weekend on the phone with countless people and organizations to figure this out and im behind in my bills THAT I HAD ALL THE MONEY FOR because Wells Fargo screwed me over. Don’t bank here.



Got pre approved for a home loan. Paid for the appraisal then then turned me down. Poor customer service throughout the experience. Went to a different bank and everything went just as it was supposed to.