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Wells Fargo
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Do not bank with wells fargo they will take your money and charge you $200 in overdraft fees because they decide to authorize overdraft fees on your account without your permission. Then they will only give you $50 back out of $200 they charge eventhough it was not ones fault. They are horrible the payments take weeks to post to your account and even the representatives say the online banking is not accurate they are the worst bank i changed to chase and now im in love with it. Use chase not wells fargo.


Good bank.

It’s pretty good. I haven’t had any issues. Fees are a little ridiculous, but all banks really do the same thing.

I’ll continue to bank with Wells Fargo.


Call Centers Are A Nightmare

Overall bank is O.K. moved from BofA because of ridiculous overdraft fees, stayed for the good in-bank (at branch) assistance. However website is behind its times (even though they had a recent re-design), the iPhone app is atrocious and their phone customer service (which is outsourced to the Philippines judging by the accent of the operators) IS AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. They can rarely fix anything and I spent over half an hour one time being bounced between “departments”, then one operator said she’d see my case through to completion herself and put me on a never-ending hold. Even the music on the hold cut out after 6 straight minutes of hold. Sadly thinking of closing my account after finding a better alternative.


Do not use this bank for home equity line of credit.

Had a small promotional line of credit set up on my home with a cheap interest rate thinking I would try them. My thought was I could use this line of credit for small quick loan access if an emergency came up rather than liquidate an investment to cover a temporary cash purchase. They are completely screwed up in their loan department. I always pay my loans off early and when trying to do so with my home equity loan they never seem to be able to get the correct amounts deducted from my checking account. The have doubled up extra payments, Sent me automated threatening letters informing me they would try to work with me to stay in my home after they later discovered it was their system’s error. I request a letter to exonerate and retract their nasty letter sent to me Jan 6th, 2017 and it is now March 19th, 2017 nothing resolved. They have sent me dozens of follow up letters along with phone calls stating they would need more time for their legal department to investigate the problem surrounding the circumstances. I HAVE ASKED WHO ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH IS THIS SCREWED UP? They are riddled with problems in their loan departments. Their system does not know how to handle customers who pay loans off early by applying extra principal payments toward their loans without messing up their regular schedule payments. I have gone to their back and had the loan officer make the transaction and they still screw it up. Ther customer service throughout the corporate office is the worst I have seen. DO NOT take a home equity loan out through them for any circumstances as they are quick to threaten your property if any payment debacle happens on their part and are unwilling to admit errors on their part. It has been a nightmare trying to get this fixed. I have spent house on the phone and at their branch office straightening up their messes. I have sold all my Wells Fargo stocks and will soon move out completely from their inept organization. A total incompetent organization. Follows suit with the recent news of changes in their senior management. Beware!!!



wanted to make a payment so I called into customer service, went to having a variance (credit) of almost all of monthly car payment so I was given instructions BY THE PHONE REP to only pay the difference ( about 7$) to make full car payment. called back to changed address only an hr or 2 later and I was told the customer service before me gave incorrect info, being that NOW I have to pay 200+ along with the variance ( credit). expressed concern, spoke to supervisor, which then, gave me yet ANOTHER payment amount owed!!! They have NO BUSINESS doing ANYTHING with ANYONE’S money!!! they cant even add and subtract correct! SCARY PLACE TO HANDLE MONEY WITH INCOMPETENT CARELESS PEOPLE THAT CANT EVEN EXPLAIN SENSITIVE MATTERS CORRECTLY!!!



family has been with them for over a decade, decided to join them. Only is useful if you plan on not using banking whatsoever. which is what my family does the majority of the time, being the busy person I am with multiple banks and credit unions, this has by far been my worst possible experience. I called THREE TIMES to put overdraft protection on because I had to change the auto-pay with some of my bills but the payments would still occur so the payment would decline, with any other bank it is called “overdraft protection” and whenever my autopays would take out, they would charge me a $35 every time, and they also didn’t refund me ANY of the Overdraft when I paid back ALL the negative, the SAME DAY. (the moment my email alerted me it had happened). It was over $200 in reimbursement. They seriously don’t care much for loosing their customers as much as they don’t care for keeping them. Everyone should know by now that banks in general at this point are not the way to go. Try a credit union, only use banks for international business.



I literally got charged over $40 because I transferred money more then 6 times on the app. I know that’s a little too much. But I should about to do what ever I want with my money ! Caused me to be behind on bills.



Had I known a loan would be processed through them I would have ran for the hills. They have no business doing anything affiliated with anyone’s money! They’re probably the most careless group of “customer service reps” I have ever encountered… Have a loan through this place, confirmation where my payments were made weeks before they were due, but because they didn’t process them until the day after they were due (coincidence?) I get charged a late fee of $38 every month… Sounds pretty ethical, right!!! IF you’re considering anything with this bank please reconsider. I wouldn’t let them manage my child’s piggy bank money!


They take and use your money!

TERRIBLE customer service. Their tellers and customer service personnel are truly useless. In addition, I believe there are unprofessional and nefarious practices happening. For example on their “bill pay” they remove the funds from your account regardless of whether or not the recipient cashes the check. So you the account holder thinks bills are paid because the money is removed from you account and basically put into a Wells Fargo account until the recipient cashes the check. ! if they never cash check they do not return you money until after 90 days!! What are you doing with that money wells fargo! SAD!


Terrible customer service and delayed text alerts in weekends

Tried to get basic activity info for 3 days from Friday: received contradictory info from that given Saturday, 3 reps did not understand difference between PRESENTING check and posting, 3 day hold was put on $20 cash deposit, endured 2 disconnects in attempt to understand contradictory balances given.


Customer Service is none

Went to the branch trying to close credit card and home equity loan accounts was told I had a call the phone no help whatsoever, called on the phone asked for some password which I had no idea what it was when not give me any information what kind of password looking for word or number and tells me I have to go to the branch to do it, getting the runaround one of the worst banks I’ve ever dealt with at the waist more my time close accounts.
Do yourself a favor go to TD bank they are outstanding.


Horrible ran away from them as fast as you can!!!

They cancel your bank cards without notifying you. They do not want you to use your money because they get interest from it. So without any notice whatsoever they cancel it and if you are about to pay and do not carry cash with you they leave you in a bind because they DO NOT fix your problem by phone. They just tell you they are but your card will never work again. You have to call them back and they will tell you to go to an office to get a new one. Ridiculous.


Third world bank!!! Not to United States Standards

Call them for any issue and they tell you they will they are sorry and that they will transfer you to somebody that can help you. Good luck you will continue to be transferred. They NEVER give you anything in writing. All will be verbal and THEY keep the recordings. If you request an email or letter about what they said they were going to fix they tell you they can’t. They are going to ignore your concerns but they are going to make sure there is no documentation to prove it. You need to hire a lawyer to fight for their recordings. Banks are supposed to provide a service. They provide a disservice to their customers. They should not be called or even be considered part of america. They belong to a third world country.


Very poor customer service

Been trying to open an account for ten days.

Keep getting calls at 7pm at night saying we need to resubmit forms they cannot read. No manager or supervisor on duty. Truly horrible service. Will need to move along



I just closed out my bank account today after many, many inconveniences. I would go there to cash checks and couldn’t… I would go to the ATM for specific cash wash withdrawals and couldn’t. They could never help me. Also, they hire assholes. The one in my location has women with nasty attitudes! I hated the bank the whole time I used them. They had a fee for everything. I hate Wells Fargo. I hope they go right out of business!


Great bank

I like this bank. Been with them for decades and am always treated well. I like the interest rate and terms of their Visa Platinum Card, the ease of online banking and other perks. I don’t like the low interest rate that pay me on my savings and custom term accounts though. Maybe this will change soon with Trump in office…


Not any worse than the rest

Coming over from BOA, WF has my best interest in mind. I do have quite a few accounts with them. Never hand a problem, they have waved fees when appropriate and offer service with a smile


They Lie and Take Your Money

I’m leaving Wells Fargo today. I’m so done with them. I’ve had an account with them for over a year now, and it’s been nothing but hair-pulling frustration the entire time.

First, let’s start with the account fees. Every month cycle, there is a $10 service fee. The only way to get out of this fee is to either have a minimum balance of $1,500, $500 in direct deposits, or make at least 10 purchases with the debit card. Most of the time, I at least hit the direct deposit minimum, and I definitely hit the debit card minimum. Yet, out of the last 12 months, I have been charged that account fee 6 times. Twice it’s caused me to go in the negative, because I budget everything and often don’t have any wiggling room. And one of those times, it even triggered an overdraft fee on top of it.

Every time it’s happened, I had to go in to the bank, get lectured on account fees like I’m an idiot, watch the banker count up my transactions, realize that I was right, and then they tell me they’ll reverse the fees (which will take two business days to happen). It wouldn’t bother me if this happened once or twice, but it’s happened literally half the time I’ve been a customer with them.

Next, I have recently found out that, even though I specifically included upper-case and lower-case letters in my password (as well as numbers), Wells Fargo doesn’t actually have case-sensitive passwords. I’ve been entering it that way for months, and it didn’t even matter. You’d think that for a bank, a place where I not only keep my money, but also all of my sensitive information, they’d be a little more concerned about the security of its customers.

Finally, let’s go into the lovely experience I had today. I have the mobile app, as well as online banking, and yesterday I checked multiple times to see how much money I have to make sure I knew how much I could spend when I went out later that day. Every time I checked, it said my balance was $51. I knew I needed $20 for a purchase later this week, so I spent $28 (and change). When I got home, about 11:30 pm, I checked my balance again, and it was $22. Everything added up.

However, when I woke up this morning, I had a balance of $-2.62. I double checked all of my transactions to make sure there wasn’t anything I didn’t recognize. Everything was there, even the pending transactions from yesterday. I couldn’t figure it out. So I called Wells Fargo customer support line, and spoke to a man. He told me that sometimes, when merchants don’t collect the payment from Wells Fargo right away, Wells Fargo will credit the amount back to the customer, making it appear as if there’s more money in the account than there actually is. He told me that I should keep my own legend to account for this.

There are several problems with this. First of all, the transaction that caused this overdraft was my credit card payment, which was recorded as a POSTED transaction on their site. It wasn’t even a pending transaction. So naturally I assumed the money for that had already been taken out. Next, what’s the point of even having the mobile app if it’s not going to tell me the correct amount? Nowhere on there does it say that the amount reflected might not be accurate. In this age of technology, I shouldn’t have to carry around a ledger to keep track of my money.

So now, thanks to Wells Fargo, I’m overdrawn and I can’t make the purchase I really needs later this week. A year ago, I was willing to give Wells Fargo a chance amongst all the controversy surrounding it, but no more. As of today, I will never use their services again.


On-Line Bill Pay

When they send a check instead of a wire transfer for an on-line payee, the money disappears from your account immediately and there is no way to tell if the check has gone astray and not been cashed until you start receiving late-payment notices (adding late fees) from the payee. Then you have to contact customer service to find out what happened… I was told that they would allow up to six months before notifying you that the check had never been cashed and returning the amount to your account.


Ridiculous policies

Won’t issue me a second debit card for a single checking account even though I was told I could and have given authorization to the secondary card holder