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Its time to go!

I have been banking with Wells Fargo for over a decade since it bought Wachovia. My account was transferred to Wells Fargo automatically I only received a letter stating that my bank now is Wells Fargo. Anyway for banking with them for so long I never really experienced any inconveniences or mistreats till about now.
Firstly: Its started with the overdraft fee. I never had my account overdrawn before so that was first time experience. Long story short, I called customer service and requested that this fee to be reversed as a curtesy to the long time customer and instead I got yelled by the rep who was very rude, unprofessional and always interrupting. After about 30 minutes useless conversation, constant interruption and unwillingness to address my issue I requested to speak to the supervisor. When supervisor came online I explained to her my issue as well made comments about my recent customer service experience. She I assume had more brain in her head and instead of arguing with me she actually agreed to reverse this charge.
Secondly: I was buying a home and needed to make a very urgent wire transfer for $4000 however it was Saturday afternoon and of course all banks were closed already. I went online and initiated wire transfer there but, for some ridiculous reason I can only send $3000 and to send more there is another $30 fee. But because i needed it I agreed to let them take additional $30 however on monday I contacted the bank and ask them why is there such an odd limitation on my account? Unfortunately no-one was able to explain that to me and this time they refused to revise the second fee.
And finally when the glass got full. Accessing my online account yesterday I suddenly realized that my Personal Line of Credit has mysteriously disappeared from there. I called Wells Fargo and they couldn’t actually find that I even had a Line of Credit and of course they have no idea why was it closed or where did it go. All these happened in the last four month so I realized that now is the good time to go. I think since Wells Fargo got themselves under fire things started to get worse. Hopefully they won’t stay long.


they suck.

they are suppose to be doing a investigation on stolen and cashed money orders for months now. no one follows up or is doing anything


No Banking Relationship

Out of the blue, they cancelled my credit card. Was never late with any accounts. Called to the local branch and was just told it was a corporate decision. What a bunch of B.S. I am going to close my accounts and I suggest you either dont open with them or close and move on if you do. The next scandal with Wells Fargo is not too far away based on their history without any accountability.



I got an credit card account with this banck by accident, when i plied for the 1 year no interest promotion with Bob Discount furniture. My fault that i didn’t do a research of what banvk where they affiliated with. I never liked this back, but having an account with this banvk is the WOOOOOST thing. Their customer service is worst then going to a government institution. (SERIOUSLY) July 26 i check my account and i see that i got charged interest, and July 27 i received an email alerting me that my promotional purchase with no interest was going to expire August 25th. When i call July 31st i talk to this lady who was really rude by the way. And i explained her my concern of why wasn’t i alerted before i got charged the interest, and she tells me because that alert was for the 2nd promotional purchase that i made, and that for the 1st promotional purchace i should have received an email alerting about the 1st one. As im talking to her im going through all my WellsFargo emails i Never dis i ever ever received an email before that weren’t confirmation of payments and i asked her to check with technichal support so that she could confirm that. So she seemed lost and transferred me to a later learned “supervisors” not rude, no, VERY RUDEEE. He starts to tell me that email are a curtesy and that it was my responsibility to know. (I understand) i relied on them to remind me. And he tells me that on mu statements it was also stated, and i asked him which statements, cuz i never received any, i didn’t know i was supposed to receive statements. And when he checks he is like confirm ur adress which i do, then he tells me tha my adress was incorrect, (kidding me?) then he is like thats why u didn’t received statements because u didn’t take the time to make sure your adress was correct, sonim sorry Ma’m we can’t waive the charges since thats what u agreed when u signed the papers (Seriously?) i am supposed to call every single back i have an account and ask them ( hey do you guys have my adress correct) as their customer they didn’t have the courtesy to email me and ask me to verify my adress maybe i would have known that my adress was incorrect and fix it…i took the time to write this later to warn other about this bank, because im mortified by the customer service that this bank offer. By the way im closing my account dont need all this nonsense


Horrible Bank

My overall rating for this company is a 1 star. I would possibly give the company half a star if it was permitted. According to my best recollection I have been saving money in my 401k through my company for as long as I worked, I had a major class that I had to take in order to further my education and career. Everything was normal at first I asked for to use my money for my future class and I was faxed paperwork within a few hours to start my claim. I called the school I was going to attend and received a quote to show what it would cost to take the class. I sent in the paperwork and waited for a response. After a few days I called back to check my status, and I was told I sent in the wrong paperwork in a very rude way. I was told I need a invoice instead of a quote, after the conversation with the employee of Wells Fargo I was a little frustrated about how was treated and the lack professionalism. I complied with sending a invoice, the same day. I called a few days later asking my status, I was told that status was approved but not for the amount I asked for. I asked the reason why my original request declined, and the response was that the class doesn’t cost that much, I told them I understood that but I have software, and computers and other items to but for this course. They told me if I wanted to receive more of my money that I would have to send them a advertisement of the items that need for class. I told them that I’m taking a high level course, and since your company knows that I’m in class that requires a computer and software there is justification. They asked me would I like the money I was approved for I said of course. And I asked them if they were following the guidelines by the IRS.gov site which states a follows:
Safe Harbor Distributions
Under a “safe harbor” in IRS regulations, an employee is automatically considered to have an immediate and heavy financial need if the distribution is for any of these:
•Medical care expenses for the employee, the employee’s spouse, dependents or beneficiary.
•Costs directly related to the purchase of an employee’s principal residence (excluding mortgage payments).
•Tuition, related educational fees and room and board expenses for the next 12 months of postsecondary education for the employee or the employee’s spouse, children, dependents or beneficiary.
•Payments necessary to prevent the eviction of the employee from the employee’s principal residence or foreclosure on the mortgage on that residence.
•Funeral expenses for the employee, the employee’s spouse, children, dependents, or beneficiary.
•Certain expenses to repair damage to the employee’s principal residence.

After I read the guidelines to employees and managers I still have not received my compensation so I will be reviewing other options through legal. I hope this helps. Don’t save with Wells Fargo, tell your company not put your hard earned money in Wells Fargo.



I use to have an account with them and after several outrageous charges to my account and then they tried telling me that I couldn’t collect money that had been wired to me through the bank, I switched. I would still go in to get quarters because it was a more convenient stop than my bank. I went in today and they no longer will exchange cash for quarters if you don’t have an account and that was after standing in a long long with my 2 small children. I will never set foot in that bank again!


Be prepared to provide your first born

Working with this bank for a loan has been terrible. I have exceptional credit and sufficient down payment money to be considered a very low risk loan. Wells Fargo took weeks of adding requirements every day for more and more personal information to add to their data base. They want to know about every dollar in an account. If you bank with them be prepared to have daily emails that you are deficient on there website for documents you never received a phone call about!


Money Scammers!!!

I have a credit card with them so about 4 days ago I had noticed some fraudulent activity on my account, they credit it back to me and sent me out another card. So about 2 days ago I checked my account and it was in the positive. I then go the gas station to get gas and I see insufficient funds. I go online to check my account and I have a $0 credit balance and have an overlimit that’s due. I then called the bank that I had funds transferred from to go to wells fargo and they tell me the funds were transferred last month on july 11 2017 and here it is August 11 2017 and I have no funds? yeah ok this is a joke right??? so I called wells fargo spoke to a rep who then transferred me to their manager so we called my other bank to verify that funds were taken by wells fargo that wells fargo received payment and you know what the wells fargo manager said, he said well I don’t know where your money went to… Are you freaking serious??? You mean to tell me you cant tell me where my money went??? so I speak to an executive from corporate and she tells me the my other account a non wells fargo account had insufficient funds. And I told her that one of your call center managers have already spoken with my other bank and have verified that wells fargo have already received payment and you know what she said we cant take the word of a call center manager we need documentation. What type of BS is that??? I asked her you have documentation that I have spoken with the manager and 3 other people correct she said yes but we cant take the word of a call center manager… then while I’m on the phone with them trying to log into my account why I get an email stating need to change password and when I tried logging in and changing it my user name and social and card number cant be found… I’m closing the account never using them again… DO NOT BANK WITH WELLS FARGO EVER THEY WILL ROB YOU BLIND!!!


Worst Bank, Switching soon

Some of the things they do is deliberate. They transfer funds without my knowledge from one account to another. They created new account without my consent. So, I have four accounts somehow. I was being charged 10 on each account even though I had more than enough to waive the 10 monthly fee. Then, The rep told me if I created way2saving the fee would be waived. I did. Fee was never waived. They closed my credit account without explanation and when I asked for explanation I was told wellsfargo reserves the right to close account without reason (I was not good for them) even though I never was late on my credit card. Since they closed my account I have fallen behind on my credit card bills because I had to keep the money I normally would have put into the credit card payment (since I would use my card). But since I cannot use my card, whatever money I put in there is gone. They have piled late fee after late fee even though I have repeatedly asked for them to hold it off until I get more money. I will take them to court. No way what they did should be legal. It is unfair.


Fraud Claim

I rented a vacation house and paid the money into the owner’s Wells Fargo Account. On the day I was to move in, the owner wasn’t there to hand over the keys. He asked me to wait for him for 30 minutes of which he never did show up. Since I also bank with Wells Fargo, I thought filling a Fraud claim would be easy in terms of me getting my money back since the money was paid into another Wells Fargo account. After their investigation, I was told that my claim was denied since I paid the money directly into the other person’s account. In order words, if you transact with somebody that asked you to wire funds into their own Wells Fargo account, if at the end the transaction turns out to be a scam, Wells Fargo would do not about it since you initiated the transfer. This is arrant nonsense. This goes to show you how this bank perpetuates evil. How can a customer of your bank be defrauded by another customer of the same bank, and you tell the one that was defrauded of their hard-end money that they can’t get it back. Which means you are simply encouraging the one that defrauded the other for them to continue with such practise. As it is, I will advice that people be careful of Wells Fargo. The bank doesn’t care about you if things should go wrong. This is the same reason as to why most people are skeptical about their business practices and why they have been held liable for difference business malpractices.



confused information on account that was trasferred from a bankrupt bank


Zelle and Sure Pay leave customers vulnerable

Myself and a friend used surepay to send and recieve money. However, that money never showed up at its destination because Wells Fargo sent it to a theif. They have been unwilling to do anything other than claim they followed policy and procedure. Only problem is thats what fraudsters do. They find loopholes and exploit them and in this instance they fooled the system and Wells Fargo only wants to claim deniability. Its a real shame. I am recording every contact I have for the inevitable court date to come and social media postings. There will be no claim that we didn’t try!


Can’t transfer money in my own account

I have tried to transfer money from my business account to my personal account. Wells Fargo is telling me that I am not authorized to do this, even though it is my account and my company. I have spent an enormous about of time to try to resolve this matter, however Wells Fargo has forgotten the rule that without customers, they won’t have a bank!


Unethical practices

One time when I was in my local WF branch for something unrelated, the banker smooth talked me into opening two new accounts that I didn’t need. I forget how she convinced me, but I think there was some kind of bonus for opening new accounts. I got another checking and savings account (I already had one of each at WF). The minimum balance fee on the savings account would be waived if I made one deposit a month. The banker had me put $25 in the checking account, set up a monthly automatic payment to the savings account, then set up another automatic payment back to the checking account. Now I had two accounts by themselves, shuffling $25 back and forth each month to avoid the fee. I know this sounds shady and I should have known better, but THIS WAS ALL THE BANKER’S IDEA. So, she set me up with these accounts and I left. The automatic transfer didn’t happen and I got hit with a minimum balance fee on my savings account, which had $0 in it. Then, an overdraft fee. Since the banker told me it would be all automatic and I didn’t have to worry about it, I didn’t notice until the minimum balance fees, overdraft fees, and late fees had built up for a couple months. An organization with integrity wouldn’t encourage bankers to use loopholes and cost their customer lots of money just to hit a goal of opening so many new accounts.



The customer means nothing to Wells Fargo


Pissed off

Worst bank ever!!!


excellent bank great staff

only change I request is the option for customers using Wells Fargo ATM for balances using card from different bank be allowed to print out account balance at Wells Fargo locations



Customer service is nonexistent…worse bank ever, understand why they are always in the news and it is never positive news.


Non sense

This is the bank system that desing to suck out their customers money with ridiculously rates and interests charges for non sense!
Becarefully check your account every afternon make sure u dont get charged 2/3times a day
If u still late than you get interest charge again for their interest fees previously they made you pay!worst bank ever closed all my accounts good luck if you able to clear your self up easly.


Do Not Use

Worst bank for residential and commercial use. Service is always poor, no one ever knows what is going on and departments don’t talk to each other. Each phone call takes an half hour and most items can’t be done online.