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Need to visit branch for credit card application

I have tens of credit cards, but when I come to wells fargo, after online application, I got mail asking for phone verification. Later I was told to visit one of their branch in order to get the approval. This is the first time that I see this kind of requirement. Better to not have it.


Poor Customer Service/ Website

I have been with Wells Fargo for a long time and still they do not offer me a lower interest rate on my credit card. I have transferred almost the entire balance over to another account to pay off. Customer Service is terrible and their Website freezes up and has problems all of the time. Today I went to e-mail their customer service and could not get through. If you speak to a Customer Service Agent and ask for them to send you an e-mail confirmation, you never get one. Over all not great customer service, their rates they offer on loans are higher than any other provider. Overall really poor!


Awful online customer service

Their customer service for online banking is awful and the staff are really rude.



I immediately reported it online and I went to the nearest WF branch (East Chase Parkway, Fort Worth) and they gave me a temporary card and also I receive my new card within 3 business days. Would recommend anyone to visit this branch.

Customer (For more than 2 years)


Don’t Do It

I’ve been a Wells Fargo customer 10+ yrs now and within this last year I have been very dissatisfied with there services.
A few months ago my chip stop reading in certain stores. It would decline (which is an embarrassment) as if you don’t have enough money. I contacted the call center and requested for a replacement card. I wa stops it would take a few days which I already knew so I got a temporary card to use until. I know how it is sending stuff out so I didn’t really push the issue but before you knew it it had been a whole 30days, my temp card was expired and there was still no new bank card. I contacted the call center back and they tried informing me that if they sent another card out I had to get a whole new card meaning new bank card numbers which of course I didn’t want because I had bills set up for that card already. I advised my situation and that i would have to pay for fees if they closed my current card down. I literally kept gettin the same response with NO sympathy at all which was no help until about the 3rd person I spoke with who actually resent my debit card with the SAME numbers. Remind you everybody else kept saying it couldn’t be done.
Recently I encountered another horrible experience. I’m an uber driver so I’m able to deposit my funds everyday. I’ve been doing this a little over a year now with no problems until last week. It just so happen one day I deposited the money I made in my acct (which I seen in the Wells Fargo online app) but my funds were reversed (which they never reappeared in my uber acct). I contacted online was told they couldn’t me I had to contact uber or submit a claim. I went to the claims department which I was assisted but not helped with my issue. The rep did refund me half of a negative fee charge I paid a few months back but advised me that my charge was reversed bc it stated it was taking place from California (which I’ve never been) and that she still had to submit a claim in order for me to get those funds back. I did eventually receive my money a few days later but was I was advised it should never happen again and not even a whole week later same issue. This time it was a lot more money then the first. When speaking with reps I was advised the samething as the first, they couldn’t help contact uber or submit a claim. This time of course I’m extremely upset and I really want answers as to what’s really going on. I spoke with CSR’s, 2 managers and a customer care rep and of course I was told 3-4 different things within all those people as to WHY this keep happening. It’s like they are trained to just say whatever sounds good and will get the customer off the phone. So once again I am still currently waiting on my funds to appear either in my bank or uber acct. I also advised this was a more serious issue then the first and I would be paying putting even more money st risk bc I can’t deposit from my uber account and I needed the money at the time. Honestly I felt as if NONE of the reps I talked to really cared they were only doing there job and apologizing bc it would be passing there QA check for showing “sympathy/empathy.” When contacting uber they stated my acct was flagged by Wells Fargo fraud department. Keep in mind Wells Fargo advised they couldn’t help me they didn’t know where my money was but it clearly showed in my online account that it was deposited and then reversed out. Now I’m losing out on extra money for Wells Fargo behalf which isn’t far to the customers.
Just be careful and do your research on how these companies really operate before opening an bank acct bc they will have your whole life in there hands but honestly don’t care what happens with it or you.


Always helpful…

Overall I have had only positive experiences at WFB. I have been banking here for 6 years now. I don’t use the bank branches much anymore as I can do almost all my banking online which is so convenient. The recent update of their website was a great improvement. I know the “news” has been bad for Wells lately, but I have confidence that they will come out of it all as a much better bank and operation.


3 overdraft fees

I checked my account last night and had a balance of $160+. Now this morning, my account is overdraft for $235! The bank doesn’t process over the long holiday charges but they appear ad processed when I review my online account! Will be looking for other banking options!


Poor interface, bad information.

Wellsfargo Online banking often displays misleading balances and its interface is poor, whether by design or incompetence, it results in misleading information on credit balances; which results in fees routinely hitting my account for actions the on-line banking had lead me to believe were covered. Delayed over drafts and surprised outstanding balances on secure credit have occurred as a result of poorly or maybe even maliciously designed on-line statements.


Get your a better Bank, it a nightmare!!

Get yourself another bank, especially if your a Business. RED TAPE, Nightmare Bank,Terrible Customer service


The WORSE bank

So this always happens to me… I have money in my card (a lot) and I buy something at a restaurant let’s say at 12:30pm, I go to a gas station literally 10-15 minutes after just paying at the restaurant, and try I try putting gas; so the guy says your card is not available. I’m like wait what??? Then ofcourse I cannot get gas at the moment. It happens ALL the time. Then, it’ll work again like an hour later , and back to it not being available 5minutes after . this isn’t the ONLY problem I have. I have MANY. They wana charge extra fees for everything. And its just a lot more. This is by far the worse bank I’ve ever had and the ONLY bank that gives me problems ! I do not recommend ANYONE opening an account with this bank. ! :warning:



I opened my Wells Fargo account two years ago and just till now I realize that it was a huge mistake. The customer that opened the account to me lied in the first place about the terms and conditions of it. Now, to get my deposit back I have to close my account, it is like condemning me to this credit card for ever. I ended up closing my account and frustrated with the services they provided to me.


nice customer service, but crappy bank

I used to be a happy wells fargo customer. Now I’m considering closing every account I have with them. The customer service is always nice, but it’s the bank itself and their policies I take issues with. I don’t kill the messenger, in other words. Pretty much I signed up for an ‘interest-free’ credit card through them. Later i was charged a LATE FEE. I called and asked , why is there a late fee on an interest-free card? I had the CASH wise VISA-- an account that does not qualify for a late fee reversal. Which is really stupid. Not to mention the rewards system is SO stingy. You can only withdraw rewards in certain ‘increments’ that’s how they get you to keep using the card. I’m ditching Wells Fargo for Chase Bank. Chase lets me withdraw rewards any time I d@mn well please, and doesn’t have all these confusing credit card rules. Shame on your Wells Fargo. Not to mention your new website interface really sucks.


Lame Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is the worst bank ever they have poor customer service they think there right when there not they like to nail you on with fees that shouldn’t been charg they also withdraw your money without your concern if you don’t call them they won’t refund your money changing bank will be the best this bank suck ass.


Ponderous, Arrogant, Incompetent

Bulled our way doggedly through the process to purchase a short sale house for almost 4 months with these horrible people. Past 3 weeks no word of any kind, no answers, no letter so we could start our mortgage application. Discovered it was ONE PERSON, the final step, all he has to do is send us a letter so we can proceed, and the paperwork has sat on his desk for 3 WEEKS, for no reason! All of our fall/winter clothes are packed in storage, we are paying $500 a month for storing all of our furniture and other belongings, and have been worrying about getting an apartment since we have to be our of where we live! All because of ONE PERSON! And we have heard that this is common at Wells Fargo! Which is why we will never, ever bank with them! I feel sorry for the seller having to deal with them!


Lacking customer service - high fees

I have been a Premier customer of Wells Fargo for over ten years. I have been experiencing very bad service and was recently charged on more than one occasion fees that were not supposed to be charged. I am very disappointed in the bank and plan to close my accounts.


Worst business bank ever

I have been a Wells Fargo Small Business Advantage customer for many years with a 100K credit line which has always been managed responsibly and paid on time. I have ALWAYS made my payments online, directly through the Wells Fargo website.

Around the first of the year, Wells Fargo made extensive changes to their website. Apparently, something is not working correctly, because since that time, EVERY payment I have made online has not processed through my bank where my payment accounts are located. My bank has told me that the Wells Fargo website has never even initiated the payment. I always print the confirmation code from the website, and I have made every payment well in advance of the due date, and well in excess of the minimum amount due, because I am trying to get the account paid off quickly. Every month someone calls me to tell me that my account is past due, even though I made every payment in good faith, and have told them that the problem is on their end, with their website. I have provided them with the payment confirmation codes from their own website. Their collections people keep telling me that they are looking into it, but they never resolve it and are now telling me that it is MY problem. I cannot fix their website!!! I have spent countless hours on the phone with them, without EVER being able to resolve the problem. Instead they just keep hounding me for payments, which I show have been made. There seems to be absolutely NO coordination between their online/website people and their small business banking people, and everyone just keeps passing the buck and telling me that they’ll “look into it.” I’m extremely frustrated, and will NEVER do business with this bank again, in any capacity. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone.


They are garbage

Here I am in Florida after hurricane Irma, they refuse me any help. They said they where sorry and wished me the best of luck. I get direct deposit every 2wks, like clock work I needed to get formula and food for my family. I ask about my direct deposit would in there response was I don’t know. I ask why I can’t over draft my account they said it’s not up to them. They are just the scum of the earth. No feelings what so ever. Straight heartless people.


Lacking every skill possible

I called Wells Fargo specifically this morning to reopen an account with them, called over the phone and explained my situation and let the agent know that I previously had an account with the company. I asked the specific question of what would I need to open the account the agent told me a gov "I get there with my money and my id to open an account I’m informed that I would need 2 forms of Id something that she could’ve easily said when I made the phone call, but I appreciate you Wells Fargo you need to go back and have the biggest training call for all of your worker with poor customer service skill, it’s important to inform potential new customers but I’m happy I didn’t open an account with this company maybe you should go to Chase and get their training book on how you provide that information…it only takes 30-60 secs to give accurate information



Resident of Florida in the middle of the disaster area. My home damaged, my job site is closed due to hurricane Irma as well. There’s no food no gas nothing to find income with. And Wells Fargo can’t even help me - meanwhile other mortgages banks have given 1-3 months off payments to Many of my family members and friends. this tells me Wells Fargo does NOT give a damn about me and my family.
What is it to them to push back one to three payments Til the end of my term?! Nothing! They just choose not to help.
I don’t know what I will do.


Don’t care attitude

Went into this branch to get documents notarized and was not happy with the treatment I received. I am a 37 year customer of SC national, then Wachovia and now of course Wells Fargo and the service levels continue to decline. At this branch I was being helped by a very nice young lady until another person interrupted to let her know that if the documents were from SC or NC they couldn’t do it because an attorney had to be present at closing. I tried to explain that these were not closing documents and that the attorney would be at the actual closing. She wasn’t having it and could care less what I had to say OR my attorney who was in the phone. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to notarize the documents it just that the lady with the British accent was so condescending, rude, and sorry with us. She then sent us to a place called “non lawyers” to get out documents notarized. Don’t figure…

1800 wells fargo line was useless as they told me wells fargo only notarizes its own documents…really?

Never got a call back from the branch as promised either.