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Wells Fargo
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Not for Me

This bank and its staff are heartless. During the economic catastrophe starting in 2008 my former domestic partner and I couldn’t make our mortgage and lost a home she and I mortgaged with them. They refused to work with us until we got back on our feet or rented the place thinking we would keep it for better times. We had made close to $60,000 in improvements to the place in the short time we were lived there. We then moved everything out, cleaned the place to the bare walls, winterized it and offered to provide the keys, a quit claim deed and surrender it. They refused that too and started foreclosure proceedings. Their shenanigans put me, my domestic partner had long fled by then, into a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. They never understood we planned to live there forever and expressed no compassion or sympathy. To this day, I wonder what this all cost them? I am fully aware of what it cost me!


Stupid new Website

Saving Money in a bank is meaningless, as you earn like 5$ for keeping it there forever.

They put Zelle, which is a wire transfer under bill pay, which some landlords don’t accept, and deceptively say to use Zelle if it is not for customers.

There GUI for the website is crap. you have to navigate all sorts of wierd pages to get the place where you can set up recurring payments and delete them. Also editing a payment doesn’t actually change it it just makes a duplicate. Super STUPID.

However, they have great translation and they are going to fix all the problems with my account in a few weeks :stuck_out_tongue:


Interest rates too high

Horrible bank doesn’t help or work with you on anything will never get out of any loans because interest rates are at the max never using this bank again for anything.


Unbelievably godawful.

Every single interaction I’ve ever had with Wells Fargo has been a nightmare. I just got notification that they froze MY checking account because my MOTHER declared bankruptcy. I am a college student. I have expenses to take care of. This is so unbelievably inconvenient, and I had absolutely nothing to do with my mom’s bankruptcy. Wells Fargo is the only bank that does this. Now I have to prove that every cent of MY OWN HARD-EARNED MONEY in my account is truly mine. A horrible inconvenience. Furthermore, Wells Fargo’s customer service is just abominable. I’ve had bankers waste more than TWO HOURS of my time blabbering when all I wanted to do was open a savings account. The fact that there are so many hidden ways to squeeze “account maintenance” fees out of you is just icing on the cake. NEVER EVER waste your time banking with these fools, I’m warning you. As soon as this latest issue is cleared up, I’m switching to a local credit union. And I can already bet that they’ll waste even more of my time trying to get me to stay when I call to close my accounts. Just ridiculous.



Very disappointed with everything. I never complained when a savings account was opened under my name and I had no idea , and I was charged fees and overdrafts fees. I spoke to an employee about that. The account was closed immediately. I was told I could dispute those fees. Never claimed and left it as it was. I am an existing customer and not by choice. Child support is deposited in this bank because is convinient to the depositor. This is about to change.


Absolutely ridiculous.

I’m a college student and I recently opened an account with them for my roommates and myself to pay our house rent through Zelle because WF was the most convenient option. 3 days after opening the account I, alone with my three roommates transferred our monthly rent to the account and then paid part of our rent ($2500 is the daily max you can send to one person) to our landlord through Zelle. When I send the payment I requires me to put in a verification because it was such a large amount. The next day comes and I attempt to log back into my online account through the app to finish paying rent only to see a message at the top of the screen informing me that I have to log in through the website and follow the instructions to get back into the app. So I try to log in through the website only receive THE EXACT SAME MESSAGE AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN. So after wasting my time for about 20 minutes I called Wells Fargo and explained to them that I needed to access my account to finish paying my rent so my landlord won’t charge me a late fee. The woman on the phone explains to me that my account has been marked for fraud and that the investigators would need to be contacted to get it running again. She attempts to get in touch with them, but they couldn’t manage to get things straight. Eventually I ran out of time and had to go to class so I called back later. This time I was transferred to the online branch of costumer service where I was told I would have to wait a minimum of ten business days to regain access to MY ACCOUNT and MY MONEY because apparently using your bank account immediately after setting up is a red flag for fraud. I requested to be out through to whoever was in charge of investigation (at this point ready to rip one of these imbeciles heads off) but of course, was denied. In the end they informed me that they could (would) not do anything for me and that I would have to wait out the ten business days despite me telling them that what has occurred in the account was not fraud, that I confirmed the payment, and that it was me who made the payment. The best part of the entire ordeal? I received no notification that my account had been marked for fraud, instead I had to call and complain that I could not access my account online. What was I notified of? I received an email explaining that my bank statement preference had been changed from “online” to “Mail.” Only further proving that those at the head of this company are ignorant, wastes of oxygen. This company has gotten just about everything wrong and I’ve only been with them for five days. I plan on switching once they allow me to do so. Also, $10 a month to have a checking account? Why would anyone bank here? Also, the chase app is just so much better than the Wells Fargo app.


shady, sneaky weasels

I have nothing positive to say about 10 years with Wells Fargo. They gouge you for fees for “services” you didn’t even know anything about or want, then they offer you a max of 50% refund when you notice it hundreds of dollars later. AVOID!


wells fargo

Worst bank ever, because I have/still do bank with chase, capital one, ally bank and bank of america and other credit union banks. But Wells Fargo has poor customer service, rude bank tellers and poor online services.


Not the best bank…

It may be just Utah banks, but my local branch is really good. The personal bankers are really great and have been very helpful to me.

Calling the 1-800 number for customer service seriously sucks. I try to never have to do that.

I will say, they have serious issues with fees, and charges but I give props to my local bankers, because anytime I go in and explain why it is uncalled for and unfair, they have refunded me back.

One other thing that I think is ridiculous, is that I get a charge for using my savings account to much. They say it is an excessive use charge. To me that is ridiculous. It is my account and my money, i should be able to use my savings account for whatever I want.



Everything is managed through this awful automated phone system. I went into a branch just so I could talk to a real human being and they just put me on speakerphone with the automated phone system.


Wells fargo

Like immediate deposit through ATM don’t like fees






I’m a self employed construction worker I make minimum $ . I know how much money have but then again as an adult I have my work life and bills and kids and expensises at home and feeding my parents because they live with me so I take care of everyone here . And i forget how much money I have sometimes for example on wensday I put 200$ in my Wells Fargo checking account and I payed 2 accounts for 100$ care credit and 75$ credit one . And still today Saturday it hasn’t posted . Or withdraw money . But my accounts that I payed accepted and processed the payment . So as of now I should have 25$ left and it doesn’t say that it says I have my 200$ if I make another payment I’ll get overdrafted 35$ because Wells Fargo couldn’t keep my statement right . The least wellsfargo could Do is deduct my money just like how I deposit and it reads and tells me how much it got there and than not like when I’m paying and they take a week to deduct the funds . ITS A BIG SCAM . If you could avoid them you should . For all I know every other bank at least tells you pending transactions or something and Wells Fargo don’t say nothing or let me know a payment is being charged in my account it’s really dumb . Some people remember and i forget sometimes when my head ain’t in the right place but Wells Fargo has gotten me for over 300$ in overdraft . Sometimes even. For cents spent or over spent


I have paid them so many unnecessary fees

It’s just too much with them, I’ve paid them so much fees and they keep making money from me, i will switch to a different bank


Nice to have

It is nice if you need a big bank with many branches. There isn’t much of a discrepancy between them and other big banks, e.i chase or BofA. But they will solve most of your issues and have never had a problem they didn’t resolve. The rates on their savings accounts is not great and you’re better off going somewhere else.


Good if you have the private bank

If you have the private bank then Wells is fantastic. You dont get charged crazy fees etc and you have someone assigned to help solve your problems. Otherwise, you’ll have a fair number of fees


Use Wells Fargo

They make you feel important even when you have no money.


Wonderful customer service

I love the personal messages at the ATM such as wishing me a happy birthday each Summer, being greeted at the door when I enter the branch and the online banking has always been top of the line. Love this bank!


getting better

the customer service is very helpful. im not happy with the fees


Slow and Hours

I do not have a checking account through then but my auto loan is. Every time I go to pay the people are nice enough but it always takes forever. And for me their closing at 5 thing is ridiculous. At least if the drive thru was open an hour later like most it would be better for the majority