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Wells Fargo
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Wells Fargo Review

I like Wells Fargo despite the negative press.


Reliable, good customer service

Friendly bankers. Willing to go above and beyond for good customer service. The new website is clean and easy to navigate, unless you need to order a new card or other services.


Worst banking experience ever

I had an account with wells fargo by bob’s furniture and i got Got over charged by the bank for at least $600. My wife and i called 2 times spoke with 2 different representatives and they could not give us an answer from where those $600 came from. Last call the representative was rude and gave me bad attitude. She doesn’t speak good English and it was hard understanding her. I asked to speak with someone else and she refused. I recommend everyone TRY NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK.


Fail to Disclose Fees

Recently called to purchase Euros, was told the charge would be just $7 for shipping and handling. When I came to pickup the Euros, I was informed the money had already been removed from my checking account, and I was charged a surcharge of 4.5%! I asked for a refund, but they said there would be a charge for that also. Beware Wells Fargo does not always inform you of ALL the charges.



This band is good and even has some cool programs for the checking account - like a way to save system and overdraft protection but the fees $12 a month just to have a checking account is really ridiculous.


Good service, rates not the best

The service is very good particularly if you have the Private Bank. Wells has lots of branches. I was very happy that I could find a Wells ATM even in NYC. Unfortunately their savings account rates are low.


I wish that I had stayed with my ‘online bank’ of over 10 years, truthfully

While there are many great, helpful and friendly employees, that is mainly the only better quality of this bank compared to my other bank . (My previous was a bank for college students (Higher One/ Customers Bank/ eventually Bank Mobile Vibe). I was with the previous almost 10 + years. only at the end was customer service so shoddy that I had to give up ( I only have called them three times in 10 years!! and received NO help). Now, Wells DOES offer a few good banking products - unfortunately I cannot qualify for any of their loans or such as my credit was ruined by the end of my Bank Mobile career( long story, stolen ATM card, etc…) but, i will say this. i was not oNCE responsible for any of that situation and was treated VERy respectfully. Ive had Wells now for almost 3 !!! months, something happened AGAIN, and they took a full 90 days to tell me that it was MY own issue /fault and i was to pay them back the 1500 credit they had offered to me in the beginning. IM not a perfect banker but thats absurd- ive papers PROVING my stay in the hospital those exact days, missing work for over 1 month etc…despite these set backs…I actually feel Wells is more of a 'commercial ’ institution than more of a ‘bank’ maybe because there is one on EVERY corner (such as Starbucks!) AND on every OTHER corner is some type of Wells bank ing creation— financial advising, investments…etc…so far not too satisfied BUT , ill give this bank a good and fair chance. I DID have to set up direct deposit with a p;/t JOB 3!!! SEPARATE TIMES. …YET MY monthly disability benefits went in without a hitch in less than one month…also, random however i almost NEVER see any customers in their branches. all times of the day too… due to past history /negative events/ PEOPLE into my business…ive chosen to have NO checks ordered to use and i do appreciate the extra security for my account (hah even though i def do not have more than about 4 dollars in there at once for right now) they do ask lots of questions and such at times i feel is needed say if i come in with someone they would see as a stranger. so thumbs up on that service most definitely!!! im gonna give them a fair chance…otherwise considering navy Federal OR back to a ‘online’ bank again…Wells does have fairly large and unnecessary fees or so I feel they do…however, with my bank history which caused me to NEED to open their account in the first place I wont complain at all. NO FEES PERIOD previously so i got away w ith 10 years of no fees :smiley:



I went to re-open a checking account and after being approved and having all of my accounts switched over, they told me that I cannot open an account due to fraud a previous account over 3 years ago. So i need to be punished for someone else hacking my account? Thanks Wells Fargo. Not only that when I proceeded to get any of the money I transferred back, they said it would be 10 business days and I am on day 14. They also lost one of my transfers and just passed me along from person to person because nobody could even look at or even bother asking for the tracing number I mentioned I had for the transfer. They kept telling me that I needed to call my other bank, when the transaction number is because Wells Fargo pulled the money out of my account. But yet they cant find the $110.38. I am 100% furious and fed up with how Wells Fargo has handled this situation. All I have been asking is where this transaction is. I get they may have not received it, but obviously it is somewhere in your system is Wells Fargo routing number is listed in the tracing number. I am tired of being bounced around between reps and nobody being able to answer my questions when I am trying to give them everything I have. Ridiculous!


Learn to manage your Account

Dont want fees? Manage your account. Stay on top of things. One thing is off call your banker or customer service rep. Wells Fargo is a good bank and I’ve been with them for a couple of months.


It’s true that they hold your direct deposit

Haven’t had an issue with them yet…until it was time for my direct deposit to post. Now just let me inform you that with my last account(it was one of the online prepaid accounts)my direct deposit went through at midnight EST every Tuesday(Monday night but Midnight starts Tuesday) I never saw my direct deposit post later than 9:30 pm Pacific time(12:30pm). Over 5 months of direct deposits in my account like clockwork every week. I switched over to Wells Fargo and all of a sudden my direct deposit is still not available and it is midnight Pacific time. 3 am EST. I double checked as I do every week to make sure everything was processed correctly by The State of Massachusetts and it was. Everything was the same except Wells Fargo now being my bank. So it is pretty cut and dry that they do something shady with my money before allowing it to post to my account. They can deny it all they want but facts are facts and you can disagree but to dispute them is ignorant. I am a realist and when you a lot of moving parts and everything is working perfectly then one of those moving parts gets swapped out and suddenly there is a problem. It is a pretty simple equation to figure out


The worst bank ever Wells Fargo

So I had an account with Well Fargo back 2009 they keep charging me for no reason so I close it so I thought it would stop it didn’t now 8 years later they goanna call me in court are you kidding me here this is ridiculous I don’t think anyone should sign up with them they are crook.


Too many hidden fees

Wells Fargo is a bank that charges unbearable fees and doesn’t really allow customers to have ownership of their bank accounts. I’m closing my account with them and switching to Bank of America ASAP. Stay away from this fraudulent bank!


Terrible app

Their app is terrible. Can’t deposit checks without an error. Maybe one out of every 10 is OK which is actually terrible. Definitely go for a small-town bank!


Leaving Wells Fargo

I been with Wells Fargo for three year I thought they would behave better after fraud but no. I had 188 balance and I made 47 credit card and 30 dollar purchase and my balance went down to 5.88$. It’s sucks being Wells Fargo customer. I wouldn’t recommend this banking anyone.


Worst bank

Worst customer service ever lost my check and told me I had to go get a new one from my employer they could not help me with nothing


Just Endorse check!

Can’t get them to endorse a check. So we can fix our home from Tornado disaster. Its going on 8 weeks, winter is knocking on our door.



After making deposits in the amounts well above what’s needed for my bills my account will continuously be overdrafts and money transferred from my savings. I’ve intentionally deposited extra money to pay a bill to see if this was an error on my part and sure enough they take ever cent from my account with no reflection as to where the extra money is going. These people are stealing money from their customers and I can only hope eventually their CEO is imprisoned.


Difficult business account

This is a business account and the only reason that we don’t change is the owner has his personal accounts with WFB and does not want to change. Terrible online banking when trying to manage multiple accounts and multiple credit cards. But have no problem charging fees.



I spent over 6 months with Wells Fargo with absolutely no overdraft fees. After six months, making more income than before, I reached my first overdraft for some reason. I call asking to have the overdraft fee revoked, after my request is granted I hit OVER 15 OVERDRAFTS IN 2 MONTHS. I’m making more, actually spending less, yet I’m not with an INSANE amount of overdrafts? I find it ironic that this happened after I asked for an overdraft fee reduction. My advice… go to BBVA COMPASS if there is one in your area or CHASE. Don’t trust Wells Frago.


amoral, dishonest

They charge for everything even cash deposits. be sure to read the smallprint before you open an account.