What does ER level 4 mean on my hospital ED bill?

What does ER level 4 mean on my hospital ED bill?
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What does ER level 4 mean on my hospital ED bill?


ER Levels for hospital bills

There are 5 ER levels (1 – 5) that hospitals use when billing patients who visit emergency rooms.  The different levels reflect the varying amount of resources (equipment and supplies) the hospital utilizes for the particular ER level.  Level 1 represents the lowest level of ER facility fees while ER Level 5 is the highest. Level 4 would represent the 2<su


highest level of the 5 levels hospitals bill for their ER levels.  Currently there are no nationalized standards for how hospitals assign the different ER levels. Hospitals are allowed to establish their own guidelines for how to bill these different levels. In order to determine what your ER level 4 means on your hospital bill, it would be best to call the billing office and ask for their documentation as to how that level 4 was determined.

In addition, ER doctors also use these same ER classification levels when billing for their professional services.  However, the professional services billed by ER doctors are based on the complexity and intensity of the problem being addressed in the emergency room.  The ER level billed by the hospital and the physician are not always billed at the same level when a patient visits the emergency room.

In my experience, I have seen a wide diversity in billing practices from one hospital to another in terms of their classification by ER level fees.

The American College of Emergency Physicians has more information about this topic of ED facility coding guidelines and it can be found here:



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