What is the best free site to track mutual funds and stocks?

What is the best free site to track mutual funds and stocks?
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I have account with Vanguard and Fidelity. I like to track all funds in one place.



morningstar.com - basic membership, which allows for simple tracking, is free.


I agree with Frank that Morningstar is a great resource. I would add that Yahoo Finance is really one of the best, and simplest tools out there for tracking investments, especially if you just want a quick "snapshot" of price movement each day.


AOL has a wonderful feature that permits you to track the stocks and mutual funds that you own, by creating a portfolio, and entering data on purchase date, shares purchased, and the cost. etc.


I use Yahoo Finance. I think Morningstar has a free website for setting up a portfolio as well.


When it comes to independent investment fund research, see Morningstar.


Yahoo Finance is my favorite.


1. Yahoo! Finance - allows you to set up a free account and input your own portfolio

2. Morningstar - set up free account to see expenses, holdings, performance, etc.

3. Seeking Alpha - Can be a bit overreactive in the notifications/news they report; however, wide variety of articles and useful app for iPhone & Android

4. Bogleheads.org - Investment advice from other investors based on the low-expense ideals of Jack Bogle


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