What would be my tax owed on 1099 amount of $44329

What would be my tax owed on 1099 amount of $44329
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I live overseas in Dubai UAE, I worked for a US based company for most of the year and the company deducted my share of FICA/social security and medicare from my salary. I also had 1099 misc income from the company of $44,329. I want to get some help/advice for determining what my taxes on the 1099 amount. I have claimed foreign tax exemption each year since living and working overseas and last w/ my deductions and foreign tax exemption status I didn’t owe Federal taxes; my tax address in US is San Diego California and have no state tax obligation.

I normally use Turbo Tax to file but to my knowledge I am not sure when I add my 1099 information to the salary as full time employee if it will give me my tax on the 1099. Just want to make sure I pay my taxes. I can send my 2018 W-2 and 1099.

Please advise how I can get assistance; thanks in advance.


Hi, @lifeisgoodw7! Welcome to the community and thanks for posting your question. I’m not an expert at filing your taxes from abroad, but I know if you were in the U.S. and you got a 1099, you would most likely put the amount on your schedule C, which is used to report self-employment income.

In the US, however, you would be unlikely to get W-2 income and a 1099 from the same company unless you retired or quit as an employee and then were hired as a contractor, or vice versa. Was that the case?


Hi @lifeisgoodw7 and welcome to the NerdWallet community! I’m definitely not an expert on tax rules for U.S. residents living abroad, but I can say from personal experience that TurboTax does handle W-2 income and 1099 income. My husband has both – from the same employer – and it hasn’t been a problem. The only difficulty is that it has taken me some time to find the correct 1099 form for his situation in the TurboTax list (my husband is both an owner and a worker at the worker-owned cooperative where he works, and the 1099 he gets has a very specific name).