Where should I go for a second opinion?

Where should I go for a second opinion?
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I’ve been told that I need knee surgery, but I’d like a second opinion. Where can I look for a quality doctor besides asking friends and family? Should I factor in cost when choosing a surgeon, or or is this irrelevant since I have insurance?


For a second opinion choose a practice that is larger and handles sports injuries.  Cost is not a factor as charges are all very similar.


I agree that going to an orthopedic clinic that specializes in sports injuries is important. In particular, a knee-only specialist is best. To keep costs down make sure the doc is within your insurance network. Besides asking family and friends, calling a few general Ortho clinics and asking to what knee specialist they would refer may often reveal a physician who stands out. Depending on your knee issue, whether sports-related or not, a large academic hospital (if there is one near you) is another good option. 


One other thing to consider: non surgical treatments, such as physical therapy or complementary medicine. Before going straight to a second surgical opinion, do a little research on non-surgical options, and see if that's something available to you that enables you to delay surgery. It's the cheaper, safer option.


I would most definitely stay in-network. I also am a firm believer in small orthopedic practices that can give you more personalized treatment than larger practices.
You can call your insurance company and get of list of participating orthopedic surgeons. You can then look them up online and read reviews from other patients and their experience with that physician, staff and getting appointments etc.
Best of luck to you!


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