Where would you fly with the Southwest Companion Pass?

Where would you fly with the Southwest Companion Pass?
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I know a lot of Nerds have contributed their ideas for where to visit with the Southwest Companion Pass, but I’m curious to know more – or if there are any lesser-known/offbeat destinations that I should be considering.

I was recently approved for the card and have to use the Companion Pass by the end of the year. I’m considering Austin, LA and even Boise, Idaho (has anyone been?). Any other recommendations?


Congrats on being approved! :tada:

Have you considered Costa Rica? :coconut: :palm_tree:

When do anticipate using the companion pass?


Thanks, Cori! Costa Rica is a great idea. I’ve been before but it would be fun to visit again. I hope to use it starting late spring/early summer!


I’m a big hiker and one place I’ve had on my radar for early summer travel is
Colorado when the wildflowers are blooming. :wilted_flower::sunflower::mountain:


I made the pitch for Havana–there is truly no where like it. SW also flies to the Belize and the Dominican Republic, two places I haven’t been yet but want to check out. (And both are ex-pat retiree destinations, so maybe I could even turn it into a column…)