Brian is an advisor at Creative Capital Management Inc. (CCMI). For over 35 years, CCMI has served clients using a team approach to provide highly personalized fee-only financial planning and investment management services. Our services are offered on a separate, standalone basis meaning that you do not have to be an investment client to benefit from our planning services. We attract business owners prior to or during a liquidation event, executives leaving corporate life, individuals and couples within 5 years of retirement, and widows/widowers. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, we are held to a fiduciary standard which means that we put our client’s interest before our own – but we don’t need a rule or regulation to tell us to put our client’s interests first – that is a core value of our company and something we practice daily in our office. If you would like to learn about what makes CCMI different, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page at